Valkyrie Sovereign Chapter 4975

Chapter 4975: Brilliant acting

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"Everyone, we are now fully applying the spell to strengthen interference with Lin Fei, and cooperate with the actions of the three masters!"

The black bar master said.

"it is good!"

The other wizards of the Dark Clan answered in a sudden.

Then, one by one, these mages began to fully exert their magical powers, releasing more black runes, and infiltrating into the small world where Lin Fei was.

At this time, in the reincarnation palace.

The Heavenly Spirit Master was sitting in a dozen new worlds that were created not long ago, protecting Lin Fei's Dharma.

"They have entered the Samsara Palace, very good, come on, I just take this opportunity to kill the clones of these seven guys and show them some color."

The Heavenly Spirit said with a sneer.

The main body of the Heavenly Spirit is guarded here, and only a clone is sent to the battlefield to follow the army of the Reincarnation Alliance.

In the eyes of Master Tianling, Lin Fei's safety and breakthrough realm are the most important! And the three dark masters and the four old posters are just sending out clones. With the strength of the Heavenly Spirit Master's body, it is not difficult to deal with these seven clones! At this time, in the small world.

Rumble... Lin Fei's body came out of a roar of energy, echoing in the entire small world.

A personal world, meridians, and internal organs all glow! Shoo! At a certain moment, suddenly, Lin Fei's body split into three, sitting side by side.

Every Lin Fei's body exudes a strong atmosphere of the laws of time and space, blooming with billowing light, extremely dazzling.

This is the secret technique of one qi transforming three clears! With Ye Yunfei's current strength, he has been able to display the highest level of this secret technique. The three Lin Fei are all ontology, one representing the past, one representing the present, and one representing the future! The three Lin Fei are real existence! At this moment, the three Lin Fei all started to move, performing all kinds of secret techniques, and the three Lin Fei were performing together! In the past, Lin Fei had cultivated all kinds of secret techniques, all of which were evolved one by one at this time.

Moreover, every secret technique of cultivation technique was evolved to the most extreme and brilliant degree by Lin Fei at this time.

Even, there are some secret techniques that Lin Fei gave to a new realm, which is simply extremely brilliant! In Lin Fei's life, from the Huayang School in the Yuanwu Realm to the present, there are so many secret techniques that he has practiced! Moreover, in the process of evolving various exercises and secret techniques, Lin Fei tried to integrate the various laws he had felt into these exercises and secret techniques to transform it! Before, Lin Fei used the nine-pole yin and yang talisman to comprehend too many laws! Now, Lin Fei wants to integrate almost endless laws into various exercises and secrets. This is a very complicated, very grand, and very difficult process! Lin Fei is creating the law! With the passage of time, Lin Fei used the secret techniques that he had practiced in his past life to create a variety of new methods! These methods are Lin Fei's own original creations, representing Lin Fei's own way, his own way, and his own way! "This is my law!"

Lin Fei spoke in a loud voice while acting, the vast voice echoed in the small world.

Rumble...The sound of the billowing energy of Lin Fei's acting also echoed in the small world.

The whole small world was shaking violently and roaring! "How could Lin Fei's breakthrough be so complicated and so vast!"

The Heavenly Spirit has been paying attention to the situation of Lin Fei in the small world, and he couldn't help being shocked when he saw Lin Fei's various situations in the process of assaulting the realm.

"Lin Fei's breakthrough is simply spectacular! If he can successfully break through, his strength will surely usher in a qualitative leap!"

The Heavenly Spirit sighed and said.

At this time, within the small world, Lin Fei was still evolving his own law! "I seem to have found my own method, my own way, my own way..." During the process of performing the method, Lin Fei gained more and deeper insights.

Gradually, Lin Fei's whole body and mind, including the soul body and the depths of his soul, became quiet.

This is a real quiet! It belongs to the real peace that comes after understanding everything in the state of mind! Even the roar of energy in Lin Fei's body began to become quiet.

At this moment, Lin Fei seemed to be in a state of gradual silence.

It feels extremely peaceful and calm! At the end, Lin Feipan sat down, motionless like an old monk entering concentration.

Moreover, there is no breath released from the body, like a piece of dead wood, like a stone, like an ancient well without waves.

Just now, Lin Fei evolved a variety of methods, which were so brilliant to the extreme, and the scene was endless! Now, Lin Fei's state has converged to the extreme, and the silence has reached the extreme! In this way, Lin Fei sat cross-legged quietly, motionless.

"Lin Fei is about to usher in the thunder robbery! This time, Lin Fei is very hopeful and successfully broke through!"

Seeing Lin Fei's state, an enlightenment surged in the heart of the Heavenly Spirit Master, and he couldn't help but smile.

"It's just that Lin Fei's current state is also the most dangerous and the one that cannot be disturbed! Once Lin Fei is disturbed now, it is easy to give up all his work, and even cause great harm to Lin Fei's body and mind! In any case, I must protect Lin Fei with all my strength and prevent him from being disturbed in any way!"

The heavenly spirit master secretly said in his heart.

"Create a few more new rules!"

The Heavenly Spirit Master began to use his magical powers again, creating several new laws in succession.

at this time.

Not far from the Samsara Palace, a series of silhouettes exuding a horrible atmosphere are constantly rushing in the direction of the Samsara Palace.

These figures are the high level of the Samsara Palace.

The three reincarnation masters rushed in the forefront, casting the reincarnation body technique to the fastest extent.

"Senior Tianling just sent a message, Lin Fei is about to usher in the thunder tribulation now, once the thunder tribulation is ushered in and successfully overcome the thunder tribulation, Lin Fei's breakthrough this time will be successful! However, according to the words of Senior Tianling Lin Feis state is also the most dangerous time, so he cant be disturbed at all, otherwise he will give up all his efforts!"

The master of the first round spoke to the others.

"It seems that this time, Lin Fei has a high chance of successfully breaking through into the Chaos God! It's just that now, three dark masters and four old posters have sneaked into the Samsara Palace, and, according to Senior Tianling, The wizards of the Dark Clan have been casting spells to interfere with Lin Fei's breakthrough.

Since Senior Tianling blocked the interference of the Dark Clan's wizards on Lin Fei, now he had to face the clones of the three Dark Lords and the four old masters, and the pressure was a little bit heavy.

Therefore, we must hurry back to the Samsara Palace and protect Lin Fei! "

The master of the first round added.

After hearing the words of the first round of dominance, everyone has accelerated!

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