Valkyrie Bloodline Chapter 5306

Chapter 5316: Compared with me, are they also worthy?

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The inner gate of the elixir league is a blessed place.

Elder Ziyun was closing his eyes, and there was a person standing respectfully in front of him.

This person is just the big disciple of Elder Ziyun, Wang Qiang.

"From your point of view, what is his chance of winning?"

Elder Ziyun didn't open his eyes, but his voice came directly into Wang Qiang's ears.

As a major disciple, Wang Qiang has followed Elder Ziyun for many years.

I know my master's temperament and thoughts.

At this moment, he carefully considered the sentence, and then said: "Given Master, according to the disciple's opinion, Junior Brother Li's talent and attainments in alchemy are unfathomable."


Wang Qiang knew this was his Master Ziyun who was testing him.

After all, Li Ye was brought into the inner door by his master himself, is there something his old man didn't know?

So he then pondered for a moment and then said: "Yesterday the disciple took Junior Brother Li to the Immortal Pill Hall, deliberately choosing the time when Elder Kongyou closed his disciple Sister Song's alchemy."

Wang Qiang recalled yesterday's situation, and then said: "Junior Sister Song's alchemy strength is well known in this school, and it is also outstanding among many inner disciples. At least the disciples think that they are inferior, and Sister Song did have a little luck in alchemy yesterday.

"But before Junior Sister Song's alchemy was over, Junior Brother Li was convinced that Junior Sister Song would definitely fail."

Elder Ziyun still closed his eyes, as if asking casually about this matter.

However, Wang Qiang knew very well that his master obviously took this matter seriously.


Elder Ziyun quickly asked: "The Kongyou Shumen disciple is indeed good, but it's still a little worse."

In short, it's not bad luck at all.

The strength has not been reached yet!

"Master is wise!"

Wang Qiang delivered a flattering blow silently.

Elder Ziyun then said: "This son does have a very good ability on the path of alchemy, and the old man has also spotted this."

"Well, if that's the case, let him try."

Wang Qiang hurriedly bowed and saluted: "Yes, please follow the instructions of the teacher!"

The two masters and apprentices are obviously talking about the dispute between the descendants of the elixir alliance.

Of course before the dispute between the descendants.

The disciples of the Immortal Pill League are also divided into two categories, one is focused on cultivating immortals to improve their own strength, and the other is focused on alchemy.

Therefore, the Immortal Pill Hall and the Immortal Martial Hall have to separate their respective internal rivals.

The elixir alliance has always paid more attention to alchemy, which is also an open secret.

But people who don't represent Xianwutang have no chance.

They also practice alchemy, but they focus more on self-cultivation.

And this time.

Li Ye naturally learned the news.

There are many elders in the Immortal Alliance, and each elder can recommend one person.


Elder Ziyun recommended Li Ye to participate in this succession dispute.

To this.

Some of the other disciples complained, but no one dared to oppose Elder Ziyun's decision.

According to the arrangement of the Immortal Pill Alliance, the position of the descendant is of great importance, and obviously it is impossible to simply deal with it, so this dispute over the descendant is very cautious.

First of all, the elixir hall will determine the ten strongest people in the alchemy.

The same is true of Xianwutang.

In the Immortal Pill Hall, there are really many elders who are qualified to recommend candidates.

Elder Ziyun is just one of them, and there are Elder Kongyou and others.

After discussion by many elders, it was decided to open a pill battle, and the time was set in ten days.

Time passed in the blink of an eye.

Within ten days, Li Ye did not go out to move around.

It's not like the other disciples recommended by the elders, they started to collect all kinds of top spirit medicines and herbs.

Because Elder Ziyun said in advance, he only needs to speak, and Elder Ziyun will find all his needs.

As ten days passed.

Li Ye came to the Immortal Pill Hall again.

Accompanied like Wang Qiang.

This time there are obviously more people than I have seen before.

Even met some examples of powerful generations.

The powerhouses of all kinds of Jiuqiao fairy infant realm can be seen everywhere.

Only recommended by the elders, the number exceeded hundreds.

It is naturally not easy to decide the ten strongest alchemy among hundreds of people.

"Junior Brother, how sure are you?"

Wang Qiang looked at those people, lowered his voice and asked.

"Senior brother, what do you think?"

Li Ye asked with a smile.

Wang Qiang smiled, he saw that Li Ye was calm.

That is not self-confidence, it is more like a kind of contempt.

As if not paying attention to any opponents.

He hesitated for a while, then lowered his voice again and said: "The junior is strong, but still can't underestimate the enemy, this time the opponent is not easy!"

"Like the last time Elder Kongyous closed disciple Song Sister is also there, there are also several geniuses who are not as powerful as Sister Song. The other people will not be much weaker than Sister Song. This time Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, the competition is very high. so big."

Wang Qiang didn't exaggerate, after all, he also had a lot of time in the Immortal Pill League.

Naturally, there is a lot of understanding.

Li Ye just nodded after hearing it, and didn't say much.

He can't tell Wang Qiang that his alchemy strength is even stronger than those of the elixir alliance's elixir masters?

No one believed it.

The two were talking.

I saw a few people walking towards each other.

One of them was Song Yu, the closed disciple of Elder Kongyou.

As for the others, they were familiar with them. Obviously they had seen them in the Immortal Pill Hall that day.

"I look forward to what kind of pill you can make this time!"

Song Yu looked at Li Ye and said word by word.

Obviously still brooding about what happened that day.

This is also normal, she belongs to the proud girl of heaven, but Li Ye said that she was useless that day.

Naturally, she felt uneasy, but Elder Kongyou asked her to focus on this succession dispute, so that Li Ye didn't bother.

"Sister Song, why bother with certain people, who wouldn't talk big words?"

"Haha! That's true!"

"Do you have the ability, whether it is really superior or silly, this time you can see the difference."

Several others laughed.

They are all Song Yu's admirers.

I have to say that Song Yu is indeed outstanding among the inner disciples of the Immortal Pill League.


Li Ye didn't feel this, even facing these people's deliberate provocations, he just smiled faintly.

Seeing that Li Ye didn't answer, Song Yu and the others couldn't keep entangled, so they could only leave with a cold smile.

After seeing them leave, Wang Qiang was relieved.

"Fortunately, Junior Brother, you are calm. Just now I was really afraid of you quarreling with them because my brother."

Li Ye couldn't help but smile: "Fighting? Are they worthy too?"

Wang Qiang's expression stiffened and he couldn't laugh or cry.

But at least there is no one around now, otherwise I really don't know how many disturbances will be caused.

Here is the Immortal Pill Hall.

The so-called Dandou is actually very simple.

The Three Realms and Nine Realms are still the ancestral realms, and they have followed the ancient practice to the present.

Even compared to the Three Realms and Nine Realms, the Pill Fight in the Ancestral Realm was even more direct.

Don't compare it at all.

It depends on the pill that is finally refined!

Pill fighting is only better than the result, no matter how powerful you are to fight fire, no matter how proficient in pharmacology, and no matter how clever the technique is, as long as the pill is not good, then it won't work!

There is no stipulation on what pill to refining, and everything is free.

In the end, the quality of the pill is the best. If the quality is the same, the effect and side effects will be better.

In short, everything speaks with strength.

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