Valkyrie Sovereign Chapter 4974

Chapter 4974: Sneak into the Samsara Palace

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"It must be the wizards of the Dark Clan. They deduced that Lin Fei was attacking the realm of Chaos God, so the three dark masters and four old posters sent clones to stop Lin Fei's breakthrough!"

The first round dominates blurted out.

"It seems that the Dark Clan and the Time Tower are very afraid of Lin Fei breaking through to become the Chaos God! But it is also right. With Lin Fei's strength and talent, once he successfully breaks through and becomes the Chaos God, his strength must be huge. Feiyue! At that time, Lin Fei will become a huge hidden danger for the Dark Clan and Time Tower.

Therefore, the three dark masters and the four old posters would do everything possible to prevent Lin Fei's breakthrough! "

The second round of the master also said.

"We must go back and help Lin Fei! Lin Fei is now hitting the Chaos God Realm for the second time. If it fails again this time, then the consequences will be very serious!"

Dominating the third round is a bit anxious.


! The three masters, the three dark masters and the four old posters all dispatched clones to stop Lin Fei's breakthrough! "

Baidi Shenjun, Huang Zhongnian and other high-level reincarnation alliances were all shocked when they heard the words of the three reincarnation masters.

Almost every high-level person in the Reincarnation Alliance has an excellent relationship with Lin Fei, so everyone is very concerned about Lin Fei's breakthrough. Now that he hears such news, they are very anxious.

"Well, the three of us immediately separated into a clone and went back to the Samsara Palace to help Lin Fei!"

The master of the first round said.

Shoo! Within the body of the three reincarnation masters, a clone came out.

"A few of us, we also have a clone, let's go to help Lin Fei."

Several senior monks in the Buddhist realm also split into a clone.

"Our master of the wild beast clan also split up a few clones and went to help Lin Fei!"

Huang Zhongnian said.

As a result, Huang Zhongnian and several other masters of the wild beast clan also separated their own clones.

Baidi Shenjun also separated a clone.

"Okay, let's rush back to the Samsara Palace now! However, we don't need to be too anxious. Senior Tianling is in the Samsara Palace. With the strength of Senior Tianling, even the three masters of darkness and the four old masters. It may not be possible to play together as a avatar."

The master of the first round said.

Shoo...the avatars one after another, began to travel through time and space and head back in the direction of the Samsara Palace.

at this time.

The clones of the three dark masters and the four old posters finally came before the reincarnation palace.

At this time, there are a large number of people defending around the Samsara Palace.

It's just that these people are relatively weak to the three dark masters and the four old posters.

Even the people of these reincarnation palaces can't see the three dark masters and the four old masters at all.

Because the bodies of the three dark masters and the four old posters are covered with a mysterious law of order, covering their true bodies.

"There are many formations guarding this reincarnation palace."

An old host frowned and said.

"do not be afraid.

Our dark people have a deep research on the formation of the reincarnation line.

The four of you just follow us. "

The First Dark Lord said.

Thus, the first darkness ruler moved his body and moved towards the entrance and exit of the Samsara Palace, crossing the past.

call out! The First Lord of Darkness displayed the extremely clever laws of time and space, turning into a looming black light, traveling through time and space, and instantly came to the gate of the Samsara Palace.

The other two dark masters and the four old landlords also displayed their own laws of time and space, and quietly came to the gate of the Samsara Palace.

These three dark masters and four old posters are the top masters in the sea of absolute space.

Even if they only have one clone, the strength they possess is earth-shattering.

Before the gate of the Samsara Palace, although there were a group of people from the Samsara Alliance guarding them, they didn't even know the arrival of these seven masters.

See nothing! At this time, in the Samsara Palace.

The Heavenly Spirit Master was sitting in the middle of a dozen new worlds, clearly perceiving the actions of the three dark masters and the four old masters.

"Huh! I'm just seven clones, so I dare to enter the Samsara Palace, do you really think I'm a vegetarian!"

The Heavenly Spirit could not help but smile coldly.

The Heavenly Spirit Venerable has performed a very clever secret technique to condense his breath and remain motionless.

The clones of the three dark masters and the four old landlords could not perceive the slightest breath of the Heavenly Spirit Master.

With the passage of time, the strength of the Heavenly Spirit Master continued to improve, and it was getting closer and closer to the peak strength of the year.

Before, Master Tianling had just been resurrected, so his strength was a bit weak in a short period of time.

However, with the passage of time, the strength of the Heavenly Spirit Master is constantly improving! at this time.

Three dark masters and four old landlords have sneaked into the interior of the Samsara Palace.

"I found Lin Fei! Over there!"

Soon after the First Lord of Darkness entered the Samsara Palace, he sensed Lin Fei's breath. Under the pleasant surprise, he immediately rushed towards Lin Fei's location.

"Boy Lin Fei, with us here, you can't make a breakthrough! In your whole life, don't even want to become a chaos god!"

An old host sneered.

"Yes, with us here, Lin Fei wants to break through and become the God of Chaos. It is extremely difficult!"

Another old poster said.

Shoo...Three dark masters and four old posters rushed towards the small world of Lin Fei's retreat quickly.

at the same time.

Those high-level members of the Samsara Alliance are also rushing back to the Samsara Palace.

"I just received a voice from the Heavenly Spirit Master. The three Dark Lords and the four Old Masters have entered the Samsara Palace! We must hurry up!"

The master of the first round said to the others.

Shoo... the high-levels of these reincarnation alliances, one by one, increased their speed and rushed with all their strength.

at this time.

The dark clan, in the second dark lair.

The black bar master and the other wizards of the dark clan have been deducing Lin Fei.

"Damn it, our interference seems to have little effect on Lin Fei.

I just deduced that Lin Fei seems to be on the verge of a breakthrough! According to the results I have deduced, this time, Lin Fei is very likely to succeed in breaking through! "

A mage said suddenly.

"Yes, what I deduced seems to be the same result!"

The other mage also said.

"Once Lin Fei successfully breaks through to the Chaos God, his strength will definitely increase! The consequences are unimaginable!"

Another mage sighed and said.

The black bar master's face was very gloomy, and he didn't say a word. The result he deduced was similar to these masters! Just now.

The black bar master suddenly showed surprise.

"Good news, everyone, the clones of the three masters and the four old posters have successfully entered the Samsara Palace, and have found Lin Fei, they are about to take action against Lin Fei.

Humph! It's not that easy for Lin Fei to make a breakthrough! "

The Great Master Heba cried out, looking very excited.

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