Valkyrie Domination Chapter 4553

Chapter 4570: Who Are You

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The supreme-level Demon Tree of Ten Thousand Realms, what kind of power is this?


The Ten Thousand Worlds Demon Tree squirmed, and the power of the suspended supreme was instantly suppressed. For a moment, it seemed to be completely imprisoned. The supreme power in the body was suppressed extremely fine, and it could not burst out at all.

"how is this possible?"

He burst into anger, and he was a supreme powerhouse, but he was suppressed for an instant.

What kind of treasure is this dark tentacles?


He roared, directly mobilizing his supreme source, booming, the power in his body was like a volcanic eruption, which would burst out in an instant.



In the space debris behind him, many masters of the Kong Demon clan screamed sternly, waking up from the confusion, one by one, they made a sound of anger.

They all knew what their patriarch was going to do, and each of them was broken and frightened.

"Sure enough... troublesome."

When Qin Chen saw this, his face was cold, and he knew that this guy had a strong temper.

Blew up at every turn.

Qin Chen snorted coldly. Fortunately, he was already prepared.



In the Ten Thousand Realms Demon Tree, terrible power swept out, and the Ten Thousand Realms Demon Tree glowed, suppressing the self-destructive power in the suspended Supreme's body at once.


A mouthful of blood spewed out, and the expression of Xuan Kong Supreme was frightened, suddenly lost, and there was despair in his eyes.

Can't even blew himself up if he wanted to blew himself up?

What the **** is this black tentacle?

At this moment, what the Void Lord has in his heart is endless despair.


He just wanted to provoke the origin in the body again and explode himself.

However, at this moment, a figure fell, and a huge palm directly grabbed and shot at him.

Moreover, the Lord of the Abyssal Demon stepped forward, and the terrifying power of the Abyssal Demon directly poured into his body, suppressing everything about him.

"You... Mo Ye, how could it be possible?"

At this moment, the Suspense Supreme finally saw the face of the Lord of Abyss Demon, and instantly revealed a face of horror.

The powerhouse of the Abyssal Demon Clan in front of him was Mo Ye, the ancestor of the Abyssal Demon Clan who had disappeared for thousands of years since ancient times? how is this possible? This Mo Ye is not dead yet?

"Hmph, Suspense Supreme, dare to resist seeing the master? Are you looking for death?"

The Lord of the Abyss screamed coldly, his eyes were cold, and the power of the Abyss was constantly released, combined with the Demon Tree of the Ten Thousand Realms, to completely block the power of the Suspended Supreme.

"the host?"

Suspended Supreme's heart was shocked, what?

What kind of joke is the Lord of the Abyss calling the opponent's owner?

At this time, Xuan Kong Supreme raised his head and saw Qin Chen slowly walking down, his body shook wildly.

"Human race?"

Why is the breath of the person in front of you so human?

Qin Chen did not pretend to be a demon at this moment, but displayed it in front of Xuankong Supreme as a human.

This made Xuankong Supreme's mind violent, unable to restrain himself.

"Huh, I said that the young master didn't come to kill you, and he resisted so fiercely. Did he think he died fast enough? You didn't want to be obedient and get rid of it."

Qin Chen snorted coldly and urged the Ten Thousand Realms Demon Tree to suppress him more and more.

But Suspended Supreme, but subconsciously withdrew some of the power of struggle.

With dazedness, shock, and disbelief.

who are you?

"who are you!"

He let out a low growl, who are you anyway?

Each of the three supreme-level powerhouses is so terrifying.

There is also a supreme guarding the big formation, four powerhouses. Among them are not only Moye who has disappeared in the demon world for hundreds of millions of years, but also people from the human race. Where did this human race emerge from?

Qin Chen was too lazy to say, first take it down and talk about it. The power of sealing came from the Demon Tree of the Ten Thousand Realms. In the blink of an eye, Qin Chen immediately blocked his avenue when the Lord of the Abyss was sealed first. At the same time, Qin Chen raised his hand, booming, terrifying. Wang Yang swept and blocked the other empty demons


Mo Li and Chi Yan Demon Lord also appeared, suppressing them together.

The Lord of Abyss Demon, Wanling Demon Sovereign, fully suppressed the Suspended Supreme.

"Let go of them."

Suspense Supreme changed color when he saw it, and roared loudly.

But Qin Chen remained indifferent, and in an instant, he grabbed many masters of the Kong Demon Race into his own chaotic world, and the opponent hardly had the slightest resistance.

Under the suppression of this formation and the suppression of the Ten Thousand Realms Demon Tree, how could the Tianzun-level Demon Race be able to withstand Qin Chen?

These people are all conscious, but they can't resist, and they all show unwillingness, anger, and fear.

Who the **** is this seemingly young overkill?

Their eyes were not dangling, they only knew that the strong men who came to attack were all powerful and terrifying, and they were all of the supreme class.

Even the Patriarch Suspension Supreme is so powerful, but he was instantly taken down by the opponent!

Suspended Supreme is actually invincible!

This is impossible!

Suspended Supreme is not weak among Supremes, not to mention the top Supreme Strong, but it is not too weak, although because of these years of battle, the body is extremely injured, and it is no longer the strength of the peak period of the year.

However, if you really want to fight, it will definitely not be easy to suppress.

But now, in front of the sudden appearance of the strong, the Suspended Supreme couldn't even blew himself up.

At this time, all Kongmo people are desperate.

But Qin Chen frowned slightly, looked into the distance, and stared at the eyebrows: "No, the movement is a bit big, trouble!"

With that, he glanced at the still sluggish Suspension Supreme, frowning, "Mo Ye, Senior Wanling Demon Sovereign, you trap him and enter my world together! Suspension Supreme, give me a stop!"

After finishing speaking, suddenly waved, a figure appeared.

Suspense Supreme took a look and was stunned. This...

"The patriarch of the Xumo clan?"

He knows this guy, the patriarch of the Void Demon Clan, a powerful group of the same level as his Kong Demon Clan in ancient times, and has been following the orders of the Abyss Demon ancestors to follow them secretly, causing them to frequently switch battlefields.

Otherwise, relying on other demons alone would not be able to capture the traces of the empty demons who control the power of space.

In his accident, Qin Chen threw a punch, boom! With a loud noise, the patriarch of the Void Demon clan that just appeared was torn apart by Qin Chen's fist. Qin Chen waved his hand and swallowed the blood and soul of the clan leader of the Void Demon directly, but his broken flesh Did not continue to explode, still decayed

Leave empty.

With a punch, Qin Chen killed the opponent directly!



Immediately afterwards, Qin Chen looked at the Xuankong Supreme, and suddenly gathered it, a terrifying space power filled, the Xuankong Supreme expression was furious, almost unable to resist, together with the Ten Thousand Realm Demon Tree, Qin Chen was brought into the Chaos World in an instant. in.

The Lord of Abyss Demon and the Lord of Chaos Demon also entered the Chaos World together.

Otherwise, with the supreme-level cultivation base of the suspended supreme, Qin Chen would never be able to easily enter it into the Chaos World.


The daughter of Xuankong Supreme, her eyes widened suddenly, her expression furious.



She took the rest of the empty demons and wanted to kill them frantically.

"Noisy." However, Qin Chen snorted coldly, directly raised his hand, and with a bang, she and other Kong Demon Clan members were also included in the Chaos World and disappeared.

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