Warrior's Promise Chapter 1926

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1922 - Quadruplet Fighting Souls

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Chapter 1922: Quadruplet Fighting Souls

"Oh?" Emperor s.h.i.+ raised his eyebrows before he allowed his Spiritual Consciousness to enter the Sacred Green Ring. Instantly, he jumped in surprise as he recognized the wild mountain range in front of him at a glance. It was the Wild Mountain Range in Firmament World.

"Wild Mountain Range? How is this possible?" Emperor s.h.i.+s face filled with disbelief.

Everyone also cluelessly stared at Emperor s.h.i.+, not understanding his surprise.

With that, Su Mo explained the Sacred Green Ring to the group, instantly bringing forth anger.

"Ridiculous. The Sorcerer Tribe is too much!" Si Kongyan shouted in rage. The Firmament World had already been destroyed by the Sorcerer Tribe, yet a portion of it was refined into a Spatial Device.

"Once I have enough strength in the future, I will destroy the Sorcerer Tribe!" The burly Zhan Luan glowered expressionlessly.

Su Mo only sighed inwardly. He wanted to destroy the Sorcerer Tribe as well but it wasnt possible in the short term.

Soon, he turned towards Emperor s.h.i.+ and said, "Father-in-law, there are many demonic clans in the Wild Mountain Range. Let them enter the Firmament Palace if they want to, otherwise, let them go!"

"Mm, I will make the arrangements!" Emperor s.h.i.+ nodded.

"Let me handle it! That is my territory and all the demonic clans in Wild Mountain Range know me!"

Right at that point, Yi Xiaoxiao spoke out. She had lived in the Wild Mountain Range for a few years and the demonic clans had been under her leaders.h.i.+p.

"Mm, sure!" Su Mo nodded his head.

After continuing to converse with the crowd and supervise the growth direction of Firmament Palace, Su Mo led Si Kongyan and a few others back to his living quarters.

He gave simple instructions to the crowd and they were not too act outrageously before the Firmament Palace had a Martial Sage expert.

Once someone became a Martial Sage, they could obtain territories outside and get large resources for themselves.

Su Mo sat down surrounded by 8 others in the yard. They were the 8 Palace Masters.

"I brought all of you here because I want to give you all more Fighting Souls!" Su Mo stared at the crowd and said in a soft voice.

Although he had used almost 80% when he escaped to the True Sage World previously, he still had a large number with him.

"Su Mo, what are you waiting for? Merge 3 more Fighting Souls for me, I want to become an exceptional talent with Quintuplet Fighting Souls!" Si Kongyans eyes brightened as he stared intently at Su Mo.

These few years, Si Kongyan had felt his talents increasing. Although his talents were out of the ordinary, he was still weaker than the G.o.dly talents.

However, ever since Su Mo had given him a Fire Spiritual Bird Fighting Soul, not only did he have a Fire Spiritual Body, he also had Twin Fighting Souls and had high talents.

This was how he was regarded as a top talent in Levitation G.o.d Sect.

His ident.i.ty in Levitation G.o.d Sect was high and he had an Empty G.o.d for his master, hence receiving the best possible teaching.

Many people said that his success would exceed Gao Haoran in the future. However, his cultivation rank was too low and he could not be compared to Gao Haoran.

Su Mo rolled his eyes jokingly before he stared at Si Kongyan and joked, "Si Kongyan, how about I give you 100 Fighting Souls and let you become a Hundred Fighting Soul talent?"

"Ah?" Si Kongdans face turned blank before he questioned, "Is that possible?"


All the others burst into laughter upon hearing Si Kongyans reply.

Su Mo shook his head slightly before he turned to Long Teng and Yi Xiaoxiao, "Both of you are Dragon Souls. I will try to merge Fighting Souls for you later!"

Long Teng and Yi Xiaoxiao nodded their heads. Both of them knew that Si Kongyan and the others had received a Fighting Soul from Su Mo.

"Brother Su Mo, merge for them first! We will try at the end!" Yi Xiaoxiao laughed.

Yi Xiaoxiaos looks had changed much but she still seemed to be a 15 year-old young girl.

Her looks were very nice as she had snow-white skin and a cute, round face. She gave off a rich vibe.


Su Mo nodded his head as he turned towards Qing Ya and said, "Qing Ya, you have Triplet Fighting Souls, I will try to merge a fourth one for you later!"

"Alright!" Qing Ya nodded her head. Her cultivation rank was the peak of the Rank 7 Martial Honorable Realm and she was just a slight step away from the Rank 8 Martial Honorable Realm.

This was what Su Mo had given her. Although she had a wealth of resources and a master for guidance, without Su Mo merging Fighting Souls for her, she might not have become a Martial Honorable.

With that, Su Mo began to merge Fighting Souls for the group, beginning with Si Kongyan.

A few hours pa.s.sed. Si Kongyan, Jiang Fengran, Wenren Tiandu, Zhan Luan and Cai Yun were all given Fighting Souls by Su Mo.

The Fighting Souls that Su Mo gave the group were all compatible with their bodies.

For instance, Jiang Fengran had the Fire Spiritual Body and cultivated fire based skills. As such, Su Mo gave him a fire-based Fighting Soul. On the other hand, Zhan Luan had a ground-based Fighting Soul and cultivated ground based skills. Su Mo gave him a third ground-based Fighting Soul.

By that point, everyone aside from Long Teng and Yi Xiaoxiao had Triplet Fighting Souls.

After that, Su Mo began to merge the fourth Fighting Soul, starting from Zhan Luan. Zhan Luan had the lowest cultivation rank and if the merging was a success, the rest would have no problem.

"Zhan Luan, I will give you another Ground based Fighting Soul, the Stele Fighting Soul!" Su Mo stared at Zhan Luan and said in a serious tone.

Su Mo had merged a Mountain Fighting Soul for Zhan Luan and he was then prepared to give another Stele Fighting Soul.

The Stele Fighting Soul came from another Sorcerer Tribesman. Although it wasnt very strong, it wasnt weak either and it seemed to have a special ability.

"Mm!" Zhan Luan nodded his head.

"The merging of the fourth Fighting Soul might be a bit hard. If you are uncomfortable, or your Spiritual Soul can no longer take it, tell me immediately!" Su Mo instructed in a serious tone.

Zhan Luan nodded his head again but his eyes remained determined. For such a game-changing event, even if he could not stand it, he still had to endure.

With that, Su Mo gave a mental thought and allowed the Devouring Fighting Soul to enter Zhan Luans consciousness to devour Zhan Luans Fighting and Spiritual Soul before beginning the merging process.

This time, the difficulty of merging had increased by many folds because Zhan Luans Spiritual Soul wasnt strong enough.

However, Su Mo had a good control over his Devouring Fighting Soul and after a day and night, the merging was finally a success.


Su Mo retrieved the Fighting Soul back to his body and opened his eyes as he let out a long sigh.

On the other hand, Zhan Luans face was completely white, showing the exhaustion in him. However, he had made it through and was now a top talent who had Quadruple Fighting Souls. Becoming famous throughout the Infinite Region was only a matter of time.

"Thank you, Palace Master!" Zhan Luan immediately rose and cupped his fists towards Su Mo. Although they were close to each other, he had to thank Su Mo properly as Su Mo had given him a huge gift.

"Just call me by my name! After all, I am no longer a Palace Master!" Su Mo waved his hand dismissively.

"Su Mo, I am next! Do you have any other fire-based Fighting Souls?" Si Kongyans eyes shone brightly as he asked. He was fully eager now that Zhan Luans merging had been a success.

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