Valkyrie Sovereign Chapter 4871

Chapter 4871: Red Fire Red Jiao

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"Lin Fei, after this period of cultivation, your mental energy level should have improved a lot."

The Heavenly Spirit asked curiously.

"Yes, this period of cultivation has given me a qualitative leap in my mental energy level."

Lin Fei nodded.

"Heart energy is known as one of the most partial and hardest energy to train. I never thought that Lin Fei not only possessed the talent in this area, and cultivated the energy to such a high level, but also let you meet someone who is a kind of mental energy.

I have to say, Lin Fei, you are a person with great luck. "

The Heavenly Spirit could not help but sigh and said.

"What kind of luck, I think I am actually very unlucky.

If I really are a person with great luck, I should successfully break through to the realm of Chaos Time.

In order to attack the realm of Chaos God, I prepared so much, but it still fell short of success. "

Lin Fei shook his head and smiled bitterly.

"There are two outsiders!"

At this moment, in the distant void, a rumbling sound suddenly sounded.

Then Lin Fei and the Venerable Heavenly Spirit saw that a big red snake suddenly emerged from the void, half of its body straightened up. The huge body, like a sacred mountain, gave people a terrible sense of oppression. The red snake pupils kept breathing fire, staring at Lin Fei and the Master of Heaven, with a murderous intent in their eyes.

Roar... The snake hair that was raised up high came out with a huge roar, shaking the entire space and time.

The roar continued to spread in the surrounding time and space, shaking the space with twisted wrinkles.


Roar...The same roars sounded again and again, and there were more than a dozen red snakes in total, which kept appearing, surrounding Lin Fei and the sky spirits.

Every big red snake is murderous.

Each of these more than a dozen red snakes is very powerful, far surpassing ordinary Chaos Gods.

"These are the Scarlet Fire Dragon, a relatively rare and powerful race."

The Heavenly Spirit said to Lin Fei.

"Let me deal with them."

Lin Fei said.

"Okay, I know you are anxious to try your mental energy."

The Heavenly Spirit said with a smile.

"Yes it is.

I want to verify the results of my practice during this period of time.

Look at my mental energy, what level it has reached now. "

Lin Fei nodded.

Roar...In the distance, the dozens of scarlet red water screamers kept roaring, quickly approaching Lin Fei and the Heavenly Spirit Master at an astonishing speed.

Lin Fei took a step forward, and with a movement of his mind, he released his mental energy and began to condense the world of mental power.

Boom... In the next moment, a dozen mind-power worlds were condensed, and they were shrouded in the dozens of scarlet floods.

Every mental power world releases powerful mental energy, and the mighty mental energy continues to spread, instantly flooding the surrounding vast space and time.

Soon, every crimson scorpion was shrouded in a world of mental strength.

"damn it!"

The dozens of crimson scorpions were extremely angry, twisting their huge bodies crazily, and constantly hitting the world of mental power that enveloped them.

Boom... Under Lin Fei's urging, those mind power worlds launched attacks, releasing a large amount of mind power energy, and continuously bombarding the dozens of scarlet red water scorpions.

Boom... More than a dozen Scarlet Firebirds resisted desperately.

After a while.

at last.

Bang Bang... The dozen or so mental worlds that Lin Fei displayed were all shattered.

It's just that a dozen mental power worlds are not worth mentioning to Lin Fei's current mental power world level.


Lin Fei thought.

Boom boom boom...More than a hundred mental power worlds were condensed at the same time, and they were shrouded in the dozens of scarlet floods.

Each crimson scorpion is simultaneously shrouded in ten mind worlds! Boom... These scarlet red water snails struggled desperately, crashing frantically on those mental power worlds.

However, the quality of the mental power that Lin Fei has condensed now is very good.

A world of mental power, these scarlet red water worms can be broken, and ten worlds of mental power, it is very difficult for them to break! Lin Fei and Master Tianling were watching from a distance, looking very leisurely.

"The mental energy is really amazing."

The Heavenly Spirit could not help but exclaimed in admiration.

Roar...The dozens of scarlet scorpions have been roaring and struggling.

However, the ten mental power worlds overlapped and were too hard, and they couldn't be crushed by their strength.

Finally, I don't know how long it took, these dozen red-and-flaming dragons finally felt tired.

Looking at Lin Fei's gaze, these scarlet red floods began to become jealous.

"Outsiders, stop attacking and get out of our territory! This is the territory of our Scarlet Flood Dragon. If you dare to cause trouble here, the consequences will be very serious!"

There was a scarlet red dragon roaring at Lin Fei and the Master of Heaven.

"Dare to be tough!"

Lin Fei couldn't help but sneered.

Boom... In the next moment, Lin Fei condensed more than a dozen mental power worlds, and shrouded the roaring scarlet flood.

In this way, there will be more than twenty mental power worlds, overlapping and covering the body of this scarlet red flood.

Immediately, the pressure on this crimson red flood was greatly increased, and he was completely trapped by these twenty-odd mental power worlds, and he could no longer perceive the situation outside.

The terrible mental energy rushed over this crimson scorpion violently, making him almost unable to move.

"Outsider! Forgive me!"

The scarlet flood screamed in horror.

He finally understood that the strength of the human young man in front of him was much stronger than him.

He can't be an opponent at all! "Outsiders, misunderstandings, all misunderstandings! Stop it!"

The other Scarlet Flood Dragons were also softened one after another and shouted loudly.

These Scarlet Floods understood that they had kicked the iron plate and met someone they couldn't afford to offend! All the Scarlet Red Flood Dragons stopped struggling and looked at Lin Fei with pitiful eyes one by one.

"These guys, seeing that the situation is wrong, they immediately begged for mercy, without the slightest spine, they really convinced them."

Upon seeing this, Lin Fei couldn't help laughing.

After all, Lin Fei didn't have any deep hatred with these scarlet floods.

So, Lin Fei moved his mind and took back all those mental power worlds.

Those Crimson Water Dragons felt relieved and immediately got up.

Each one looked at Lin Fei with fearful eyes from a distance.


Do you still want to fight? "

Lin Fei smiled faintly.

"Outsiders, don't get me wrong, we don't want to fight you again.

Let's go. "

One of the scarlet fire-red Jiao said in a loud voice.

"If we don't leave, what do you want."

Lin Fei said.

"This..." The dozen or so Scarlet Floods were all taken aback.

For them, this piece of time and space is the territory of their Crimson Jiao clan, and no outsiders are allowed to enter without authorization.

But now, these scarlet red water scorpions knew that with their strength, they would definitely not be the opponent of this young human being in front of them, so after hearing Lin Fei's words, they did not dare to refute it.

"Outsiders, if you want to stay here, just stay."

A scarlet red dragon sighed and said.

After speaking, the dozens of Scarlet Red Flood Dragons were invisible and ignored Lin Fei and the Master of Heaven.

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