Valkyrie Sovereign Chapter 4873

Chapter 4873: The Test Left By The Owner

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After a while, Lin Fei and Venerable Heavenly Spirit left this plane and returned to the time and space of Burial Boundary Sea outside.

Next, Lin Fei and Venerable Heavenly Spirit went to find another clone of Venerable Heavenly Spirit.

Since the Venerable Heavenly Spirit had already told Lin Fei the specific location of each Divine Soul clone and Imprint of Divine Soul in detail, Lin Fei just followed the route stated by the Venerable Heavenly Spirit to find it directly.

There is no need to explore and find by yourself.

The area of the Burial Boundary Sea is very vast, almost endless.

Lin Fei and Master Tianling are moving forward in the vast space and time.

Along the way, many different dangers were encountered.

Lin Fei and Master Tianling worked together to deal with it, basically there was no danger.

The Heavenly Spirit Master merged with a divine soul clone, and his strength greatly increased. It seemed a lot easier to deal with the various dangers in the sea of burial.

Moreover, the main body of the Heavenly Spirit had wandered in this sea of burial for some time before, and had some understanding of the topography of this sea of burial.

Therefore, the main body of the Heavenly Spirit marked Lin Fei in some of the most dangerous places in this sea of burial.

Lin Fei avoided a lot of real dangerous places according to the map of the burial world provided by the Venerable Heavenly Spirit and the instructions.

this day.

"We seem to be approaching my ghost clone!"

Venerable Heavenly Spirit suddenly took a halt, revealing a pleasant surprise, and said.

"Yes, senior, according to the position given by your ontology, we will soon reach the position of your other divine soul clone."

Lin Fei also nodded, a little excited.

As long as you find this divine soul clone of the Heavenly Spirit Master, you can leave this dangerous sea of burial.

"There is a world hidden in the void ahead, and my ghost clone is in that world."

The Heavenly Spirit Master pointed to a void in front of him and said.

"Okay, let's go over and take a look at once."

Lin Fei nodded.

So Lin Fei and the Master of Heaven came to this void.

Sure enough, there is a world hidden in this void.

Lin Fei and the Heavenly Spirit Master displayed their great supernatural powers and crossed into this world.

"This seems to be the remains of an ancient battlefield!"

After entering this world, Lin Fei took a look, and couldn't help but blurt out.

I saw that there was a huge barren continent floating in the center of this world.

There are many dilapidated tall buildings on the mainland.

It can be seen that these tall buildings were very majestic back then, but now they are all in tatters, and only a large number of stone pillars remain.

In addition, there are many magic weapons that have been beaten incomplete.

There are even many huge mutilated bodies! Those incomplete magic weapons and corpses still exude terrible energy pressure. It can be seen that these magic weapons and corpses were very powerful in the past.

"There is an ancient battlefield here."

Lin Fei and the Master of Heaven are walking on this continent.

"The strength of these war-dead creatures is very good.

All are Chaos Gods.

Why did so many Chaos Gods come to this continent for cruel wars? "

Lin Fei and Master Tianling were a bit puzzled.

"Senior, where is your other avatar, have you sensed it?

This ancient battlefield is a bit weird, maybe there is a very terrible danger, we should quickly find your avatar, and then leave here. "

Lin Fei asked.

"I felt it.

In that direction, we pass. "

The Heavenly Spirit said to Lin Fei.

Thus, the Heavenly Spirit Master led the way and strode in one direction.

Lin Fei followed behind.

"However, my ghost clone seems to be restricted by something. He must have sensed that I am coming, but he didn't come out to greet me."

The Heavenly Spirit Master said suddenly.


At this moment, Lin Fei and Master Tianling suddenly looked at a nearby direction at the same time.

There, among the broken ruins, a figure was slowly coming out.

This is a strange old man with messy hair, shabby clothes and bare feet.

"Unexpectedly, after so many years, two outsiders finally came.

It's really rare. "

The old man stared at Lin Fei and Master Tianling, and said in a flat voice.

"We only pass by occasionally.

There is no malice. "

Heavenly Spirit Master looked at the old man and said.

After wandering in the sea of burial for such a long time, the amount of various dangers encountered was so great that Lin Fei and Master Tianling didn't want to proactively cause trouble, so they first salute and then attack.

"Yes, senior, we don't want to be your enemy."

Lin Fei also tried to speak in a friendly tone.

"Enemy with me?"

The old man was stunned for a moment.

"Two, you have misunderstood.

I don't mean to be an enemy of you.

I just obeyed the orders of my master and stayed here all the time, waiting for the creatures who came to explore.

Then, the creatures who came to explore will guide them into the test that my master had previously arranged here.

As long as you pass the test arranged here by my host, you can get corresponding rewards.

It's just that it's too remote here. I have waited for a long time without waiting for a few creatures.

Now that the two of you are here at the same time, it makes me very happy. "

The old man looked at Lin Fei and Master Tianling, and said with a smile.

"This..." Lin Fei and Master Tianling were taken aback when they heard the old man's words.

This kind of thing is a bit weird.

"Senior, what you said is true?"

Lin Fei couldn't help asking.

"of course it's true."

The old man nodded.

"If it weren't for my master's order, how could I have stayed here for such a long time."

The old man said again.

"So, what reward did your master leave?"

Heavenly Spirit Master asked curiously.

"I won't tell you this in advance.

If you two want to get the rewards left by my master, you must pass the test set by my master.

How about, do you want to give it a try?

If you two want to try it, I will take you there right now. "

The old man said.

"Senior, what do you mean?"

Lin Fei looked at the Master of Heaven.

"There is danger in the sea of burial, and what the old man said is hard to tell from the truth. Who knows if he is lying to us.

The main purpose of our coming in this time is to find my avatar, so I don't think we need to have more troubles. "

Heavenly Spirit Master thought for a while and said to Lin Fei.

"Senior, you make sense.

Well, let's just refuse it. "

Lin Fei heard the words of the Heavenly Spirit Master and felt that it made sense, so he nodded in agreement.

"Senior, sorry.

We only pass by here occasionally, and we still have things to do, so we dont want to try the test set by your Patriarch. "

Lin Fei whispered to the old man.

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