Valkyrie Domination Chapter 4552

Chapter 4569: Direct Self Destruction

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There are not many masters of the supreme-level formation master, the entire demons, this is the real top powerhouse.

But now, there is a Supreme Master Array in the main array alone, let alone the others?


Suspended Supreme roared into the sky.

The terrible saber swept out like a vast ocean, flooding the world.

At the same time, he sternly shouted at the countless empty demons behind him: "Flee, scatter and flee."

At this moment, there is no fluke in Xuankong Supreme's heart. Just a master of formation is enough to change his color, and the Demon Race really shot them, it is definitely not just this person.

The billowing murderous aura rushed to the sky, and the Xuankong Supreme made a desperate move, not to kill the enemy, but to give some hope to the clansmen under his command.


Seeing this, Qin Chen frowned slightly.

This suspended supreme is too troublesome, as soon as it came up, it burst out with endless supreme power, desperately.

Obviously, it was desperate to get out.

Originally, Qin Chen wanted to talk to the other party to see if he could have a chance to convince the other party, but now it seems that it is almost impossible to convince the other party.

Can only catch the opponent first.

"Mo Ye!"

Qin Chen said something to the Lord of Abyss Demon. Fortunately, he and Luohu Demon Ancestor arranged a large array outside, otherwise, if they were killed by the Suspended Supreme, it would be completely exposed.

The Lord of Abyss Demon said respectfully: "Yes, Master."

The voice fell.


The Lord of the Abyss suddenly swept out, and the terrifying aura of the Abyss filled the world in an instant.

The power of the Lord of the Deep Demon instantly suppressed the suspended supreme body, directly confining his power and suppressing the supreme power in his body.

The Demon Race is now the leader of the Demon Race, and the power of the Demon Race has tremendous suppression on any Demon Race.

With a bang, it was seen that the supreme aura on the suspended supreme body was suddenly strongly suppressed.

With infinite vibration, Suspense Supreme exclaimed: "Yuan Mozu?"

"Suspended Supreme, put down your weapons, this seat is not here to kill you, but to discuss cooperation with you on the orders of the master, why not sit down and have a good talk."

The Lord of Abyss Demon said indifferently, just as he said, the power of Abyss in the body did not stop at all, and still suppressed the Xuankong Supreme fiercely.


The terrible aura permeated, and Xuankong Supreme felt endless oppression, and a terrifying power of the abyss rushed into his mind instantly, to affect his mind.

At the same time, on the other side, with a bang, Wanling Demon Sovereign appeared, and the terrible demon aura came and turned into a chain of avenues, to restrain the Suspense Supreme.

Under the influence of the power of the soul of the Lord of Abyss, Venerable Suspended his eyes slightly in a trance, but instantly got rid of the influence of the power of Mo Ye's soul!

I saw a chain of chains with a terrifying aura, already surrounding my body.

I was shocked again!


Another supreme powerhouse!

Damn, how many top powerhouses came to kill yourself?

"you are"

"Chaos God Demon Lord?"

Suspense Supreme saw the breath and face of Wanling Mozun at this moment, suddenly showing a look of anger.

Chaos God and Demon Lord, although a rising star, because of guarding the Chaos God and Demon Sea, the Xuankong Supreme actually knew the other party's intelligence. Because the righteous army once suspected that the ancestors of the deep demon had any special means in the chaos and demon sea, but because of the guard of the chaos and the demon, the righteous army was unable to lurk in, and some people from the righteous army tried to sneak into the chaos before. Gods and demons

Hai, several times have been identified by the God of Chaos and the Demon Lord, directly captured, and had no choice but to explode and die.

In the Righteous Army, there is a lot of information about the Gods of Chaos and the Demon Lord.

Therefore, seeing the appearance of the **** of chaos and demon at this moment, Suspended Supreme was suddenly shocked.

this is

Did the ancestor of the deep demon personally do it on himself?


The terrifying power of the deep monster combined with the power of the soul bewitched down, while the master of the chaotic **** suppressed it to the suspended supreme.

Immediately made the Xuankong Supreme into a passive state.

However, the Suspense Supreme has experienced hundreds of battles, but he wakes up in an instant. However, there is nothing wrong with him, but the countless empty demons behind him are instantly confused, standing still, with some pain and struggling, knowing what is going on, wanting to run, but they are whispering. The voice of the Lord of the Demon


All stay!

Don't resist everyone, I'll be a companion, sit down and talk!

This terrible soul bewildered, under Heavenly Lord, there is no power to resist, even Heavenly Lord, he can only struggle to walk a few steps, but once wanted to lay down his weapons and didn't want to fight.

Do not!

They were desperate, and they knew that they had encountered a peerless powerhouse.

More than one!


Suspense Supreme roared again, booming, and the sword qi rushed into the sky, and the Supreme sword qi turned into a terrifying river of sword qi, trying to cut the world.

No, even if you know that you are invincible, you can't give up.


You must kill you desperately, even if you can't kill, you must kill a supreme, even borrow the power of the void flower sea, break the formation, alarm the space flower in the entire void flower sea, use the space riot to bring trouble to the opponent, cut Kill each other.

Just when he slashed out and was about to blast away the restraints of the Wanling Demon Venerable, suddenly, a figure appeared.

"Suspended Supreme, don't stop!"

With a low drink, shaking the avenue, hanging in a trance in front of the supreme, saw the sky full of black tentacles, like a cage covering the sky and the sun, bound towards him.


Qin Chen shouted, and the Ten Thousand Realms Demon Tree shot.

His Ten Thousand Worlds Demon Tree is a sacred item of the Demon Race, with infinite power, and it is most capable of suppressing the strong.

In fact, relying on the strength of Qin Chen and the others, there is no problem at all to win the Suspense Supreme alone, even if they don't use the Ten Thousand Realm Demon Tree, they can do it.

However, Qin Chen had already noticed after a short period of time that this Suspended Supreme was definitely a man of incomparably stout personality, fighting desperately at every turn.

It doesn't matter if it is an ordinary fight to the death, it is fine, but if it is not captured and suppressed in the first time, the Hanging Supreme will directly blew himself in trouble.

With this dangling supreme temperament, it may not be impossible to do it.

It was really going to explode, a supreme self-explosive aura, Qin Chen and the others would be injured even if they could stop it, and Luohu Demon Ancestor's great formation might not really be able to stop it completely. When the time comes, it will cause the void of flowers, and everything will be over.

What Qin Chen wanted was not to kill the opponent, but to capture the opponent and ask for the information he wanted.

If the Ten Thousand Worlds Demon Tree takes action, then everything will be stable.


Om...the sky full of tentacles swept across, crashing, and instantly wrapped up the Suspended Supreme. The supreme power of the suspended Supreme's body was instantly suppressed, and the whole person's avenue was shaken. Under the joint hands of Qin Chen, the body was affected by the magic tree of the ten thousand worlds. Countless tentacles, wrapped and entangled in an instant.

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