Warrior's Promise Chapter 1871

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1871 - Spirit Giant

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Chapter 1871: Spirit Giant

The Grand Priest was aware that Su Mo wanted to kill him at the fastest possible speed he could.

However, he had no intention of escaping straight away as he still had a hidden card. No one knew who would die!

As the large Sword Qi downpour and Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da flew towards him, the Grand Priest retreated backward unstoppably, dragging time for him to unleash his attack.

Phew! Phew!

The black Honorable Soul Banner waved through the air again, allowing bright green flames to rush out of it, flooding the air.

Roar roar!!

In the flames, a large demonic figure appeared and roared to the sky, causing empty s.p.a.ce to crack apart above it.

Boundless, bright green flames quickly gathered around the demonic figures body and in the blink of an eye, it made a large giant.

This giant was about 10,000 feet tall, so tall that its head seemed to touch the sun. With its entire body made of green flames, it did not appear to burn like a fire would. Instead, green flames packed densely to form its body, causing it to appear like a giant made of green jade stones.

Most surprising of all were the six arms of the giant, each one of them 1000 feet long.

Strong auras surged out of the giants body and rolled through the air to flood the starry s.p.a.ce. Green Jade Star below it started to s.h.i.+ft ever so slightly backward from its forces.

Involuntary colds breaths were sucked in by the crowd as the sight of the giant sent s.h.i.+vers down many spines.

"It is the Spirit Giant!"

Screams filled the air as some observers exclaimed.

The Spirit Giant was a special skill of the Sorcerer Tribe that involved a long, arduous and complicated process of cultivation.

First and foremost, Fighting Souls of martial artists, Beast Souls of the Demon Clan had to be gathered and refined to form spirits.

Thereafter, the tens and hundreds of varieties of spirits would ama.s.s together to form the body of the Spirit Giant.

While the number of Fighting Souls used was high, the more spirits that were formed, the stronger the Spirit Giant would be, although the difficulty of refining it would increase.

The pure attack of the Spirit Giant was ordinary, but once the user used Dark Force of Nine h.e.l.ls Fire to form an attack, its force would increase exponentially.

This was also a forbidden arts of the Sorcerer Tribe. The reason why the Sorcerer Tribe would be ranked 380th on the Ten Thousand Archean Tribe Board was not because of the talents of its members, but because of the strong forbidden arts that they practiced.


A deafening roar of the Spirit Giant shook the sky as its four ma.s.sive arms started to move and punch the downpour of Sword Qi.

Loud fist punches deafened ears as a vast wave of Fist Radiance rolled out through the air, causing the area within 10 kilometers of it to crumble apart.

Boom boom boom!

The starry sky shook uncontrollably under the forces of the 4 giant punches that simultaneously struck against the rain of Sword Qi.


As the four arms of the Spirit Giant was torn apart by the Sword Qi, the boundless Sword Qi struck against the body of it.

In a second, the large body of the Spirit Giant tore apart directly to become its const.i.tuent green flames that scattered around in all directions.

However, the chaotic Sword Qi also broke apart after the full strength of it had dissipated.

"How could this be?" The Grand Priest roared out in shock. He could not believe that even his Spirit Giant would not be able to block Su Mos attack.

Most importantly, the spirits were destroyed directly and there was no way to resurrect them.

The Grand Priests heart throbbed with anger. He had used more than 100 years to gather the few thousand strong spirits to finally form the Spirit Giant.

Yet, his efforts in the last hundred years had turned into nothing in a single blow by Su Mo. How could he not be furious?

Nonetheless, it was not the time for him to be mad as the seven-colored rays of light from the Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da were speedily rus.h.i.+ng towards him.

"Get lost!" The Grand Priest immediately forced his palm out as he retreated backward without hesitation and turned to flee.

He knew clearly that he was not Su Mos match and there was no way for him to defeat Su Mo, much less to kill him.

As such, he immediately turned to flee without thinking twice.

The mountain-like palm print instantly struck against the Seven-colored Glazed paG.o.da, instantly turning into dust under the glare of the seven-colored rays of light.

With that, the Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da rushed towards the Grand Priest without further delay.

Yet, the Grand Priests speed was incredibly fast and as his body jerked to the side, he successfully dodged the attack.

"Where are you running to?"

Su Mo quickly chased after the Grand Priest. With a mental thought, a Natal Spiritual Sword appeared beneath his feet, allowing his speed to increase sharply.

As he stored the Seven-colored Glazed PaG.o.da, Su Mo hurriedly chased after the Grand Priest.

If it werent for the Natal Spiritual Sword underneath his feet, Su Mo would not be able to match the Grand Priests speed.

This was also a consequence of his superior mental strength as the Natal Spiritual Swords were controlled by his mental strength.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

The two flew across the sky with Su Mo chasing closely behind the Grand Priest, quickly disappearing out of sight of the crowd.

Eyes blankly stared into the distance as silence filled the area. The Grand Priest Wu Lun had actually lost against Su Mo, a terrible defeat.

It was unimaginable that the Spirit Giant was directly destroyed by Su Mo.

Although the duration of the fight was not long and the two did not release a lot of blows, every attack of the two was an ultimate blow meant to kill the other. Yet, the Grand Priest lost completely.

Most shockingly, a Rank 8 Martial Honorable had defied all odds to defeat a Middle Realm Martial Sage. That was history being made.

Undeniably, the moment news got out about the fight, the whole Ancientspirit Galaxy would be shaken again.

Not many people chased after the two parties as they knew they would not be able to match Su Mo and the Grand Priests speed. However, a small number of experts followed the two.

Fei Tianyu had an incredible speed and with a flap of the majestic wings behind his back, he instantly travelled through a few dozen kilometers, his speed two times faster than Su Mos and the Grand Priests.

On the other hand, the Grand Priest sped through the sky like a bolt of lightning, constellations and stars pa.s.sing underneath him.

His pair of eyes were as red as fire and the raging fire in his heart continued to burn through his heart. However, he remained collected and focused. He had to escape now or he would definitely die there.

The hatred in his heart boiled. If he had known what would happen today, he would have risked everything to kill Su Mo back then.

He had missed many opportunities in the past, such as forcefully getting his way in Shenwu Academy.

Yet, it was too late to regret. He could confirm that Su Mo would be a great enemy of the Sorcerer Tribe in the future.

"Grand Priest, even if I have to travel through the whole universe, I will kill you today!"

Su Mo glowered coldly as he followed closely behind the Grand Priest. He was only 50-60 kilometers behind the Grand Priest.

The Devouring Fighting Soul had been activated and a large devouring force rolled out to cover the Grand Priest.

However, the Grand Priest had a high cultivation rank and the effect it had on the Grand Priest was minimal. Both their speeds were equally matched and it seemed impossible for him to catch up to the Grand Priest in the short term.

Su Mo felt entirely helpless in his heart. The Grand Priest was much weaker than him but he would have to go through much trouble if he wasnt able to kill the Grand Priest quickly.

However, Su Mo wasnt overly worried as the Grand Priest would not be able to escape from him.

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