Ushering In The Internet Era In The Magical World Chapter 362

Chapter 361: Slingshot Behind

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"Your Majesty has given an order, the sacrifice begins."

The dictum that should have been read by the old waiter Almond was now sent from a guard.

This inconspicuous detail surprised the nobles of the empire, and they whispered to each other privately and inquired carefully.

However, this makes no difference to the slaves in the Colosseum.

Regardless of whether they were prepared or not, they immediately swung their knives and slashed at all enemies at the moment the announcement sounded, killing red eyes with their fingers!

With tribal city-states as a unit, they formed several groups and madly attacked others.

The stumps of blood were scattered all over the earth, and the wailing resentment floated in the sky.

This magnificent scene quickly interrupted the nobles' inquiries on the guards.

Their excited cheers, shouting, vent their fears under the ruling tyrant!

However, from the perspective of the **** Sawyer, all this is like ants fighting, and there is no interest in it.

He has seen too much cruelty in his long life.

Seeing too much, naturally numb.

When this world is all killed, the power of dimensionality is almost drawn, and changing places at that time is another boring and tedious journey.

As a result, Pluto's mind was not at all below, he simply began to design new functions of the dark web.

An energy bank is a must.

Besides the first time, what benefits can transforming the Godhead bring to him?

Mad Fighting Legion?

No, no, what if the transformation of Godhead is added to the fifth natural disaster?

Underworld's eyes lit up.

He, who was in tens of thousands of avatars, immediately started to experiment.

"Your Majesty, the sacrifice is over!"

Almond, whose soul was parasitic in the guard, reported to His Majesty Gregory respectfully.

However, the only response to him was silence.

Your Majesty is asleep again!

This is a common problem of the heirs of the sun god. The emperors of all generations have always taken a nap on various occasions.

Someone has assassinated the heir of the sun **** because of this, but the result? Just look at your Majesty in front of you and you will know the result.

In the past, Almond thought this was a common problem with the heir of the sun god, but now he knows the reason.

"Well, is there anyone alive?"

"Back to your majesty, with the protection of the sun god, a new nobleman is born!"

"Really? Let him come to see me."

There are three points more exciting in the eyes of Underworld.

This kind of soul that grows out of Gu often has special features, and he likes such souls.

This can strengthen his soul a little bit.

"Da da da"

The sound of heavy footsteps came, and in the awe of countless guards' eyes, a young man who seemed to be fished out of a pool of blood, stepped on his sticky **** footprints, and walked over.

"It's you" Underworld was shocked.

"You just found out? Oh, it's a pity. I knew I had attacked." Seeing this, the young man shook his head regretfully, but there was no regret in his eyes.

"Presumptuous!" The old waiter Almond roared sharply.

"Shut up!" Underworld snarled angrily.

The guard-like pupils of Almond shrank like needles, his body stiffened, and he fell straight to the ground, his face full of incredible color.


The nobles crowded around were shocked.

If it weren't for your majesty's moody power, I am afraid that he would have been rushing out and fled in embarrassment.

"It's a pity that a loyal servant?" The blood-covered Qing Zhuang sighed.

"A dog with no eyesight, no matter how loyal it is, it's useless." Underworld relaxes: "Since you are here, then, is it just a scam?"


"It's no wonder that ghosts, like the gods of the Internet, have also suffered a big loss in your hands."

"Absurd!" The young man stretched out his hand to press on his chest, bent over to thank, but squeezed out sticky blood.

"I'm curious, how did you find it?"

"Anyway, I'm a dying person. It's okay to tell you. I, who integrates the sea power, life, and transformation, have the power to give life to all creations, so I gave the transformation life."

Qing Zhuang, oh no, it should be said that Wadsworth had a sly face with a joking smile.

Pluto's pupils shrank suddenly.


The body of the Underworld suddenly lit up, like a deep sea jellyfish. Inside, an indescribable group of light could be clearly seen, suddenly bright and bursting with rays of light.

The light was like an arm, bending around to hug him.


A giant suddenly flashed out behind the transforming god, and it raised its palm and patted the **** of underworld.


This palm looks like a flying peak.

Frightened countless nobles around, screaming in terror.

But it was too late.

The giant palm fell, and the high-level empire, including the **** of the gods, was swept away and patted into mud.


The God of Transformation yelled, even though the power of this world dimension is very thin, and the power of authority can't be used by one ten thousandth, he still deprives this power of flesh and blood.

"Die to me!"

The roar came from the flesh and blood.

An illusory soul phantom, rising from the flesh and blood, it is a ghost soul!

It is also due to the underworld **** who is in charge of the soul, and the power is all concentrated on the soul.

Otherwise, with this blow, you will have to peel the skin if you don't die!

The most important thing is that one step is late, every step is late.

At this time, he is exactly like the ancient gods Titan!


He is not after all.

He seems to stitch, no, the talents of countless races.

His soul is a hundred feet tall, and his subject resembles a Titan, his head is covered with eyeballs, split pupils, square pupils, round pupils, compound eyes, sockets, soaked eyes... and so on.


His back is covered with exoskeletons like dragon horns, crazily condensing thin magic power.

His body surface is even more scaly.

The whole person is alive and free from a monster.

Underworld roared, countless rays shot out from the dense eyeballs.


Incarnate as the transforming **** of Titans, grinning strangely, facing the attack of the Underworld God, he directly opened his arms and rushed forward.

If you want to hunt down Serik, try again!


The underworld roars, burning the power of dimensionality, stretches the space infinitely, and wants to separate the embrace of the **** of transformation.

Although he doesn't know the tricks of the Transforming God, it is certainly correct to avoid direct contact.

"You are fooled, my dear Underlord."

The **** of transformation grinned.

Pluto's pupils shrank suddenly.

I didn't know when the feet turned into a sea of blood, it was the blood of the endless slaves of the Colosseum, and also the blood of his body.


The God of Transformation chattered and laughed, and the huge figure suddenly fell into the sea of blood.


The Underworld was horrified, and saw a sea of blood under his feet, suddenly turning into a billowing whirlpool, trying to drag him into it.

This is especially dissatisfying, even countless pairs of **** hands popped up in the blood sea, like countless resentful souls who died in the Colosseum, trying to drag him.

Pluto, whose divine power is constrained, is unable to resist the pull of the sea of blood at all.

Baizhang's body, with a "puff", fell into a sea of blood less than thirty feet deep, and the scene was extremely absurd.

"Jie Jie Jie..."

The harsh laughter came from the sea of blood and set off a stormy sea!

In the deep sea, the two giants fought a war of low intensity but extremely dangerous.

Standing in the air, taking a bird's eye view.

The sea of blood that completely submerged the Colosseum, UU reading www.uukansshu.com, the raging waves are rolling, and there is no visible thing, but there is a light, which flashes repeatedly in it, like a double dragon playing a bead.

I don't know how long it took, the sea of blood calmed down.

The water level dropped, and a monster whose head was bitten off, leaving only one arm and one leg, sat paralyzed.

In front of him, faintly gleamed with an indescribable light.


The monster's chest suddenly squeezed out two eyeballs, the eyeballs greedily stared at the light in front of him, his belly button grinned, and he gave out a crazy laugh.


Its remaining arms tremblingly grasped the godhead.

When its huge arm was about to touch the godhead, an arm wearing an ivory white swordsman suit emerged out of thin air and gently picked off the godhead.


The crazy laughter resounding through the world stopped abruptly.

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