Valkyrie Domination Chapter 4655

Chapter 4672: Void God Run

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"Killing innocents indiscriminately? It's just a clown who wants to kill himself. How can I talk about killing innocents indiscriminately?"

Qin Chen brushed his hand, as if it was not a genius at all that had been killed, but an insignificant ordinary person, completely indifferent.

Qin Chen said faintly: "Furthermore, even if this young master is killing innocent people, what can you do to me?"

Mo Lao, who was full of anger, was so provoked by Qin Chen, his anger went up to the sky and his murderous intent was blazing.

"Good boy, arrogant, too arrogant, looking for death!"

Elder Mo couldn't hold back anymore, and he pointed directly at Qin Chen with his big hand.


I saw in the void, a huge palm stunned the world. As soon as this palm appeared, the dark aura above the Heavenly Tongtian Peak was aroused, and even the power in this dark ancestral land was shocked and swept away. Come.


Everyone just felt that countless dark auras exploded in front of them, as if they were in the abyss of purgatory.

Mo Lao is like the same demon god, standing proudly in the sky. At this moment, in the world, only Mo Lao is left, blooming with endless divine power.

This blow was terrible, the chaotic aura ups and downs, the eternal surging, and in one move, the world and the stars were trembling.

"too strong."

Countless people are shocked, and I have to say that Mo Lao is the top powerhouse among the many Tianjiao Tianzun present. Except for a few people like Prince Qilin and Zunzi Sikong who may be better than him, he is already among the many powerhouses present. The top one.


Facing Mo Lao's attack, Fei yelled vigorously, and tried to stop Mo Lao's shot. However, Mo Lao ignored Fei Ei at all, just a shock, a bang, Fei Ei was shaken back, he was just a small team leader, compared to some kings and Tianjiao naturally belong to the strong, but in the face of old brands such as Mo Lao Heiyu Continent Tianzun

When the master is a master, it is naturally at a disadvantage.

"grown ups."

Fei Elian looked at Qin Chen anxiously.

If the emperor's envoy fell here, he would definitely bear the blame, for fear that the entire Sagong Holy Land would suffer disaster.

Therefore, after speaking anxiously to Qin Chen, Fei Ye hurriedly looked at the female Sikong Zun, because now only the female Sikong Zun could stop Mo.

Seeing Feiye's anxious, nervous and complicated eyes, Zun Sikong's heart moved, she stepped forward slightly, and was about to stand up and say please for Qin Chen.

But before she could speak, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Qin Chen, who had been sitting there calmly. Even at this time, Qin Chen still didn't stand up, just sat there lightly, the clouds were clear and clear.

This shocked her heart, thoughtfully, stopped her footsteps, and watched quietly.

With a bang, with such a pause, Mo Lao's palm has already fallen.

"Go to hell."

Old Mo roared, this palm seemed to be able to crush the sky and extinguish the eternity. In an instant, Qin Chen was held in the center, and even the Divine Phoenix Fairy, Tianhe Saint Child and others around Qin Chen were all enveloped. inside.

With a bang, an attack that was so tyrannical as to an ocean, annihilated everything in an instant.

"do you died?"

Everyone at the scene opened their eyes wide and looked nervously towards the cliff. The endless dark aura annihilated everything. The next moment, everyones expressions were frozen, and the giant dark palm that Mo Lao transformed was imprisoned several meters away from Qin Chen, suspended in the air, as if by Some invisible force

Blocked the general, but did not crash down at all. And below, Fairy Divine Phoenix and others were shocked in cold sweats, and their faces turned pale, thinking that their souls were out of the sky, but now when they raised their heads, they discovered that Mo Lao's attack was just floating above their heads, and they had never been right. They cause

The slightest harm.

All of them seemed to be imprisoned by a special spatial force, no matter how old Mo took his actions, they couldn't penetrate in.

"This is impossible!"

Old Mo looked furious and unbelievable.

The shock in his heart was almost ten times stronger than that of Fairy Divine Phoenix and the others.

He is a veteran Tianzun strong, even if the opponent is a royal-level Tianjiao, it is impossible to block his attack with such a big support. After all, Tianjiao is only a Tianjiao, and it takes time to grow up. How can he resist his attack?

However, the facts are the facts, everything in front of him indicated that his attack did not bring any damage to the opponent at all.

"Go to hell."

Old Mo yelled, hum, his body glowed, and mysterious runes bloomed, and the black runes formed a vast array, which instantly blessed him.

"This is... Void God Rune, the legendary top rune."

"Unexpectedly, Elder Mo has mastered part of the Void God Rune, which is amazing."

"This pattern is ubiquitous and pervasive. It can evolve into the void. It is an existence in ancient legends. However, the requirements for urging are very high. If you are not careful, it will lead to the collapse of the soul. This is a real anger. ."

Many Tianjiao powerhouses around saw the dark runes displayed by Moro, all of them were shocked.

This rune is very deep, very mysterious, and very famous.


The billowing power, blessed on Mo Lao's body, is really soaring to the sky, as if to annihilate the heavens and the earth.

I heard a bang, when this rune blessed on the giant palm, a terrible impact swept out, and with a click, there was a faint cracking sound from the void, as if it was about to be hit by this blow. Generally collapsed.

Under this shock, many Tianjiao experts around him backed back again and again, unable to withstand such a force.

However, it was still useless. Mo Lao's attacks came down layer by layer, but it seemed that he was blocked by the sky and couldn't fall at all.

No matter how old Mo took his shots, Qin Chen sat there all the time, like an immobile **** king.

This time, everyone was completely shocked, and endless fear emerged in their hearts.

Terrible, terrible.

A strong man like Elder Mo can be considered top-notch among the many masters present, but as strong as Elder Mo, even Qin Chen's attack can't be blasted, so people are not shocked, and they are almost crazy.

"Void **** pattern, kind of interesting."

Qin Chen sat there in full view, with a smile on his mouth, very relaxed and freehand.

His gaze fell on the **** pattern, and it seemed that only the **** pattern rune could make him interested. As for Old Mo himself, he didn't even have the desire to look at it.

"Are you so supernatural and capable? It's too disappointing, right?" Qin Chen shook his head and sighed slightly.

His eyes seemed to be extremely disappointed. "You said you, a good Tianzun, but you are going to lick the **** of an animal offspring, you really lose your face, why bother." Qin Chen shook his head and said.

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