Warrior's Promise Chapter 2002

Warrior's Promise Chapter 1998 - : Battle Against Saint Elder Jia Shen

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Chapter 1998: Battle Against Saint Elder Jia Shen


A loud, deafening explosion rang over all directions as Su Mo pierced the array, his body as sharp as an arrow.


The ma.s.sive array shook violently, as though a tsunami had swept it.


With a final smas.h.i.+ng sound, the Myriad Souls Sealing Heaven Array was pierced through as a large, 100,000 foot wide hole appeared in the protective array.


Like a falling meteor, Su Mos body shot through the protective array and fell to the ground.


"The array has been broken, how is that possible?"

"Oh no!"

A large ma.s.s of screams tore through Heavenly Sorcerer Star. At the same time as everyone was shocked, fear swept through them.

Once the array was broken, Su Mo would kill them.

Despite having two Empty G.o.ds in the star, they couldnt help being afraid.

"Darn it!" Saint Elder Jia Shen shouted in rage as fear swept through his old face.

"Everyone prepare for battle!" Wu Chongs figure rose to the sky as he commanded.

Once the protective array was broken by Su Mo, it immediately started to heal. In the blink of an eye, it was no less than a hundred feet long.

"Kill it!"

Long Teng yelled as the ma.s.sive dragon tail behind him waved and he shot through the holes in the array like a large golden sword.


However, the hole in the array was only about a hundred feet long and Long Tengs body could not squeeze through it.

Yet, Long Teng was strong and as his large head struck the hole in the array, the hole reopened.


Long Tengs body entered the array and he dashed into the star.

Nonetheless, the hole in the array rapidly shrunk and it locked around Long Tengs body like handcuffs.


Roaring loudly, Long Teng struggled through the hole, causing the large array to shake vibrantly as golden dragon blood rained down on the sky.

The array was strong and as it closed down on Long Tengs body, the scales on his body started to tear off painfully.

Long Teng could transform into his human figure and easily enter the array. However, if that was the case, the array would start to heal quickly and the others wouldnt be able to enter it.


With a loud explosion, Long Teng struggled in the lock of the array, blood gus.h.i.+ng out of his wounds. Finally, he shot through the array and entered the atmosphere of the star.

Shoosh shoosh shoos.h.!.+

The hole on the array expanded with Long Tengs struggle against it. Si Kongyan and the others followed closely after Long Teng and in the next instant, all of them had successfully entered the star.


The ground below jerked and suddenly, a figure shot into the air. It was Su Mo, who flew into the sky again.

"Jia Shen, your death is here!" Su Mo stared at Saint Elder Jia Shen, who was about ten kilometers away from him, as he yelled. Without delay, Su Mo shot towards Elder Jia Shen.


A magnificent dragon roar shook the skies as a large Five Claw Golden Dragon shot towards Wu Chong with a wave of its tail.

Long Teng knew that to destroy the Sorcerer Tribe, he would have to kill the two Empty G.o.ds in the tribe first.

The others could be left to Si Kongyan and the group.

"The destruction of Sorcerer Tribe happens today!"

Si Kongyan gripped a blazing hot sabre in his hand and pointed it to the sky as he yelled before he dashed towards the Sorcerer Tribesmen in the distance.


Jiang Fengran, Zhan Luan, Wenren Tiandu and Yi Xiaoxiaoi did not delay before they started their own ma.s.sacre.

"Faster, open the Myriad Souls Sealing Heaven Array!"

Saint Elder Jia Shen yelled towards the Sorcerer Tribesmen behind him as he saw Su Mo approach him.

The elder wasnt dumb. Now that Su Mo and his gang had entered the array, they stood no chance at a fight.

If they were stuck inside the array, the entire Sorcerer Tribe was finished. If they opened the array, the tribesmen below them or the experts in the tribe could have a chance of escaping.


Killing intent surged up Su Mos face. Before he was even near to Saint Elder Jia Shen, he unleashed a sword strike forward.

The sword strike was unimaginably strong as Chaotic Energy, Blood Force strength and Fighting Soul strength increased the power of it.


Dazzling Chaotic Sword Qi tore through the sky and swept towards Elder Jia Shen in a horizontal motion.

The Sword Qis strength was terrifying. Everywhere the Sword Qi drew across was scarred by a Sword mark.

"The one who dies is you!"

Saint Elder Jia Shens face turned dark and cold as an Honorable Soul Banner appeared in his arm. Waving it forward, loud roars tore through the sky.

A large Lizard Beast flew out of the Honorable Soul Banner and slithered towards Su Mo.

This was an Evil Spirit beast that was made of numerous Evil Spirits.

The large beast was filled with a sinister aura and a crus.h.i.+ng force. As it opened its mouth, its smashed the Chaotic Sword Qi in it.


A loud explosion sounded as Evil Spirits dispersed in all directions.

Boundless Chaotic Sword Qi continued on its way towards Elder Jia Shen.

"What?" Jia Shens face turned pale. Su Mos strength had reached a point where it scared him.


Since the two were separated far away, Saint Elder Jia Shens body flashed and he narrowly avoided the attack.

Without hesitation, Jia Shen turned and fled. He had no intention to fight against Su Mo.


Elder Jia Shens speed was incredibly fast and he flew 10 kilometers in an instant.

"Where do you think you are going?" Su Mo quickly chased after the Empty G.o.d. How could he let Jia Shen escape?


All of a sudden, Su Mos eyebrows raised. He felt the s.p.a.ce where Elder Jia Shen had fled suddenly vibrate.

Su Mo released his Spiritual Senses in all directions and felt a strange, dangerous aura closing down on him.

"Destroy!" Su Mo did not stop and he unleashed his sword forward as he continued to chase after Elder Jia Shen.


A loud, hollow explosion caused a complicated seal to appear before it was sliced down by the sword.

"A curse!" Su Mos eyes instantly narrowed. He was way too familiar with the seal inscription. It belonged to a curse mark.

The curse that he had sustained, the Demon Sealing Soul Curse, appeared similar to the new seal that Jia Shen had released.

Su Mos heart boiled with rage and he fumed. The old man actually wanted to curse him in such a scenario again?

"So careful!" Saint Elder Jia Shen stopped mid air. The reason why he had escaped was a pretence. He had wanted to trick Su Mo and curse him.

However, he had not imagined that Su Mo would be so careful and discover his curse.

"Old s.h.i.+t, today, you will be destroyed together with the Heavenly Sorcerer Star!" Su Mos face darkened as he walked towards Elder Jia Shen.

He had to be extra careful against the old man. Who knew what other evil tricks he had up his sleeve?

"Young brat, do you think you have victory in your hands?" All of a sudden, a thick aura that was cold, dark and sinister surged out of Saint Elder Jia Shens body.

It was as though a h.e.l.l demon was slowly being awakened.

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