Warrior's Promise Chapter 1869

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1869 - Fight Against The Grand Priest

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Chapter 1869: Fight Against The Grand Priest

The reason why Su Mo attacked the Fourth Priest first and not the Grand Priest was because he didnt want to face a surrounding attack.

After all, although he was confident, he wasnt sure of the Grand Priests strength.

As such, he wanted to get rid of the Fourth Priest first before he focused on the Grand Priest.

Su Mo swung his sword and a large Sword Qi drew through the sky. The Chaotic Sword Qi in it was as fast as lightning and it instantly closed down upon the Fourth Priest and the other Sorcerer Tribesmen.

In the blink of an eye, the Sword Qi reached its targets.

"Not good!"

Under the forces of the Sword Qi, the faces of all the Sorcerer Tribesmen fell. There was no way they could block the attack and hence, they immediately dispersed in all directions, leaving the Fourth Priest behind.

However, the 4 Sorcerer Tribesmen were all Rank 9 Martial Honorables or Sage-to-bes and they could not escape Su Mos blow.


As the Sword Qi sliced through them, blood rained down from the sky as a gross mixture of limbs flew through the sky.

Ah ah ah!!!

Ear-piercing screams filled the air as the Fourth Priest and 3 other Sorcerer Tribesmen died on the spot mercilessly, not even having their Fighting Souls spared.


Only 1 lucky person avoided a direct hit. However, both his legs were sliced off and a trail of blood followed him as he dashed to escape without hesitation.


Right at that moment, the Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da and the large palm print of the Grand Priest struck against each other with a thunderous boom.

Yet the large palm print was unable to affect the Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da at all as the blinding-hot seven-colored rays of light burned the palm print.

Everyone exclaimed in surprise. A single blow was sufficient to kill the Fourth Priest and 3 Sorcerer Tribesmen. Su Mo was determined to conduct a ma.s.sacre here!

"a.s.shole!" The Grand Priest was absolute enraged and his anger boiled in his heart. With that, he waved the black Honorable Soul Banner in his hand.

Whoosh whoos.h.!.+

As the banner waved in the air, a sky full of green, hot flames rushed out of the Honorable Banner. The flames were so hot that they appeared to be bone-chillingly cold.

Nine h.e.l.ls Fire!

This was a special fire attack of the Sorcerer Tribe that was fully dominant and it possessed the strength to burn everything in the earth.

Su Mo quickly retrieved the Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da as a bright light flashed through his eyes. He was all too familiar with the green flames.

Back then, the Grand Priest had used these flames to refine a small star, showing the powers of the fire.


Without bothering about the Sorcerer Tribeman who escaped, Su Mo yelled out loud and the chaotic energy on the winged insect sword instantly formed a dazzling Sword Radiance that swept through the sky towards the Grand Priest.

Energy that was enough to evaporate the ocean and slash the skies was held in the dense Sword Force that turned instantly into a long streak of sword shadow that tore through the sky.

Chaotic Energy was held in the Sword Qi and it was dense enough to feel like bricks.

The battle was no simple exchange, and Su Mo did not have the patience to slowly test the Grand Priests strength. As such, he unleashed his attack without any reservation. Aside from his special body const.i.tution, Su Mo had pushed all his cultivation Dark Force and Fighting Souls into the sword strike.


A vast chaotic Sword Qi instantly sliced through the Nine h.e.l.ls Fire as though it was parting a sea.

Instantly, the Nine h.e.l.ls Fire parted to reveal a path for the Sword Qi, causing a mad rush of flames to disperse in all directions.


The chaotic Sword Qi destroyed the fiery flames and directly flew towards the Grand Priest, quickly arriving before his eyes.

"Break!" Without any fear, the Grand Priest attacked with a palm again. The strength of the Sword Qi had been reduced by half through the Nine h.e.l.ls Fire.


A palm print as large as a mountain and as strong as a wave of a tsunami crashed against the chaotic Sword Qi, instantly tearing it apart. At the same time, the palm print crumbled apart and turned into a large shockwave that rolled out through the starry sky.

"How can it be so strong?" The Grand Priests face turned as black as water. Su Mos strength took him by surprise!

Too fast, Su Mo had grown too fast!

A nagging feeling crept up from the back of the Grand Priests mind. If he didnt kill Su Mo now, the Sorcerer Tribe would have to pay a huge price to Su Mo in the future.

As such, the killing intent in his heart now was incredibly dense.

Yet, at that point, not only was the Grand Priest the not only one surprised, everyone who witnessed the exchange were completely taken aback as they stared with their mouths gaping and their eyes bulging out of their sockets at the sight before them.

The strength of the Rank 8 Martial Honorable Su Mo was unimaginable!

If they didnt witness it personally, no one would have believed what had happened.

This completely exceeded the boundaries of a genius. Su Mos strength far exceeded what a low rank Martial Honorable killing a high rank Martial Honorable. After all, every increase in realm was a huge difference in strength.

"Has he become so strong?"

Fei Tianyu stared intensely at the scene as he muttered to himself. His cultivation rank had already reached the Martial Sage Realm and he had thought that his strength would have exceeded Su Mos by now.

Yet, from what he saw in front of him, he was hugely mistaken.


Xuan Yuanlong sighed a long and deep breath as a similar sense filled him. His Fighting Soul appeared to be similar to Su Mos but the difference in their strength was a huge step.

Although he had the Spirit-devouring Fighting Soul and the speed of his cultivation was very fast, his strength was much lower than the G.o.dly talents. As such, he could not be compared to Su Mo.


Right at that moment, the Grand Priest roared out and rushed towards Su Mo.


Su Mos body also flashed as he zipped through the starry sky towards the Grand Priest. The two of them were like meteors on a collision course as they inched closer and closer to each other.

"Die now!"

Just as the distance between the two shrunk to a few hundred meters, the Grand Priest shouted out and waved the Honorable Soul Banner in his arm.

A flood of green flames rushed out of the Honorable Soul Banner and moved quickly up his arm.

With that, the Grand Priest pressed his palm out again and a mesmerizing green palm print that was fully solidified sped towards Su Mo like a green hill.

The forces of the Nine h.e.l.l Fires in the palm was terrifying and it crushed the empty s.p.a.ce around it. As dense Dark Force enveloped the palm, it seemed to be able to destroy the heavens.

"The one who dies is you!"

Su Mo attacked almost at the same time as he raised the winged insect sword high into the air. Thick chaotic Dark Force spiraled around the sword madly as it formed, causing Sword Radiance to blind the sky.

Once again, shocking Sword Force shot out of his body and formed a large sword shadow that tore through the sky. Like a G.o.dly sword strike, it caused hearts to leap out of their chests in fright.

Su Mo also activated his Blood Force, allowing his body to s.h.i.+ne like a greyish-white sun.

"Star Attack!"

With a strong swing of the sword, boundless cosmic power gathered together, ama.s.sing on the sword and increasing its strength exponentially.

This sword strike had to kill the Grand Priest in one shot or Su Mo would be in trouble if the Grand Priest managed to escape.

Furthermore, the Grand Priest was strong and almost comparable to Mo Xiao.


As the sword strike swung out, the sky parted and dense chaotic Sword Qi split the sky. Instantly, it collided with the green palm print in a huge explosion.

The Sword Qi and palm print heavily met each other.


A second later, a deafening explosion boomed out, shaking the starry sky a few kilometers from the place of impact.

Eyes widened in shock as everyone didnt dare to miss the moment. The blow between the two was evidently the ultimate strike of the two martial artists with the intention to kill the other.

Who won and who lost would soon be revealed!

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