Valkyrie Bloodline Chapter 5307

Chapter 5317: I took it, you can only stare

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The Immortal Alliance is one of the three ancient immortal sects in the ancestral world.

More than hundreds of millions of disciples?

Even the number of inner disciples is not so exaggerated.

But the breakdown is also quite huge.

And now.

Those who can appear in the elixir hall are among the best.

At least one elder must be recommended to be eligible to compete for successor status.

of course.

This is only the first step.

Including Li Ye, people in the Immortal Pill Hall are now qualified to compete in the way of pill fighting.

There are hundreds of people in total.

Li Ye glanced at these people at random, and he probably had a clear understanding in his heart.

"It's worthy of being one of the three ancient immortal sects of the Immortal Pill League. Even if the immortal pill hall is talented in the elixir, more geniuses, but the strength of these people is indeed stronger than the ordinary immortal sect Come out."

Almost most of the inner disciples stepped into the realm of immortal respect.

Of course, most of them are just immortal statues in the realm of ordinary immortal infants.

There are very few who can cultivate to the Three-Aperture Fairy Infant.

Comparing even Taichen Hall is known as the head of the three ancient immortal sects, among the disciples of the whole generation, the Sanqiao Immortal Infant is definitely a genius for cultivation.

of course.

Now they are not comparable to strength.

It's better than alchemy!

"You waited for this alchemy, and there were no requirements. The pill pots were all provided by the sect. You can choose the elixir and herbs you need at will!"

On the side of the Immortal Pill Hall, several elders were expressionless and said in a deep voice.

Among them is Li Ye's now nominal master, elder Ziyun.

Obviously, Elder Ziyun was on the side of the Immortal Pill Hall, and his status was not low.

Although the strength is not too high, whether it is a disciple or an elder, the Immortal Pill Hall pays more attention to the level of alchemy.

Accompanied by several elders announced.

Li Ye also saw hundreds of exactly the same Danding.

Judging from his eyes.

Any one of these pill tripods falling into the Three Realms and Nine Regions below will cause a **** storm.

They are all top-notch Danding.

But on the side of the Immortal Pill League, it was just the most common pill tripod.

In addition.

On the side, you can also see countless elixir and fairy grass.

I have seen a lot of all kinds, even many treasured fairy grasses that are hard to find in the ancestral world.

"Wealth and wealth."

Although Li Ye has a lot of family background, it is better than the background, and there is definitely no way to compare with the ancient immortal sect such as the Immortal Pill League.


Hundreds of Danding have already been placed.

The so-called pill fight, the rules are extremely simple.

Just fight for strength.

Li Ye smiled faintly, and then found the nearest Danding.

The same is true for those other people.

Anyway, Danding is the same, there is no need to entangle.

It was the Senior Sister Song Yu who had been defeated by Li Ye before and failed to attack the elixir.

He glanced at Li Ye.

"Wait and see! Pill refining is not a mere lip service! This young lady wants to see what kind of pill you can make this time!"

He hummed softly in his heart.

Song Yu could not forget the humiliation that day.

Of course she is not the kind of stubborn woman.

And this time is also very important to her.

The position of the descendant of the Immortal Pill League is the identity that all the disciples have dreamed of.

Except Song Yu.

A few others are confident.

They are the ones with the strongest alchemy ability in the generation of disciples.

It can almost be said.

You can make an elixir only half a step away!

Once you succeed in making the elixir!

Even if they fail to win the position of successor in the end, their status in the elixir alliance will rise.

Even the status is comparable to the elder, and even more noble than the elder!


Everyone started to practice alchemy.

Some have a confident expression, while others have a solemn expression.

Some people are even more anxious.

There are indeed many elixir and herbs prepared by the Immortal Pill Alliance, but Li Ye has already noticed a problem.

"Sure enough, it's not that simple!"

Although their Danding is the same, it seems fair.

However, there is a first-come, first-served trap in the spirit medicine fairy grass!

Regardless of the many elixir and herbs prepared by the Immortal Pill Alliance, almost everyone can get inexhaustible.

Can be observed carefully.

That is, the relatively low-level elixir, immortal grass, is abundant.

And some of them, the elixir that is cherished or even extremely difficult to obtain, are pitifully rare!

Just as there are several immortal medicines, as many as three or five, and at least only one!

This tells everyone.

Not everyone has these rare elixir.

Li Ye's figure flashed, and he had already come to one of the fairy medicines.

There were only two of this immortal medicine, and one of them had already been taken away first.

Now only the last one is left.

But before he took it away, he felt a few wisps of aura directly locked onto the immortal medicine.

It is clear.

He wasn't the only one who saw this fairy medicine.

"Let go of the jade dragon's saliva!"

With a low drink, I saw a person staring at Li Ye with horror in his eyes, with a hint of threat and warning.

The other party sneered: "I want this jade dragon covet!"

Did not wait for Li Ye to speak.

Another person laughed and said, "Lin Jun, whoever gets this immortal medicine counts for whom, it's not specially prepared for you."

It turned out that the only people who followed this immortal medicine were Li Ye and the people who spoke out.

There are even five people who are also eyeing it.

Among them is a familiar face.

The disciple of Elder Kongyou, Song Yu.

"I saw it first, naturally it belongs to me!"

Lin Jun was calm, but those people were not afraid of him.

Someone chuckled and said, "How about their ability?"

Everyone is disciple of the inner sect of the Immortal Pill League, and they are all familiar with each other.

Except for Li Ye as an outsider in their eyes, everyone else knew their details.

Obviously, this pill battle, the competition for the rare elixir and fairy grass, is also part of it.

Li Ye quickly understood the arrangement of the elixir alliance.

After all, the descendants of the Immortal Pill Alliance not only need to be strong in alchemy, but also in their cultivation strength.

And this link.

Just to select those disciples who are more powerful.

If the cultivation base is too weak, even if the alchemy strength is strong enough, you will not be able to get a good spirit medicine fairy grass.

The natural refining pill is probably not as good as others.

Cruel competition?


There is no fairness in this world.

"Each skill? Good!"

Lin Jun sneered, then his breath bloomed!

Four orifices fairy babies!

It's not bad indeed!

On the other side, those who wanted this jade dragon's saliva were not weak, and they were all close to the realm of the three-aperture fairy infant.

Among a few people.

Song Yu's strength is the weakest, and he is also close to the cultivation base of the Sanqiao Immortal Infant.

In this competition, it fell into a disadvantage.

As for Lee Ye?

Sorry, none of them cares who Li Ye is.

Even if someone had heard that Li Ye was a new disciple of Elder Ziyun, who cares?

However, just when these few people are fighting each other.

Li Ye did his part and directly reached out and took away the jade dragon.

Make the other people angry instantly!

Without saying anything, he shot Li Ye directly, trying to take the jade dragon back.

However, what surprised them was.

They didn't even touch Li Ye's sleeves, they just watched Li Ye leave in front of them.

Obviously, no breath was revealed.

But it just gave them a strange feeling of nowhere to start.

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