Valkyrie Sovereign Chapter 4976

Chapter 4976: Do it

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At this time, in the depths of the Samsara Palace, in the small world.

Lin Fei was still sitting quietly, like an old monk in Zen, motionless.

Boom...Outside the small world, more and more black runes, like a billowing black tide, violently rushed towards the small world where Lin Fei was from the distant time and space.

At this time, the wizards of the Dark Clan were all trying their best to perform secret techniques to interfere with Lin Fei.

And the Heavenly Spirit Master also fully resisted the interference of those mages.

"These wizards of the Dark Clan are really difficult to deal with!"

Looking at the distant time and space, the black runes that were rolling in couldn't help frowning.

If the Heavenly Spirit Master had to face the wizards of the Dark Clan now, with the strength of the Heavenly Spirit Master, those wizards would have been slapped to death with a single palm.

However, as it is now, fighting through the distant time and space, the Heavenly Spirit Master really has no way to take those mages! "In my turf, how can you allow you mages to be presumptuous!"

The Heavenly Spirit is angry.

Boom...Under the urging of the Heavenly Spirit Master, a dozen new worlds shook at the same time, exploding with a powerful repulsive force.

In these dozens of new worlds, a large number of newly created laws are also blooming and dazzling.

Rumble... The dozens of new worlds and new laws created by the Master of Heaven began to fight fiercely with those black runes.

Fortunately, within the small world, Lin Fei has completely entered a state of absolute tranquility.

Although there was loud noise outside, it did not have much impact on Lin Fei.

Lin Fei was still immersed in deep insights.

Waiting quietly, waiting for the arrival of Thunder Tribulation! Once Thunder Tribulation arrives, it means that the breakthrough has officially begun! "Found it! Lin Fei is in the small world ahead! Everyone, we work together to smash this small world, smashing Lin Fei to death, and it's a hundred! Unexpectedly! A mere junior kid actually needs it. These few of us went out personally over and over again to deal with him. This alone is enough to make him shock the entire sea of absolute space."

Suddenly, an indifferent voice sounded, and a tall, dark figure appeared in the distant time and space.


Boom...Six incomparable tall and terrifying figures appeared in a row.

A total of seven majestic silhouettes, each of them shook this piece of time and space, which seemed unbearable! The clones of the three dark masters and the four old posters are here! Seven are among the top masters in the Absolute Space Sea. Although only seven clones have come, if they are spread out, it will be enough to shake the entire Absolute Space Sea.

"Hehe, it is really breaking through, and it seems that it is very likely to succeed.

Unfortunately, here we are. "

The First Dark Lord stood at the forefront, with black hair flying, and around the tall and incomparable dark body, there were a series of terrible dark thunders, densely packed, and constantly splitting, like a hanging black thunderstorm.

"Stop talking nonsense, do it."

The Second Dark Lord sneered.

The three dark masters stepped forward at the same time, approaching the small world where Lin Fei was.

The eyes of the three masters of darkness are all pressing like blades, appearing very domineering and full of aggressiveness, exuding a powerful aura, and the surrounding time and space seem to collapse.

Boom...The four old posters also stepped forward, releasing a breath of billowing energy, causing the surrounding space and time to continue to crumble and disintegrate.

"The young posters of our Years Tower were arrested because of Lin Fei. I'll do it first!"

An old landlord stepped forward and said coldly.

There was a dark red line at the center of the old poster's eyebrows. At this time, the dark line was expanding, getting bigger, and finally evolving into a strange red eye.

Boom...In these strange red eyes, two thick red beams of light blasted toward the small world where Lin Fei was.

Boom...where the two red beams of light went, time and space were constantly being torn apart, and their power was terrifying.

Seeing these two red beams of light, they were about to hit the small world where Lin Fei was.


Boom...A plane appeared in an instant, and a powerful plane burst out.

Rumble...Two red beams of light violently collided with that plane, releasing rolling impact energy.

After the two sides stood in a stalemate for a while, the two red beams of light disappeared directly because of the exhaustion of energy.

There is nothing wrong with that plane! "Hmph! It's you seven guys again, so bold, you dare to come here!"

At this moment, an old man stepped out of that plane, his icy eyes scanned the three dark masters and the four old masters.

It is the Master of Heaven! "you again!"

When the three masters of darkness saw the Heavenly Spirit Master, they couldn't help but shrink their eyes.

Not long ago, the three Dark Lords fought against the Heavenly Spirit Master.

Moreover, the three Dark Lords also tried to persuade the Heavenly Spirit Master to surrender, but they were unsuccessful.

Just now, Venerable Heavenly Spirit used a secret technique to tightly cover up his own breath. Therefore, it has been difficult for the three masters of darkness and the four old masters to capture the breath of the Venerable Heavenly Spirit.

"It's just that I had expected you to be here."

The First Dark Lord gritted his teeth and said.

"What is so good about this kid, Lin Fei, that can make you stand so desperately on his side and oppose us! What benefit has he given you! Say it, we dark people promise you double, even, triple , Quadruple benefits, how about it!"

The Second Dark Lord said unwillingly.

"Haha...you save some.

No matter how much benefit you give, I will still choose to stand on Lin Fei's side. "

The Celestial Master laughed loudly.

"Stubborn old guy!"

The three dark masters are angry and hateful.

"Old fellow, you will regret it! No matter who it is, you will regret it if you dare to be an enemy of our dark race!"

The Third Dark Lord said angrily.

"I never regret what I do in my life."

The Heavenly Spirit smiled faintly.

"Stop talking nonsense, let's do it, even if we can't abolish the small world of Lin Fei's retreat practice, playing a game here will definitely interfere with him.

Moreover, the mages of my clan are also casting spells with all their strength to interfere with Lin Fei! If we do it in time and cooperate with those mages, it is possible that Lin Fei's breakthrough will fail! "

The Second Dark Lord said.

"Okay, let's do it!"

The First Dark Lord nodded.

Boom...Three dark masters and four old posters erupted at the same time, just like seven volcanoes that have been accumulated for hundreds of millions of years, erupting in an instant, and the energy released is terrible.

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