Warrior's Promise Chapter 1927

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1923 - I Need Your Help

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Chapter 1923: I Need Your Help

"I have it!"

Su Mo nodded his head to Si Kongyans question. With a mental thought, a purple ball of flame appeared above his head, mesmerizing many who laid eyes on it.

"This is a Flame Fighting Soul, but it is a little strange, I do not know what kind of a flame it is!" Su Mo informed Si Kongyan.

"This is a purple flame, a very strong type of flame!" Si Kongyan immediately smiled. He specialized in fire-based moves and hence he knew much more than Su Mo about the flame.

With that, Su Mo merged the next Fighting Soul for Si Kongyan.

The merging for Si Kongyan was much easier than for Zhan Luan. That was because Si Kongyans cultivation rank was high and Spiritual Soul was strong. 5 hours pa.s.sed and the merging was completed.

"Wenren Tiandu, I will give you a Light Fighting Soul!"

"Jiang Fengran, I will give you a Tornado Fighting Soul!"

In the next moment, Su Mo merged Fighting Souls for Wenren Tiandu and Jiang Fengran, a Light Fighting Soul and a Tornado Fighting Soul!"

The light Fighting Soul was Fan Yunshengs Fighting Soul and it was a strong soul.

"Qingya, I will give you a silver sword Fighting Soul!"

"Cai Yun, I will give you a golden sabre Fighting Soul!"

All in all, Su Mo spent 4 days giving everyone their fourth Fighting Soul.

Everything proceeded smoothly. The last few people had higher cultivation ranks than Zhan Luan and hence it was easier to merge Fighting Souls for them.

With that, Su Mo attempted to merge Fighting Souls for Long Teng and Yi Xiaoxiao. Yet, the merging failed.

That was because the Dragon Souls among the two were not compatible with Fighting Souls. As soon as Su Mo tried to introduce a Fighting Soul to their Dragon Souls, a large change occurred and Su Mo immediately gave up.

"Su Mo, it is okay if we are unable to get Fighting Souls. The Blood Force of the Five Claw Dragon is going to evolve soon and my talents will be exceptional in all of the Infinite Region. I dont need a Fighting Soul!" Long Teng smiled.

"Thats right! Brother Su Mo. My Eight-winged Wyvern Blood Force is about to evolve as well. I will not be a lot weaker than Brother Long Teng by then!" Yi Xiaoxiao agreed.


Before Su Mo even spoke, Si Kongyan let out a sound. With a ridiculing face, he looked towards Long Teng and said, "Long Teng, your words are too much. You are looking down on all the tribes of the Infinite Region. You wont be able to be so arrogant to me. I am now a Quadruplet Fighting Soul and I will catch up to you within 5 years!"

Si Kongyan saw that Long Teng was too confident and was unsettled. Wasnt it just the Blood Force of the Five Claw Golden Dragon? What was so good about that?

"No way!" Long Teng laughed. He wasnt angry since he understood Si Kongyan well. Si Kongyan was always unwilling to lose to anyone.

"Alright, lets make a bet. If you lose, you will have to call me big brother!" Si Kongyan proudly dared.

Si Kongyan wasnt dumb either and he naturally knew that the Five Claw Golden Dragon was strong. Otherwise, Long Teng would not have become a Martial Sage so quickly.

However, he was confident and he made a mental note to come back to Firmament Palace a few more times in the future and get Su Mo to merge a fifth or even a sixth Fighting Soul for him.

By that point, he did not believe he would be any worse than Long Teng.

Su Mo shook his head silently as his heart relaxed. Everyone was slowly growing stronger. As long as they did not die, they would become top experts in the future, bringing hope to Firmament Palace.

Nonetheless, Su Mo was still worried about Xiers whereabouts.

"Su Mo, I have an idea. Are you willing to listen to it?"

Right at that point, Long Teng spoke out, his face turning serious.

Su Mo turned his head towards Long Teng silently, indicating for Long Teng to speak.

"I would like to bring my father and a few of the Scale Dragon Tribe people to the Archosaur Galaxy!" Long Teng said.

"Only a portion?" Su Mo asked.

"Mm, only a small portion. After all, the Blood Force of the Dragon Tribe in the Scale Dragon Tribe is rare!" Long Teng added. The Scale Dragon Tribe was a descendant of the Dragon Tribe and the tribesmen who had Dragon Tribe Blood Force in them were rare. He would not bring many people, maybe only about a dozen.

"Sure!" Su Mo accepted the proposal. After all, if more top talents appeared in the Scale Dragon Tribe, it would be a fully beneficial thing for the Firmament Palace.

After Su Mo talked casually with the group for a bit more, then he dismissed the group.

The time that they stayed in Firmament Palace was short. 3 days later, Si Kongyan and the others had to leave. Long Teng and Yi Xiaoxiao brought a few Scale Dragon Tribesmen with them and left.

Before they left, they bade farewell to Su Mo and Su Mo gave instructions to them to investigate Xiers whereabouts.

On the fourth morning, Su Mo once again met the group of Firmament Palace experts in Conference Hall. After he gave a few instructions, he prepared to leave.

He would not return within 3 years this time, so he had to guide the Firmament Palace people well.

After he helped Qingxuan regain her memories by heading to Ming Xu Galaxy, he would return to his original body in Myriad World Mountain. He would only leave once the True Demon Hunting Order on his body disappeared.


Just as the group were about to discuss matters in the Conference Hall, a loud and clear voice rose from outside the hall.

"Come in!" Su Mo invited with a shout and a young disciple entered the hall.

"Reporting to Elder Palace Master, someone is looking for Elder You outside!" The disciple bowed towards Su Mo and reported.


Su Mo couldnt helped tilting his head in confusion as he heard the disciples words. When did he become the Elder Palace Master?

However, he quickly understood why. He had given his placing to Emperor s.h.i.+ and there wasnt an official position for him in the Firmament Palace. In addition, Emperor s.h.i.+ was at the grounds and the disciple could not call him the Palace Master, so there were no other official names to call him.

"From today onwards, I will be the Grand Supreme Elder of the Firmament Palace!"

Su Mo stared at the crowd and said. With that, he allowed his Spiritual Consciousness to move out of Firmament Palace.

"Why is she here?" Su Mos Spiritual Consciousness found a refined, white-s.h.i.+rted lady standing in front of the gates of Firmament Palace. It was Instructor Mu Li.

"Why is she looking for my avatar?" Su Mo wondered. Elder You was the avatar You Tianhan.

Su Mo did not understand why Mu Li was here. Could she be here to inquire about him again?

Furthermore, since Mu Li knew that You Tianhan would be here, she must have investigated him.

After a long moment of silence, Su Mo waved his hand and said, "Everyone is dismissed. I have to go now!"

Su Mos body flashed in the next instant and he strode out of the hall.

He used the Illusionary Technique and changed his appearance and aura to his avatars.

Very quickly, Su Mo arrived at the gates of Firmament Palace and saw Instructor Mu Li.

"Instructor Mu Li, why are you looking for me?" Su Mo wore a small smile as he asked.

"You Tianhan, I I need your help with something. Are you willing to help me?" Mu Li wore a hesitant look as she asked.

"Please speak, it is alright!" Su Mo nodded his head. He wouldnt reject Mu Li if she was seeking his help.

After all, Mu Li had helped him immensely and he wouldnt forget to repay her.

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