Ushering In The Internet Era In The Magical World Chapter 363

Chapter 362: People Are Not Rich Without Windfall

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This took off the arm of the godhead, and it appeared so unexpectedly.

So that when the monster reacted, he had already grasped the godhead!


The countless pupils on the monster's head suddenly enlarged, and the mouth full of the blood basin with broken teeth made a hysterical whistle!

In the roar, the monster madly waved its one-arm, and grabbed the arm that had taken the godhead.

At the place where its broken arm and leg were broken, granulation sprouts, and the granulation grew up in the blink of an eye, transformed into an arm and thigh, and wanted to fight again!


With a low drink, it was like an attack from the Nine Nether Abyss, causing some of the monster's demon characteristics to tremble.

Its gripping movement stopped abruptly.

At the same time, the light around the arm that took the godhead distorted, revealing the owner of the arm.

He is no one else, but he is the **** of the Internet Yu Shengan.

Wearing an ivory white sword training suit, he raised the newly acquired Godhead with his right hand, his face was amazed.


At this moment, a sour voice came from the monster's body.

Its skin cracked open, squeezing out dark red muscles, embellished with gray skin, like a skinned water monkey.

This is the Titan trait!

"It's you--"

The monster became more and more terrifying, and it recognized the person.

"Die to me!!!"

The monster that had regained its mobility, as fast as lightning, grabbed the rest of its life in the palm of its hand.

However, after grasping it for the rest of his life, there was no surprise in his expression, but a huge palm like a sky curtain opened in doubt, and the palm was empty.

Fifty meters away from the giant palm, a figure emerged from the twisted light and shadow.

This scene completely destroyed the monster's sanity.


It roared, waved its arms, and grabbed Yu Shengan.

His head-filled eyes flickered desperately, detecting the enemy's trajectory, and beams were thrown out.

The surrounding space is even more distorted.

Suddenly stretched infinitely and shortened infinitely, trying to block the space for the rest of his life.

"Go to die"

"Return the Godhead to me!"

The monster attacked frantically.

Its voice suddenly showed the voice of the **** of transformation, and suddenly became a **** of darkness, just listening to the voice, it was like two gods besieging one person.

For a while, the scene became weird and terrifying!

From the third perspective, I saw a giant with a hundred feet of feet standing in the middle of the crowded city, flapping around frantically, like a drunk person, flapping annoying flies.

The less it can catch flies, the more irritable, crazier and harder it is.

The city of the Sun God Kingdom built by the underworld, shook violently under its slap, the buildings collapsed, the dust was overflowing, and there were screaming and fleeing subjects everywhere.

For them, this day is like a nightmare.

After some time, the monster finally got tired from shooting and stopped.


With a loud noise, it knelt on the ruins, blinking countless pairs of eyes blankly, not knowing whether it was desperate; or it was accumulating power to pretend to be a lore.

"Are you a **** of darkness or a **** of transformation?"

The sound of curiosity came from the countless ruined corners of the city, making it impossible to find the real murderer.

"All of this is your conspiracy, right?" The monster asked without answering: "Tell me, how did you find me?"

"Have you not given up yet?" Yu Shengan asked.

The monster was silent.

"Never mind!"

With the sound of a faint sigh, numerous **** of light suddenly rose up over the ruins of the city.

The ball of light is not big, less than one foot in diameter, and exudes faint supernatural power.

The monster's eyes flickered quickly, plundering it with unexplored living abilities, and at a glance, it was obvious that the energy level contained in these light **** was not high.

But I dont know why, but spiritual intuition urges it to run fast!


Where are you running?

The space here has been sealed off, and there is no escape at all.

Most importantly, if it escapes, it will have nothing.

In the extreme entanglement, these light **** suddenly lit up.

The countless eyes of the monster flickered frantically.

escape! ! !

The fear that pierced the soul urged the monster to stay away from these light balls.

Because at this moment, the energy response in the photosphere soared, far exceeding the limit the world can bear!

It doesn't understand how the power of this energy level is waved out?

Endless shock and regret, brewing in its heart!

"Do not--"

The hysterical scream was suddenly covered by a huge secondary pulse produced by the nuclear explosion, which was then transformed into infrasound waves, which stretched for thousands of miles.

The world was shrouded in blazing whiteness.

The violent shock wave smashed the ground three feet away, evaporating all the building creatures along the way into dust and haze, curling into a ring in the rolling heat, and surrounding the edge of the mushroom cloud rising into the sky.

The world is quiet.

On the edge of a cliff dozens of miles away, for the rest of his life, he quietly watched the mushroom cloud rising in the distance, and his ears called insects and birds.

However, when the earth shook violently and a muffled noise came, all the creatures closed their mouths.

Then he crawled out of the gravel shrubs in horror, and fled in panic.

Only the figure standing on the edge of the cliff, his eyes glistening and lonely admiring this intelligent power.

A radiant wind blew, rustling the training suit.

"This is the king of cost performance!" Yu Shengan murmured.

He who is in charge of the power of mechanical waves and the power of light, it is not difficult for him to explode this energy level explosion!

Even when he hunted and killed the God of Appraisal, the power he released was far beyond the immediate strike!

It's just that the blow was restrained by him in the small town, visually, it didn't look as spectacular as the one before him.

However, that blow consumed trillions of source material.

Even if he is in charge of the Internet, it still hurts terribly.

What about the current blow?

Less than one-tenth, for this, the main cost is still consumed in the transmission process.

If in the multiverse, the cost is lower, maybe one percent or even one thousandth, you can achieve the scale at hand.

"Unleashing with divine power, the cost is still a bit high! If mechanical power, even semi-divine power, semi-mechanical, can be used to reduce the cost and turn it into a conventional weapon, then it can become a real killer. The gods will creep under my feet."

Yu Shengan muttered to himself.

However, this is not the time to consider these.


A burst of angry waves hitting the shore echoed in Yu Shengan's ears. Looking around, the indescribable Styx crossed the scene of the nuclear explosion!

At the center of the explosion, tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature had destroyed the bodies and souls of all living creatures.

However, on the edge of the explosion, there are still a lot of remnants of souls.

In the illusory slap of the rolling river in the hula, these remnants were swept away, fleeing the ancient river, and rushing to the underworld.

This is the first time Yu Shengan has seen the conceptualized Styx through the Nether Godhead.

This feeling is very strange!

Before that, the unconscious remnant soul gradually disappeared like it was corroded by mysterious power.

The magicians have already figured out that this is being swept away by the Styx.

However, no one can accurately answer the specific mechanism.

Now Yu Shengan finally sees the details.

This feeling is difficult to describe. From the perspective of Yu Shengan, Styx is more like a physical law, but the authority of the Nether conceptualizes it, and then it is clearly visible.

Yu Shengan tried to grab the soul, but was powerless.

Because of the authority of Netherworld, it is impossible to interfere with the operation of Styx at all.

However, there was a movement in his heart, using his genetic godhead to temporarily transform into a Titan, and suddenly he had a certain ability to interfere with Styx.

Under the blessing of Netherworld authority, he intercepted Styx and searched among countless fragments.

All non-target remnants will be destroyed to prevent the fish from slipping through the net from appearing.

Soon, he discovered the target hiding in the core of the remnant soul-the remnant soul of the monster.

"I knew you wouldn't die so easily."

Yu Shengan sneered, grabbed the void, and captured the remnant soul.

Doing so is not cutting the grass and roots.

Most gods are actually very difficult to kill in a true sense.

After all, outside of the body, it is possible to secretly leave a few strands of soul fire hidden in magic props, planted in evil spells, or even stitched into mortal souls.

However, the gods at this time were basically without threat.

They can only hide in the darkness, lingering and panting, waiting for possible opportunities.

For this opportunity, they dare not even show the slightest clues.

Otherwise, what awaits them is complete destruction.

Maybe they don't wait for them to show their clues, but the secular struggle for power can completely extinguish them in an inconspicuous wave.

Therefore, Yu Shengan's real purpose in searching for the remnant soul was that he was curious, who was the monster that finally won?

Yes, even he who is in charge of the appraisal of the godhead can't tell the specific identity of the monster.

Through the extraction of the memory of the remnant soul by the Nether Godhead, Yu Shengan's face became weird.

He finally knew who the monster was?

It is both Wadsworth, the **** of transformation, and Sawyer, the **** of underworld.

As the **** of transformation from the **** of wealth to god, the study of the soul can be described as the culmination.

For this he embarked on the road of stitching the soul!

The Underworld, who is in charge of the Nether God, also has unique research on the soul!

The difference is that he embarked on the path of absorbing soul traits.

No one knows which way is right.

The duel between them is not so much a duel of power, as a duel of souls!

The God of Transformation reapplied the old technique, trying to swallow the soul of the **** of Underworld as if it had swallowed Serik, and win the final victory.

No, Pluto is also destroying his soul, trying to absorb his characteristics.

The ultimate result of this duel is that they all won!

But they all lost.

They merged into one.

As for whether the **** of transformation has more characteristics or the **** of underworld has more characteristics, perhaps only they themselves know.

Uncovering the curiosity of Yu Shengan, no longer attached to the heart, his figure suddenly disappeared in this world destined to be abandoned by the gods.



After leaving the abandoned land, Yu Shengan did not bring the godhead back to his body.

After experiencing this hunting game of "mantis hunting cicadas, oriole is behind", he has developed a "phobia of godhead."

God knows, the godhead he stolen, will it be a magical game set by another god!

Especially Pluto has lived for tens of thousands of years, who knows how many gods he has in his hands?

What if he still has a godhead hiding in the dark, grinding his teeth and sucking blood, staring at his every move secretly, waiting for an opportunity to replace it?

Not to mention Pluto, the former contract **** Dunn really died completely?

Yu Shengan dare not be 100% sure.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, he decided that unless force majeure, all the captured godheads would be stored separately.

Never put eggs in a basket.

Even if this slows down the analysis of authority, I don't hesitate anymore.

Take a closer look, and unknowingly, he has been in charge of the super five-finger godhead.

The contract deity, the identification deity, the energy storage deity, the gene deity, the transformation deity, the ghost deity, and the sleepwalking deity.

Among them, the sleepwalking godhead is exactly the godhead of the gods used to tempt and transform.

The power of this godhead is very tasteless!

That is, it has the ability to travel through the dreams of all intelligent creatures, but it cannot make distortions and changes to the dreams, and can only watch it coldly like a bystander.

What kind of authority is this?

Yu Shengan seriously suspected that this was the godhead that the **** of the gods had separated from the godhead of the nether gods.

It's just that he has no evidence.

In addition to these seven real godheads, he is also in charge of five virtual godheads, including music, prophecy, storm, night, and space.

The abundance of authority in the hands is simply dazzling.

Suddenly holding so many godheads, especially Yu Sheng'an who still has many powerful authority, even an impulse was born in his heart, that is to directly recruit children, those who follow me prosper, and those who oppose me die!

A simple and neat unification of the multiverse!


Yu Shengan's dream of unifying the multiverse and dominating the world in the middle of two thoughts in his mind, he vomited deeply for a long while.

"God wants to let it perish, first make it crazy, Gou is the king! It really drives the gods crazy, and joins forces to crusade against me, maybe they will capsize in the gutter. It is better to go slowly."

"Even if you want to unify the multiverse, you have to wait until the emergence of conventional nuclear weapons, and throw them away at that time. Who is my opponent?"

Yu Shengan finally suppressed the swelling ambitions in his heart!

Sitting in the private office of the core building, he reached out and took out a real GodheadTransformation Godhead.

At this time, the Transformation Godhead exudes a light that cannot be looked directly at, looking mysterious and sacred.

"Hello, buddy, how do you call it?" Yu Shengan greeted with a playful expression.

The godhead is as calm as water, unmoved.

"Well, I don't want to speak up, and I won't force you, you just stay with me." Yu Shengan finished speaking, and put away the godhead.

His eyebrows sank slightly.

Since the God of Transformation dared to send this Transformation Godhead with confidence, he was fully prepared to come, and was not afraid of the sudden rebellion of the Transformation Godhead with life.

That being said, he could not surrender and transform the godhead at all in theory.

This is a bit troublesome!

Listening to Wadsworth's words, the authority to give life to the dead seems to be a fusion of the three gods of transformation, sea power, and life.

Then if he wants to erase the life that has transformed the Godhead, he must at least find a way to obtain the power of the sea and the power of life.

Think of a way to cheat?

Yu Shengan tapped his fingers on the handrail, lost in thought.

For a long time, he had some thoughts faintly.

However, these ideas are limited by the target's response, so they can only adapt to changes.

I will not mention the transformation of the Godhead for now.

The immediate priority is, what will the Pluto Mission do?

Did he claim that the Pluto body had been killed by him~wuxiaworld.online~ to directly take over the Pluto mission area?

Or pretend to be the **** of the gods, use the ethernet strategy, and use the identity of the **** of the gods to cooperate with the rule of the temples, and even cheat other gods?

For the rest of his life, he contemplated for a moment and made a decision.

How do you think these two options are the second and more advantageous?

Even if it is exposed, it has only become the first choice, which can be called one fish and two foods.

So the question is, how should he pretend to be a **** of darkness?

It should be noted that the soul can deceive ordinary people, but it can never deceive advanced professionals, especially the ally of the Underworldthe **** of mechanical steam.

Thinking of this, Yu Shengan's thinking couldn't help but diverge, and a teasing smile evoked at the corner of his mouth.

I dont know, what expression will the **** of mechanical steam look like when he knows that the **** of underworld will be hunted successfully by him?

That scene must be very interesting.

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