Valkyrie Domination Chapter 4441

Chapter 4441: Temperance

Shenlong wood is the top material in this universe.

It is also the most suitable treasure for the true dragons to build dragon nests, and it is of great benefit to the true dragons.

Some people from the True Dragon tribe once did experiments. Resting in the dragon nest made of Shenlong wood is more than ten times faster than resting in the ordinary dragon nest. Whether it is training or resting, it is more than ten times faster.

It is a pity that Shenlong wood is extremely rare and belongs to the top material in the universe.

It takes hundreds of millions of years for a piece of Shenlong wood to grow and complete, and it needs to absorb countless breaths and treasures between the heavens and the earth.

In particular, the real top-level Shenlong wood is best grown by absorbing the Qi of Chaos, but after countless epochs, there are fewer and fewer places in the universe that contain the Qi of Chaos, which causes the Shenlong wood in the universe to grow more and more. The less come.

Now, in the entire universe, I am afraid that there are still some Shenlong woods in this true dragon ancestor land.

However, these Shenlong Woods were all ordinary Shenlong Woods. The Shenlong Woods that were cultivated by absorbing the Qi of Chaos had completely dissipated in the universe during the endless wars and years, and almost disappeared.

The True Dragon tribe has given transaction information to the Ten Thousand Clan. Anyone who brings the Shenlong Wood can be exchanged as long as the treasures owned by the True Dragon tribe can be exchanged. This shows the rarity of the Shenlong Wood.

However, over the past hundreds of millions of years, although the true dragons have successively obtained some Shenlong woods, many of them are leftovers, not many, and they are not the top Shenlong woods, and many of them are extremely broken.

It can be said that the true dragons of today, in addition to the deep celestial mountain where the ancestors of the true dragons are located, there is also a simple wooden dragon nest of the dragons, other powerful true dragons, even the patriarch Jinfeng Supreme, do not have a pure wooden dragon nest. .

The patriarchs dragons nest was also constructed of some Shenlong wood scraps and other rare materials.

But now...

Everyone looked up at the sky, looking at the Shenlong Wooden Dragon Nest, which was winding for thousands of miles, floating in the sky and covering the sky.

All the True Dragon people in the entire True Dragon Continent were stunned.

Such a huge dragon nest, even if it is enough for all the real dragon powerhouses in the entire real dragon continent to inhabit? The dragon wood dragon nest appeared in the sky, and the true dragon people had not yet approached. The breath of the dragon wood alone made the true dragon energy in all the true dragon people present cant help running and full of Active, repair

What is natural is improving.

"These Shenlong Woods are all Chaos Grade Shenlong Woods. Where did Qin Chen get this?"

They all looked at all this in shock.

Xiaoyao Supreme was also dumbfounded. I didnt expect Qin Chen to have such a Chaos Dragon Nest. If I told him earlier, it would have been so hard to use. I am afraid that using this Chaos Dragon Nest would have a great probability of attracting the true dragons. Joined.

"Kid Qin Chen, you..."

Only Honghuang Zulong was a little dumbfounded.


Is this kid too thief? This is clearly his own Chaos Dragon Nest, why did he suddenly become this kid? And took it out as a gift?

"To shut up!"

Qin Chen glanced at Honghuang Zulong coldly and stopped his words.

This guy, don't you have any compelling points in your heart?

Don't say anything, it will mess up the atmosphere.

Qin Chen looked at the true dragon ancestor with a sincere tone: "My true dragon ancestor, you should know this thing, right?"

"Chaos Shenlong Wooden Dragon Nest!"

The ancestor of the real dragon trembled.

The true value of this thing is more than a hundred times more noble than its ancestor mountain. The Ancestral Mountain is just a supreme treasure, which can at best enhance its strength alone, but this vast expanse of dragon wood dragon nest allows the entire true dragon clan to burst out of unprecedented vitality. This is a true dragon clan that can change the true dragon clan. Ethnic destiny


The two are not the same.

"This thing was obtained by Ben Shao from the battlefield of ten thousand races. In order to obtain this Shenlong Wood Dragon Nest, Ben Shao was hunted down by countless strong men, and even was almost taken away by an ancient strong man..."

Hong Huang Zulong pouted his lips, isn't it him who said this?

Qin Chen continued: "This young master's true dragon's air is derived from this Chaos Dragon Nest. However, today is the day when the true dragon ancestor and the predecessor of the predecessor Ancestral Dragon rejoice. The so-called sword matches the hero, and the pink matches the beauty." "Although this Shenlong Wooden Dragon Nest has a great effect with me, it is even more useful for the True Dragons. Therefore, here today, the young Master Ben will give this Shenlong Wooden Dragon Nest to the predecessors of the Primordial Ancestral Dragon and the True Dragon. Master Long Ancestor, as a great ancestor

Senior Longs betrothal gift, I wish the two of you will be together forever and give birth to your son early! "


Qin Chen's voice fell, and this magnificent Chaos Dragon Nest rumbling directly on the sacred mountain of the starry sky, stood in the sky of this true dragon continent, majestic and boundless.

On the Real Dragon Continent, all the real dragon clan powerhouses heard what Qin Chen said, and heard the content of the marriage between the real dragon ancestor and the primordial ancestor dragon, and they were all dumbfounded.

The ancestor of the true dragon, is getting married?

This Chaos Dragon Nest is the dowry?

For an instant, there was only one thought in the minds of countless real dragon experts present.

The ancestor of the true dragon, can you marry more times?

Once married, you can get this Chaos Dragon Nest, and if you marry a few more times, then they are really dragons, I'm afraid it will be sent directly.

"Thank you for less dust."

The ancestor of the true dragon hurriedly saluted.

This thing is too expensive, but it cannot be rejected at all.

Because this thing is too important to the true dragons.

"Thank you for less dust."

They were also excited to salute.

Qin Chen looked at Honghuang Zulong again.

"Thank you for less dust."

Honghuang Zulong also bowed, but his heart was distressed. Damn, this is obviously his thing.

However, Qin Chen's cold snort sounded directly in his mind: "Why, not convinced? Without Ben Shao, you can hide from the Wanxiang God? No Ben Shao, this Chaos Dragon Nest brought it out? Is there any Ben Shao, Can you take down the true dragon ancestor so quickly?"

Qin Chen snorted coldly in his heart.

Honghuang Zulong looked startled.

Indeed, without Qin Chen, he might still be struggling in the Vientiane God Hideout.

With a straight face immediately, he said loudly: "Everyone, from today onwards, Shao Chen will be the great benefactor of my true dragon clan. As long as Shao Chen has any instructions in the future, my true dragon clan will never refuse."

"Never refuse!"


Below, countless real dragon clan experts also uttered a terrifying roar, shaking like thunder, shaking the universe.

There is really no return for such a great favor, so you should follow it to the death.

Xiaoyao Zhizun and Shengong Zhizun looked at each other with emotion.

Qin Chen, extraordinary!

Relying on the strength of one person, he subdued the true dragon clan.

Although the current True Dragon Clan has not yet said that it is dependent on the Human Race and joined the Human Race Alliance, in fact, it has already been tied to Qin Chen and Honghuang Ancestral Dragon, and has completely stood on the ship where Qin Chen is.

Which ethnic group Qin Chen is in, which ethnic group can obtain the terrifying combat power of the real dragon race, which is ranked among the ten thousand races in the universe.

The true dragons became Qin Chen's own power.

Good means!

Xiaoyao Supreme and Shengong Supreme sigh with emotion, Human Race, there is a future.

Next, the entire True Dragon clan began to celebrate with all the heavens.

On the True Dragon Continent, there were laughter and laughter everywhere, and all kinds of delicious food were shipped out one after another, and all the strong real dragons were cheering.

For tens of thousands of years, none of their true dragons has held a banquet so happily.

Until late at night, the lively celebration continued.

However, the banquet in the True Dragon Hall had dispersed early, and Qin Chen and the others were also arranged in a palace of the True Dragon clan.

As for the great ancestor dragon, he and the true dragon ancestor entered into the true dragon ancestor dragon nest deep in the starry sky.

This night. In the dragon's nest deep in the starry sky, there was shaking constantly, and there were some inexplicable voices, which made many true dragons restless, and the couple dragons returned to their homes. Engage in certain happy activities


I am afraid that overnight, the population of the True Dragons will have some pre-increasing.

Sleepless all night.

Early in the morning of the next day, when Qin Chen saw the Honghuang Ancestral Dragon again, the Honghuang Ancestral Dragon was extremely refreshed, walking tigers and tigers, that mighty prestige.

The ancestor of the true dragon nestled beside the prehistoric ancestor dragon, like a bird standing next to a person.

This is a mighty power that is close to detachment. It was arranged so submissively.

Qin Chen secretly gave a thumbs up to Honghuang Zulong.

Honghuang Zulong smiled.

In the next few days, Qin Chen and the others continued to stay here.

And Jinfeng Zhizun took Qin Chen and the others to visit the real dragon ancestry every day.

Of course, they are also discussing something about the Human Race and the True Dragon Alliance.

After all, this is the most crucial thing for Qin Chen and their trip.

The ancestors of the ancestors of the real dragon and the ancestors of the real dragon sometimes accompanied each other every day, and disappeared sometimes, at least seven or eight times a day, a dozen times, and they did not know what they were doing.

At the beginning, every time the Great Ancestor Dragon and the true dragon ancestor disappeared and reappeared, they were refreshed and energetic, and winked at Qin Chen.

But a few days later.

Hong Huang Zulong was not good anymore. Every time he appeared, he felt a little faint. Afterwards, even dark circles appeared, and his legs were a little weak when he walked.


Qin Chen discouraged Honghuang Zulong.

Is this crazy?

Although it has been holding back for hundreds of millions of years, it is to be presumptuous and to know the taste, but it does not need to be so fierce, right? I exercise from morning till night, even if my physical strength can keep up, is this body able to bear it?

"Little Chen, this is not what I want to do, it's Ao Ling..."

Honghuang Zulong was talking, his legs were shaking.

"Isn't it?"

Qin Chen's eyes widened?

Is the ancestor of the true dragon?


They say that thirty is like a wolf, forty is like a tiger, fifty is like a tiger, and sixty sits on the ground to **** dirt...

Although the ancestor of the true dragon is a dragon girl, he has been single for countless years. It is a bit crazy and possible.

"She's crazy too? Aren't you afraid to squeeze you out?"

Qin Chen was speechless.

Some things still have to be restrained, and the long water flows are the kingly way.

Honghuang Zulong had a grudge on his face, "She said, just to squeeze me dry, saying that there are so many beautiful female dragons of the True Dragon clan. If I dont squeeze me out, the other little girls of the True Dragon clan will definitely be dangerous, and the danger must be contained. source."

This... Tigress!


Qin Chen patted Honghuang Zulong on the shoulder and shook his head.

However, what the ancestor of the true dragon said is right. With the virtues of the ancestor dragon, if he is not drained, the other beautiful female dragons of the true dragon tribe may be really dangerous.

Are talking.

A graceful figure appeared here instantly.

Seeing this figure, Hong Huang Zulong couldn't help but shudder.

Is the ancestor of the true dragon.

"I have seen Master Aoling."

Qin Chen smiled and folded his hands, and glanced at Honghuang Zulong. Is this guy so scared of him?

You start to tremble when you see someone coming?

Or which ancestral ancestor dragon who had been so proud before him?

Hong Huang Zulong's face flushed immediately.

He was obviously despised by Xiao Chen.

I'm so embarrassed.

"Less dust."

The ancestor of the true dragon smiled and nodded, and said hello.

Qin Chen is her matchmaker and the benefactor of its true dragon clan, so naturally he has to be polite.

Hong Huang Zulong took a deep breath, his body stopped shivering. As a big man, how could he be overwhelmed by a woman?

He frowned and said, "Ao Ling, what are you doing here? Aren't you discussing the cooperation between the two races with Xiaoyao Supreme?" "This little matter, just leave it to Jinfeng Supreme." The ancestor of the true dragon smiled slightly, unexpectedly. Showing the attitude of a little woman, he came up at the same time and took the arm of the Honghuang Zulong.

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