Valkyrie Domination Chapter 4656

Chapter 4673: Withered old man

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When such words came out, everyone was stunned.

Who is Qin Chen talking about?

Prince Kirin?

Comparing the Kylin prince of the Kylin Kingdom to the offspring of a beast, then he cursed, isn't it the founder of the Kylin Kingdom, the supreme master of the Kylin Kingdom?


At this moment, everyone was going crazy, their bodies trembling involuntarily.

This kid is madly boundless.

Does he know what he is talking about? This is a serious crime to exterminate the race.

Prince Kirin's pupils shrank, and he could no longer remain calm. In the depths of his pupils, an astonishing killing intent passed by. However, Qin Chen didn't seem to care at all about the surrounding atmosphere. He just looked at the Void Divine Mark at random, and said indifferently as he felt: "Are you able to bear this? Is there any means to show it, or else you will have a meeting." But there is no chance

Up. "

Although Qin Chen was talking to Mo Lao, he didn't even look at Mo Lao, as if the place where Mo Lao was was just a cloud of air.

And it was this kind of ignorance and contempt that emanated from his bones that made Old Mo's more and more angry.

He is a strong, dark clan, when has he been insulted like this? Old Mo was pale with anger by these words. He shouted, and the billowing dark aura rushed into the sky. A broken sword stele appeared in his body. When the broken sword stele rose to the sky, it instantly turned into a giant mountain. Huge, this is mo

The strongest treasure of the old-Sword Devouring Stele!

This sword-devouring stele was obtained from a forbidden area in the Dark Ancestral Land. It was a divine weapon of a certain dark ancestor of the ancient dark clan, but it was broken and was soaked by the power of darkness to form a sword stele.

This is his real hole card.

With a loud "boom", I saw that the broken sword-biting stele actually appeared in the world, as if there were demon gods living in it, and the magic light appeared in the sword-biting stele!

"Sword Devouring Stele!" When a strong man saw Mo Lao Shi exhibiting the Sword Devouring Stele, he said with emotion: "Mo Lao unexpectedly displayed all the Sword Devouring Stele. Legend has it that this Sword Devouring Stele is a certain supreme. The ancestors magical soldiers fought in this universe and swallowed many of them.

The life of a cosmic powerhouse, it is said that this sword-biting stele can suppress the supreme powerhouse, even if it is now broken, it is by no means an ordinary Tianzun can resist! "

Many people were shocked, but felt that their souls were severely suppressed.

Because the origin of this sword-biting stele is very large, it is really terrifying, and the world evolved from the sword stele can even vaguely see countless corpse mountains and blood seas.

Rumor has it that countless masters have been beheaded in this universe.

"Smelly boy, die!"

Elder Mo roared, his sword-devouring monument was like an ancient monument covering the entire Tongtian peak. With one shot of the sword-devouring monument, it turned out to be the roar of thousands of stars, and one monument was carrying the power of countless dark stars. , Smashed towards Qin Chen.

Such an overbearing treasure was photographed, and the roar continued, and the void was smashed into pieces. If the monument was photographed, if the Tongtian Peak had no power to protect it, it would be possible to smash the entire Tongtian Peak into pieces!

"Too strong!"

Seeing that Mo Lao's Sword Devouring Stele was photographed, many people were moved by it, and they all stepped back, away from Mo Lao, so as not to harm the pond fish.

I saw the soul and blood burning in Mo Lao's body, because this Sword Devouring Stele was too powerful. With Mo Lao's cultivation base, only by burning himself can it be activated.

This is an evil weapon that can devour the blood and soul of the user.

With a loud "bang", the huge sword-devouring monument slammed Qin Chen, and the moment the huge sword-devouring monument was about to be photographed on Qin Chen...

With a buzzing sound, suddenly a black light flashed, and a Heavenly Venerable suddenly appeared beside Qin Chen, with a pitch-black withered staff in his right hand, blasting towards Qin Chen violently.

"Withered old man!"

"How did he do it."

The crowd exclaimed again, their eyes widening.

Withered Old Man is a well-known master in Heiyu Continent. He has always been based on sneak attacks. There are countless masters who have died under his sneak attacks.

In terms of strength, this old man is weaker than Mo, but in terms of fame, he is much stronger than Mo.

Because, the old man behaved perversely, has always been extremely arrogant, notorious, and the masters he has sneaked on are countless, it can be regarded as a piece of stinky shit, and many people don't bother to get along with him.

Moreover, there has always been no connection between Old Mo and the old man. Why did the old man suddenly make a move when Mr. Mo made a move?

Many people moved in their hearts, seeing Prince Kylin thoughtfully.

It is rumored that there are some connections between the old man and the Kylin Kingdom. Could it be that they were also instigated by the Prince Kylin?

This is not impossible!

Prince Kirin must this kid die?

Originally, when Elder Mo showed the sword-devouring stele, everyone was already very shocked. Unexpectedly, even the old man had also shot at this time. Isn't the Prince Qilin afraid of being rejected by the female Sikong?

After all, the two masters sneaked into a young junior, and they were not very glorious when they said it.

However, everyone's heart moved, and it was astonishing. As long as Prince Kirin did not admit that the other party had a relationship with him, then who could be sure that this old man and Elder Mo had been instigated by Prince Kirin to attack that kid?

Between everyone's thoughts and reveries.

The withered old man appeared behind Qin Chen, and on the pitch-black withered staff in his hand, a pitch-black rune emerged, and it slammed into Qin Chen's back.

"Be careful." Feiye was shocked, and hurriedly exclaimed.

Fairy Divine Phoenix was also scared to death, screaming, but the opponent's speed was too fast, and the aura was too terrifying, they couldn't help Qin Chen even if they wanted to help Qin Chen.

If they dare to step forward to stop them, even a breath escaping from the other party can easily annihilate them.

However, at the critical moment, Fairy Divine Phoenix gritted his teeth and rushed up and stopped at Withered Staff.

Because she knew that once Qin Chen died, she would not be able to escape death, and if she could stop Qin Chen with that little bit, maybe Qin Chen would be able to withstand it.

But when she just approached the withered stick, the terrifying aura on the withered stick had already blasted her away, and with her cultivation base, she could not even get close to the withered stick to resist Qin Chen.

"This kid is dead!"

Seeing that Old Mo's sword-chewing stele was photographed on Qin Chen's head, and a dead old man suddenly attacked and killed him behind him, everyone thought that Qin Chen was dead.

With a "bang", at this moment, the Sword Devouring Stele was photographed, and the withered staff of the old man pierced Qin Chen's vest, which made the old man ecstatic in his heart.

Everyone thought that this time Qin Chen was dead, and Fairy Divine Phoenix was so scared that their faces turned pale and almost fainted. However, at this time, it was extremely silent. When everyone saw the scene in front of them clearly, their eyes opened wide, and they couldn't believe their eyes.

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