Warrior's Promise Chapter 1928

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1924 - Cloud Ridge Star

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Chapter 1924: Cloud Ridge Star

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

"Lets head somewhere else to talk!"

Mu Li did not rush to speak and instead, her body flashed and she flew into the sky, heading away from Town Tushan.

Su Mo immediately followed her.

A few moments later, the two stopped in the air above a mountain range.

"Instructor Mu Li, what are you looking for me for?" Su Mo stared at Mu Li and curiously asked.

Since You Tianhan wasnt on familiar terms with Instructor Mu Li, Su Mo was confused as to why Mu Li would seek his help.

Logically speaking, Mu Li had Grandmaster Huo Yuan as her teacher and she wouldnt need his help.

"You Tianhan, I am in some trouble and I need your help. Dont worry, this matter is not dangerous." Mu Li pursed her lips and said shyly as her eyes pleadingly stared at You Tianhan.

"What trouble? Please tell me." Su Mo continued.

"My tribe is trying to set me up with a genius but I am not willing to marry him!" Mu Lis face filled with helplessness as she said. She would never consider marriage in her life and she would only pursue craftsmans.h.i.+p.

That was because she already had a person in her heart but he was a top talent, someone too high for her, and she knew she had no possibility with him.

"Oh, if you are not willing to, then just reject him!" Su Mo exclaimed in surprise. So it was this dramatic matter?

"I cant reject it because this genius is in the same sect as my family. I cannot reject him as my family is determined to marry someone into the sect!" Instructor Mu Li said.

"You can let Grandmaster Huo Yuan help you!" Su Mo said. Mu Li had Grandmaster Huo Yuan for a teacher so there was no need for her to look for him.

"This is a private family matter that I dont want to trouble teacher with. Furthermore, he is an elder and he shouldnt involve himself in my family matters!" Mu Li shook her head.

"I see!" Su Mo exclaimed before he fell silent and asked, "Then why did you look for me?"

This was what Su Mo was curious about. After all, she had sought You Tianhan although You Tianhan was not familiar with Mu Li.

"I dont have friends!" Instructor Mu Li answered nonchalantly.

Su Mo could only shake his head inwardly as he was at a loss for words. He believed her words as Mu Li had a cold exterior. How could she have friends?

Not to mention male friends, she might not even have female friends.

"Alright then! How am I to help you?" Su Mo asked. Since Mu Li had requested his help, he wouldnt reject her.

"You are a genius who has unusual talents. I hope that you are able to go back with me to my family!" Mu Li sincerely said.

"Alright!" Su Mo didnt think twice before agreeing. He would be repaying her for her favors this time.

"Then, when shall we go?" Mu Li asked. Her family tribe was pressuring her and she could not delay the matter for long.

"Anytime!" Su Mo shrugged. He was prepared to leave Firmament Palace and go to Ming Xu Galaxy anyway.

Before he went, helping Mu Li wouldnt require too much time.

"Okay, then lets head off now!"

A slight smile played across Mu Lis lips. The cold snow was pretty.

With that, Mu Lis body flashed and she flew into the air. Su Mo quickly followed after her.

"You Tianhan, once we return to the academy, I will make a Lower Sacred Weapon for you as thanks!" Mu Li said.

"You can make Lower Sacred Weapons now?"

Su Mo was surprised. Mu Li was just a Rank 6 Martial Honorable but it was impressive that she was able to make Lower Sacred Weapons!

"Barely. Although its rank isnt high and the chance of failure is high, I can occasionally make it!" Mu Li said. Her eyes shone brightly as she said this. It was a source of pride to achieve this.

In these few years, she had focused on craftsmans.h.i.+p. Under Grandmaster Huo Yuans guidance, she was making steady improvements.

"It seems that before long, you will become a Master Craftsman! Congratulations!" Su Mo smiled, his heart br.i.m.m.i.n.g with joy.

However, a thought suddenly crossed Su Mos mind as he pondered whether he could pull Mu Li and Grandmaster Huo Yuan into Firmament Palace.

If Firmament Palace had 2 Master Craftsmen, it would be hugely beneficial for them.

After all, the growth of the sect would be accompanied by more and more experts who would need a large amount of Sacred Cla.s.s weapons.

If they based everything on buying, they would require a large sum of money. Buying one hundred Sacred Cla.s.s Weapons would burn a hole in their wallets.

Although Firmament Palace was wealthy then and he had handed a lot of weapons and treasures to them before he had left, it would not be sustainable in the long run.

On the other hand, if Firmament Palace had a Master Craftsman, they could be self-sustaining and would save a large amount of Spiritual Crystals.

This seemed to be possible, but Su Mo was not ready to prepare for it then. The matter could wait.

Furthermore, he wouldnt force Mu Li and Grandmaster Huo Yuan to enter the Firmament Palace, it was their own decisions.

"Where is your family?" Su Mo asked. Flying was boring and he decided to talk casually with Mu Li to understand her family circ.u.mstances.

"It is in a place called Cloud Ridge Star. If we use the Starry Sky Teleportation Formations, we can reach it in 5 days!" Mu Li answered.

"Who is the genius that your family matched up for you? What cultivation rank is he in? What sect does he belong to?" Su Mo asked.

"The man is called Qin Xing, a disciple of the Triple Deities Sect." Mu Li said.

"The Triple Deities Sect?" Su Mo was surprised. No wonder Mu Li was feeling so helpless with the matter.

"The man is a regular genius who is not far off from me. His cultivation rank is one rank higher than me but his big brother is stronger and he is famous throughout the galaxy." Mu Li added.

"Who is his brother?" Su Mo asked curiously.

"Qin Yun of the Triple Deities Sect." Mu Li sighed with a serious expression.

Su Mo jumped in shock. So it was Qin Yun? His talents were unordinary indeed. He was a top talent of the Ancientspirit Galaxy.

However, Qin Yuns Blood Force had been devoured by him and his talents would have decreased.

"The Qin Family is a strong family, far stronger than my family and hence my Mu Family wants to maintain good relations.h.i.+ps with the Qin Family!" Mu Li helplessly said.

"Understood!" Su Mo sighed. This matter was actually a very common thing and it had occurred many times in the Mu Family.

The two talked casually and Mu Li started to open up to You Tianhan, not being the cold lady she originally appeared to be.

An hour pa.s.sed and the two reached the teleportation array, starting to teleport through the starry sky.

A few days later, the two reached Cloud Ridge Star.

Cloud Ridge Star was a small star that was only about one-tenth the size of Star Guzhou. However, Cloud Ridge Star had a large population with a high population density.

Mu City was a large city in Cloud Ridge Star, standing at 50 kilometers from north to south and being over 30 kilometers in length. The population there was close to a million and it was a busy and bustling city.

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