Valkyrie Domination Chapter 4551

Chapter 4568: Scatter

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There is a special small world that is not big, which can temporarily accommodate the people of the empty demon race with spatial talents. However, in this small world, the time cannot be too long, otherwise even if it is the empty demon people, Will fall directly on it


But this small world must be carried by people.

Once the person carrying the small world falls, it means that many people in this small world will completely fall into the palm of others, and there will be no chance.


Suspense Supreme screamed, all the masters of the Kong Demon Race were vigilant, and they appeared one after another. The speed was so fast that they were forbidden.

Moreover, everyone is in order, and no one acts hastily.

It's just that in the eyes of everyone, you can see many expressions, such as vigilance, anxiety, despair, but also a trace of daze and at a loss.

Hidden for too many years.

As a righteous army, many people have been hiding in Tibet since the day they were born. They don't know what the outside world looks like or what it feels like to live and work in peace.

Some are just panic and fleeing in panic.

This kind of day has accompanied many people for a lifetime, and everyone has become accustomed to this kind of day. In the face of death, they will still be afraid, but they will not panic too much.

Because, they have seen too much, in these years, almost no one has fallen, and even every process of escape is a process of confronting the **** of death.

No one knows when their empty demons will be completely annihilated and completely disappear from this universe.

"Come on, just come on."

Someone murmured, with a touch of relief and free and easy.

For them, death may not be the end, but a beginning, a beginning that no longer flees in a hurry.

For countless tens of thousands of years, their empty demons left only a few hundred thousand people from the original huge ethnic group. Sometimes, death is really a relief for them.

Of course, this kind of alert has been repeated many times.

Will come last time almost every now and then.

But not every time an enemy appears.

Most of the time, there are actually no enemies.

But the patriarch was not at ease. Every time there was a turmoil, he would assemble with all his strength, so some people didn't take it too seriously.

It's really here, it's a big deal, just die.

After so many years of fighting to death, they are not afraid of death at all.

Suspended by the Supreme, several half-step Supreme peak powerhouses quickly gathered.

The old man who followed the Xuankong Supreme was also a strong man at the peak of the half-step Supreme Realm.

There are no ordinary people who can survive the battle for so many years. If it is not for the lack of resources and sufficient cultivation opportunities, he may not be able to break through the Supreme Realm, but now, he has no hope.

Years of battles have completely exhausted his future, even though he has reached the peak of the half-step supreme realm, it is almost impossible to break through the supreme realm in this life.

and so.

He focused on it.

Very vigilant.

He is a person with no future, but the Kokong Demon Race still has a future. At a critical moment, he can even blew up to injure the enemy, just in exchange for a ray of life for the race.

"Patriarch, is the enemy coming?" The old man asked in a deep voice, looking around, but he didn't feel any movement.

Suspended Supreme holding a battle knife, looked sideways at his daughter, and warned in a deep voice: "Be careful, follow me, don't act rashly!"

His daughter has not entered the small world, because her daughter is now in the later stage of Tianzun realm.

He is the first person in the young generation of the empty demons.

This level of cultivation is already regarded as one of the strongest in the Kong Demon Clan, how can you be a tortoise when you encounter a strong enemy.

At this moment, everyone raised their heads and stared into the sky. A group of people was restless and restless.

Is there a strong enemy?

At this moment, Qin Chen was surprised.

"It seems... was discovered!"

Qin Chen took some surprises and didn't need him to look for them one by one. He saw the space debris where the Suspended Supreme was, because at this moment, some different spatial rules were vaguely presented.

Most people can't see it, but they can't stop Qin Chen's eye of creation.

"Kid Qin Chen, the space debris is fluctuating, could it be that we...were discovered?"

Demon Ancestor Luohu also noticed the movement and couldn't help but say.

Mo Li also said solemnly: "After all, he is a veteran of the Righteous Army. The ancestors of Bie Yuan Mo have been chasing and killing for many years. The sense of crisis must be extremely keen! It may not be that we have been discovered, but there must be some sense of crisis!"

Qin Chen nodded.

Red Flame Demon Sovereign said in a deep voice: "Then what should I do now, force the attack?"

In the case of a strong attack, the movement will be too great.

Moreover, this is a sea of void flowers. Once the spatial flowers here are disturbed, it will definitely cause spatial fluctuations. By then, the Supreme Eclipse will definitely find anomalies.

Once the Supreme Eclipse arrives, then they are finished.

Moreover, this space flower is extremely terrifying, and Demon Ancestor Luohu and Qin Chen may not be afraid, but if Demon Li and Demon Lord Chiyan are not careful, they are afraid that they will be in danger. Qin Chen glanced at the space debris below his eyes, and said in a deep voice: "You can't drag, the Supreme Eclipse may arrive at any time, we have to do it, we must do it as soon as possible. I'm waiting for a direct shot,

The possibility of suppressing the opponent is very high. "


Luohu Demon Ancestor and they all nodded.

It is not a big problem to win the Suspended Supreme, the key is that the movement can not be big.

"Kid Qin Chen, shouldn't the two of you help out?"

Luohu Demon Ancestor looked at Qin Chen.

He was talking about the Lord of Abyss Demon and the Lord of All Souls.

Both of them are now supreme cultivation bases, which have a great effect.


Qin Chen calmly said.


Two supreme auras suddenly appeared beside Qin Chen.

It is the Lord of Abyss Demon and the Lord of All Souls.

Equivalent to the four supreme-level powerhouses, Qin Chen didn't believe that the four of them took action, and could not hold an empty demon clan with only one supreme.

"Listen to my orders and do it."

An order was given, and in an instant, a large array emerged.

Void imprisoned great array!

This was the joint display of Qin Chen and Luohu Demon Ancestor. In an instant, the spatial fluctuations in this void became stagnant.

The terrifying array instantly wrapped the space debris while confining the rest of the surrounding void.

The purpose is not to expose any fluctuations.

At this moment, a terrifying war knife pierced the sky, and the billowing supreme aura rose to the sky, blasting out of the space debris, with an indomitable momentum and a sense of decisiveness!

Suspense Supreme roared: "Disperse and escape!"

That's it!

When the Void Imprisonment Array was covered, he knew that it might be finished.

The space formation that can affect this void flower sea is at least the supreme-level big formation. In other words, there is a top-level supreme powerhouse on the opposite side who is presiding over the big formation, and he is definitely a master of formation.

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