Valkyrie Sovereign Chapter 4872

Chapter 4872: Found Another Clone

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"These guys will meet the windshield."

Lin Fei couldn't help laughing as he saw those scarlet red dragons hiding in their bodies, and didn't dare to face him again.

"Lin Fei, you have suppressed these dozen crimson fire scorpions by relying solely on your mental energy and begging for mercy. Your current mental energy level is really amazing."

The Heavenly Spirit could not help but sigh and said.

"In this world, beings who can cultivate their mind and energy to this height are really like you!"

The Heavenly Spirit continued to sigh.

"Senior, you overwhelmed.

Actually, according to what Master said, my current mental energy level is among the mental energy sects, and it is only considered to be an intermediate level.

In the ancient times, the true masters of the Heart Power School had a much better mind energy level than I am now. "

Lin Fei answered with a smile.

"You have just become the heir of the Xinli School, and there must be a certain gap between the real masters of the Xinli School."

Heavenly Spirit Master nodded and said.

"This force of Xinli faction, I did hear it once a long, long time ago.

However, it is said that the number of Xinli factions is very rare, and their behavior is very low-key. Generally, they will not participate in the battles between various forces in the world.

Therefore, it is the first time that I have really met a member of the Xinli Group.

This sect is really mysterious. "

The Heavenly Spirit sighed and said.

"Lin Fei, it is a huge opportunity for you to get the inheritance of the Xinli School.

You must spend more time in the future to cultivate the inheritance of the mind-power school.

Mental energy is the most mysterious and difficult to defend in the world. Every master who is good at mental energy is very difficult to deal with.

Practicing the inheritance of the good-hearted school has infinite benefits. "

The Heavenly Spirit said to Lin Fei.

"Senior, don't worry, I will definitely work hard to cultivate the inheritance of the mind-power school."

Lin Fei nodded.

In the ensuing time, Lin Fei and Master Tianling went forward and encountered many dangers of various kinds.

I have to say that this burial boundary sea is very dangerous and can almost be described as dangerous step by step.

However, Lin Fei and Master Tianling relied on their powerful strength to turn the dangers into a breeze.

You know, with the strength of Lin Fei and Master Tianling, they can easily kill many Chaos Gods of ordinary strength in the Absolute Space Sea.

time flies.

On this day, Ye Yunfei and the Heavenly Spirit Master were moving forward.


A plane appeared in front.

"I sensed that one of my clones is in this plane."

Venerable Heavenly Spirit lifted up and pointed to the plane in front of him and said.

"Okay, let's go in right away."

Lin Fei was also refreshed.

There were two clones of Spirit Heaven in the sea of burial, and now they finally found one.

Therefore, Lin Fei and Master Tianling immediately walked toward the plane in front of them and walked into the plane.

Within the plane, the wind was calm, and at first glance, there was a peaceful atmosphere.

"Unexpectedly, there is such a peaceful plane hidden in the sea of burial that is called the perilous step by step."

Lin Fei sighed.

"My other clone is on that planet."

The Celestial Master pointed to a distant planet and said.

at the same time.

On that planet, on a huge peak towering into the sky, there was an old man sitting still.

There is an old man who doesn't know how many years he has been sitting here, his body is already covered with a thick layer of dust.


Suddenly, the old man suddenly opened his eyes and released a powerful breath.

Immediately, all the dust covering the old man's body was shaken off and became spotless.

"Unexpectedly, another clone came here.

Could it be that the body suddenly thought of this clone of me, so come and have a look. "

The old man stood up and said to himself.

Then, the old man moved forward, step by step into the air.

"Look! The old man Tianzhi moved! Oh my god! The old man Tianzhi has been sitting there since I can remember. Unexpectedly, he actually moved now!"

"It turns out that Elder Tianzhi really has life, not a statue!"

"Elder Tianzhi has been meditating for a long time on that sacred peak, and now he suddenly stands up, stepping up into the sky, does it indicate some sort of change?"

... Soon, some of the warriors who passed by nearby, watching the old man step up to the sky, couldn't help but become a complete sensation.

Because in this plane, many creatures know that on that planet, there is a kind of sacred mountain. On the sacred mountain, there is an old man sitting cross-legged for a long time. He has never moved before, and his body is covered with a thick layer. The dust.

Unexpectedly today, this old man with mysterious and legendary Tianzhi actually stood up and moved! "Haha, it turns out that this clone of mine has been practicing in seclusion on this plane for these years, comprehending the laws of the world.

In the future, when this clone of me returns to the body, it will surely make the law of the body grow to a higher level. "

At this time, Master Tian Ling and Lin Fei had arrived, and Master Tian Ling said with a smile.

"Senior, with your strength, you are still practicing so hard, so martial arts are boundless."

Lin Fei couldn't help but exclaimed.

"Yes, martial arts are boundless.

You have to remember that the pursuit of martial arts is almost endless.

No matter which level your strength reaches in the future, you must never be complacent, and always maintain a humble heart. "

The Heavenly Spirit said to Lin Fei with a smile.

"Senior is right."

Lin Fei nodded.

Soon, the two avatars of the Heavenly Spirit Master approached, and then they merged into one and became a whole.

Combining one more clone, the strength of the Heavenly Spirit Master is a bit stronger.

"Haha... I found another clone. The hope of my body's resurrection is a little bit bigger, Lin Fei, thank you very much."

The Heavenly Spirit said with a laugh.

"Senior, you don't have to be polite, this is something I promised you once, and I will definitely do it well."

Lin Fei said.

"Senior, you still have a clone in the sea of burial boundary. Let's hurry and look for it."

Lin Fei said.


The Heavenly Spirit nodded.

Then, the Heavenly Spirit Master and Lin Fei turned around and walked out onto this plane.

"Look! Elder Tianzhi seems to be leaving our plane!"

At this time, many masters in this plane discovered that the Heavenly Spirit Master was walking out of the plane.

"The younger generation pays homage to the old man Tianzhi!"

"Excuse me, Elder Tianzhi, is your old man planning to leave our plane? Where are you going?"

...Many masters bravely walked over and asked the **** of heaven.

As everyone knows, the generations of the old man Tianzhi in this plane are very old, and they have shown amazing strength back then. Therefore, the creatures of this plane are very in awe of the old man Tianzhi.

"Yes, I am leaving this plane."

The Venerable Heavenly Spirit nodded, his figure flashed, and he displayed the clever laws of time and space, traveled into time and space, and disappeared instantly.

Lin Fei also disappeared.

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