Valkyrie Bloodline Chapter 5305

Chapter 5315: Zhengzhou has no chance, now the opportunity is here

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Accompanied by Li Ye's "You are also worthy" exit.

The elixir hall!


Wang Qiang almost staggered before he patted his forehead.

Secretly said something is going to happen!

as predicted.

After everyone was astonished and petrified for a while, they instantly exploded the pot.


"Boy, what did you just say?!"

"Who gave you the courage? This is the Immortal Pill Hall! The people who can enter here are all the disciples of the inner door of the Immortal Pill League, who are talented and strong in alchemy!"

"What kind of thing are you!? How dare you speak up here!"

No one would have thought that the people who suddenly appeared would not only say that Song Yu would fail in alchemy, but even arrogantly didn't say it, but also looked contemptuous and didn't put them in his eyes.

Even the mud bodhisattva is a bit angry, let alone who is not proud of the people here?

Which one is not the genius of the alchemy master among the inner disciples of the Immortal Pill League, who is held in the sky by everyone?

The female disciple Song Yu, who was annoyed by the failure of alchemy just now, flushed with anger.

Of course it is not ashamed, but angry!

"Junior Brother, you...Oh!"

Wang Qiang opened his mouth, and at this time he didn't know how to persuade him.

I could only smile at everyone with a fist and said, "You all, calm down, my junior came here for the first time, and I dont understand the rules in some places. I hope everyone..."

"Wang Qiang, this is no longer a matter of understanding the rules!"

"Yes! This kid is simply humiliating us! It is even more humiliating Junior Sister Song!"

"Who does he think of himself? Dare to give pointers here?"

"I really thought he had guessed the result of Sister Song's alchemy by luck, so he really regarded himself as a human being?"

The crowd criticized and criticized, and even their eyes were very bad.

Fortunately, this is not Xianwutang, otherwise you will have a disagreement and draw your sword!

But the temper of the alchemist is usually never kind.

Song Yu's face flushed even more, and he asked in a cold voice, "Junior brother, if you dare not fight my pill, I won't force it, but please apologize for what you just said and did!"

"Yeah, apologize!"

"Junior Sister Song is still good-tempered, and she actually gave him a chance to apologize. If this is replaced by me, even if it gets to the elders' side, I definitely have to find an explanation!"

Everyone speaks for you and speaks for me.

But Li Ye just glanced at them coldly.

Then, under everyone's stunned gaze, he turned around and left.

Just leave.

Also salt the wound to make up for it.

"If someone can enter the elixir hall, if they have only this level, it makes me quite disappointed."

After Li Ye finished speaking, he ignored other people's ideas and walked out directly.

Only a group of people were left to explode.

Wang Qiang didn't dare to stay long, he was afraid that he would be torn apart viciously by Song Yu's suitors.

"Boy! Don't go if you have a kind!"

"I am so angry! This kid is too mad! I can't swallow this tone!"

"Junior Sister Song, you must not let this matter go, even if you go to Elder Ziyun's side, you must give an explanation!"


A group of people angered, Song Yu also had beautiful eyes with evil spirits.

She was not a arrogant and arrogant person, but Li Ye's attitude and rhetoric today still made her mad.

And outside the hall.

Li Ye didn't really leave.

He also needs to pass those people inside and pave a way for him so that he can smoothly become the new heir of the elixir alliance.

"When they know who I am, they must have a wonderful face, right?"

Li Ye smiled.

And Wang Qiang walked out behind him, smiling bitterly, "Junior Brother, what about you..."

"Senior brother, don't wonder, I will settle this matter myself."

"Oh, I know you are young and vigorous, but that Song Yu is a closed disciple of Elder Kongyou, who is highly valued! And there are many people who please her. Once this happens today, Brother is afraid that you will face a lot of troubles. ."

Wang Qiang is indeed a good fellow brother.

Li Ye nodded, "Thank you, brother, for reminding me."

The Immortal Pill Hall and his entourage were originally his temptation.

I probably know it now.

Then the two left.

But what happened today is not that simple to end.

Soon it spread among the disciples of the inner sect of the Immortal Pill League.

Especially those inner disciples who walked along the path of pill, all of a sudden learned about the number one person like Li Ye.

Even Elder Ziyun heard the wind.

However, just when everyone thought that the elder Ziyun would scold and punish his new disciples.

But he didn't expect that Elder Ziyun would have no response.

This undoubtedly gave a signal that Elder Ziyun had acquiesced or even let it go.

Smart people in the world don't say anything less.

In addition, after the accidental fall of Yinluo, the descendant of the Immortal Pill Alliance, the position of descendant was vacant.

At this critical moment.

Many people have noticed a little taste.

Some people even quickly inquired about the origin of the new disciple that Elder Ziyun had received.

"Oh? It didn't take long before you started to show your powerful alchemy talent?"

In the elixir alliance, many elders have inquired about the news.

Among them is Elder Kongyou.

At this moment, in front of her, Song Yuzheng, the beloved closed disciple, was aggrieved and angry.

"Master, the disciple can't swallow this breath."

Song Yu's alchemy talent is indeed very strong. Although the martial arts cultivation is not outstanding, she is among the few geniuses who have the most opportunity to be promoted to the elixir master among the inner disciples.

"This matter is already known to the teacher, and there has been news from Elder Ziyun. This matter is a dispute between your juniors. Neither the teacher nor the elder Ziyun will interfere."


"But although being a teacher won't intervene, arranging a pill fight is a simple task."

Elder Kong You sneered. Although these elders are not easy to bully others and bully others, some things are easy to do.

such as.

Arrange pill fighting, and specify that certain disciples should participate.

Song Yu suddenly reacted with joy, and then nodded fiercely: "Thank you, Master, this time I must give him some color!"

"Chi'er, fighting against others is not important. Now that the position of successor is vacant, you should focus on this."

Elder Kong You didn't care about the so-called disputes between disciples. She was staring at the power of the Immortal Pill Alliance.

As long as one's own disciple can sit on the throne of an uploader, even if it's just an alternate descendant, the benefits to her are numerous.

"The disciple understands!"

Song Yubing is smart and can get through.

And soon.

The news came out.

The elders of the Inner Sect arranged a pill battle in the Immortal Pill Hall.

Only the ten strongest people in Dandou can have the opportunity to compete for the position of descendant.

The same scene.

It also happened in Xianwutang.

Ten people too!

There are ten places in both the Immortal Pill Hall and the Immortal Martial Hall!

After deciding each of the ten places, it is the competition between the Immortal Pill Hall and the Immortal Martial Hall.

Learned the news.

A smile appeared on Li Ye's face.

He was still considering that it would be troublesome to seize the position of the descendant of the Immortal Pill Alliance by conventional means, but he didn't expect the opportunity to be presented to him soon.

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