Valkyrie Domination Chapter 4654

Chapter 4671: Indiscriminate killing of innocents

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This shocked everyone, and everyone's eyes became round.

This is Tianzun Baobing.

Although it is only the most common Tianzun treasure soldier, but it is also a Tianzun level weapon, how could it be crushed?

However, under Qin Chen's unmatched power, what could a precious soldier of the mere Tianzun level count?

Countless precious soldier fragments shot, this Heavenly Sovereign Sword, instantly torn apart and shattered on the spot. With a "bang" sound, the Prince Ming Ye did not understand what was going on, he was slapped heavily on the ground by this huge invisible hand, and instantly it was as if the hundreds of millions of ancient sacred mountains were pressed against him. Like the body, take his bones

The pressure creaked, and blood spurted out on the spot, and his body was deformed.


He screamed sternly, and his body was about to shatter. This scene is really shocking. From the beginning to the end, Qin Chen just waved his hand lightly. He didn't even stand up. He just sat there quietly, but instantly turned the king-level Tianjiao Mingye. Shizi defeated in an instant, terrible


Such a scene gave everyone an extremely huge impact.

The imperial arrogant.

This kid in front of him is definitely a royal arrogant.

Before, everyone thought that the reason why Qin Chen was so arrogant was because of the non-evil around him, such a heavenly master.

But now, everyone has come to understand that the reason why Qin Chen has such a strong confidence is not only because of the protection of Tianzun powerhouses around him, but also because he himself is also a royal-level Tianjiao, possessing Tianzun-level combat power.

Even Prince Qilin was taken aback. His strength was naturally extraordinary, but at this moment even he could not see Qin Chen's true strength.

Unexpectedly, this person is also an emperor's talent.

However, what puzzled Prince Qilin was that the emperor rank arrogance was extremely rare, at least in Heiyu Continent, it was not so easy to appear, but the person in front of him, he had never heard of it before, made him quite puzzled. .

What is the origin of this person?

Not only him, but the other Tianjiao powerhouses were also shocked and suspicious. The Emperor Tianjiao was not a Chinese cabbage. Basically, even if he had never seen it before, he had at least heard of it.

How could someone suddenly pop out that they don't know at all?


"Kacha, Kacha, Kacha..."

When everyone was puzzled, they heard the sound of broken bones. Under the crush of Qin Chen's invisible hand, the bones of Ming Ye Shizi's whole body were broken.

Suddenly, Ming Ye Shizi's blood stained the earth, and his body was disintegrating little by little. At this moment, Ming Ye Shizi felt that death was so close to him, and the **** of death was close at hand, right in front of him.

"His Royal Highness Prince Kirin, save me."

At this moment, Ming Ye Shizi finally panicked, no longer caring about his appearance and posture, and turned to Prince Qilin for help in horror.

Prince Kirin frowned.

He glanced at the lady Sikong and winked at the old Mo who was beside her.

After all, this Ming Ye Shizi was bewitched secretly by him, so he naturally couldn't help but save, otherwise in the eyes of Sikong Zun, he would lose a lot of points.

Mo Laoxin understood, and immediately took a step forward, and said solemnly: "Young people, you have to forgive and forgive others. Now the Royal Highness Sikong is present, this is not a place to kill, let the Ming Ye Shizi go."

He looked indifferent and said to Qin Chen with the attitude of a senior. "It's not the place of killing?" Qin Chen smiled and looked around: "How do you think this is a good place to bury bones? You see, this place can overlook the dark ancestral land and the scenery is excellent, if it is If you are interested, you can

How about satisfying his wish and letting him bury his bones here and enjoy the dignity? "

Qin Chen said with a smile.

Everyone was a little surprised.

Is this kid crazy?

This is Mo Lao, a veteran Tianzun powerhouse, with extraordinary cultivation.

Even if Qin Chen defeated Ming Ye Shizi before, Ming Ye Shizi was only the king's arrogance, burning his soul, and exploded with Tianzun level combat power.

In terms of strength, Elder Mo was more than ten times stronger than that of Ming Ye Shi Zi. Even if it was an ordinary Celestial Venerable, Elder Mo could kill him. This guy is so arrogant in front of Elder Mo, I'm afraid it's a bit too much.

"Your Excellency is a bit arrogant?" Old Mo frowned.

In his capacity, even Prince Qilin had to sell him face.

Of course, in fact, he has some origins with the Kylin God, so he will speak for the Kylin Prince over and over again and speak for the Kylin Prince. Everything is because he once received the favor of the ancestor of the Kylin God Kingdom.

"Arrogant, haven't you seen the truly arrogant?"

Qin Chen smiled, looking at Ming Ye Shizi casually.

With a click, bursts of bone fragmentation sounded. Under Qin Chen's gaze, Ming Ye Shizi's bones were constantly being crushed, and the whole person was like a pool of mud.

"His Royal Highness, Elder Mo, save me..."

At this moment, Ming Ye Shizi was really scared, life and death were between the thoughts of others, what a terrifying thing that was, he could not help screaming.

He is the king's Tianjiao, the eldest son of the Mingye family, and he has a good future and does not want to die. However, with a chuckle, Ming Ye Shizi just wanted to scream for help, but he didn't even have time to scream, and instantly turned into a blood mist. With a look in Qin Chen's eyes, he directly squeezed his body directly with an invisible big hand, and the whole person Squeezed into blood mist, corpse

There is no bone.

The body was shattered, and a soul of Ming Ye Shizi rose up.

"No... please let me go, I'm wrong..."

Ming Ye Shizi said in horror, but Qin Chen raised his hand and made a bang. He didn't give him a chance to speak at all, and directly destroyed his soul and disappeared in smoke.

When he raised his hand, the power of the billowing dark origin and soul was instantly converged by Qin Chen.


Such a scene stunned everyone present.

Elder Mo who was on the side also opened his eyes wide, unbelievable, because he had never expected that Qin Chen would actually do it.

He didn't even have time to rescue him, Ming Ye Shizi had been pinched to death alive, and his soul was scattered. This made Mo Lao only watch Ming Ye Shizi die tragically on the spot.

And it's in front of the female Sikong.

"You... are so bold..."

Old Mo was furious.

Qin Chen's actions made his face dull, and Ming Ye Shizi asked him for help before he died, but he failed to save Ming Ye Shizi. This is equivalent to Qin Chen challenging his authority!

"Boy, you are so mad, you dare to kill innocent people in front of the female palace of Sikong Zun!"

Mo Lao was instantly gushing out of Heavenly Venerable Qi, his aura was overwhelming, his eyes screamed, revealing his murderous intent. To be provoked by Qin Chen's authority in front of everyone is unbearable for Mo Lao. What's more, he is a mid-term Tianzun, a veteran Tianzun master, who is in Heiyu Continent, who has he been afraid of!

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