When Spring Comes Chapter 258

Chapter 258: Knot

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He Changan pursed his lips and told the Qingling matter. The emperor couldn't understand: "Isn't she just a palace lady? Is it worth her crying like this?"

"The empress and Qing Niao have a very good relationship."

"That won't cause my body to cry badly." Frowning on Long Nian, Yu Wenjie said: "The order goes on, and no one in the harem will mention the youth."

"Yes." Duke Qin answered, glanced worriedly at the unconscious empress and sighed.

Huachun slept for a long time this time. I don't know if Yu Wenjie's strength was too great or something, and he didn't wake up all day.

The emperor was a little panicked, and quickly let the imperial doctor come to see, but the imperial doctor said it was okay, but the mother did not want to wake up.

Slightly pursing his lips, Yu Wenjie sat on the edge of Huachun's bed, holding the little prince and sighing.

"Your mother is a fool, right? I don't necessarily make her feel so sad if I am gone."

The little prince looked at him blankly with his watery eyes open.

"Her eyes are always on others, when can I look at me?" Bianbian mouth, the emperor said aggrievedly: "What I have done for her is really no less than anyone else..."

If it were another emperor, Hua Chun would not know how many times he had died. Apart from anything else, just to say that there has always been something beyond brother and sister between her and Gong Yuhou, others should not be able to bear it.

But he didn't care about it, because he knew that even if there was anything, it would be one-sided attack on Yuhou. Huachun, a hard-hearted person, would be single-minded once he followed him. Therefore, he did not ask Gong Yuhou why he had the fragrance of the Temple of Yangxin Temple on his body, why he married Huachun's sister, or why he gave away Hua Xiayu without saying a word.

Some things are not that he doesn't know, but he doesn't want to care about it, because he believes that these are all He Changan's feelings and have nothing to do with Huachun.

In fact, Yu Wenjie is also a jealous person, and every time she gets angry because of a little entanglement between her and other men, but when she gets angry, she adjusts herself. He has not angered her.

This kind of silent tenderness cannot be discovered by Huachun, or no one can. Yu Wenjie always does such muffled things, so no one will ever be moved, and no one will notice and give him anything back.

Everyone has his own way of feeling. Although his way seems a bit silly, the emperor doesn't plan to change it.

The little prince was about to take milk, Yu Wenjie handed him out, and then got up and walked towards Zichen Hall.

Nothing changed in this palace, only a queen was established, but it was as depressed as if there was only one queen. He never said that he would abolish the sixth house, but what he actually did was abolish the sixth house.

No concubine can see him, nor can he know the news of Renxuan Palace. They will gradually get used to living in the palace of the square. Whoever moves, he will silently warn and suppress it. If it does not change, the palace will One less person.

It is very domineering and simple to do so. It can be regarded as the return of his allegiance to Hua Jinghua for so many years, and it can be regarded as his love for Huachun.

"The emperor." Qin Gonggong whispered: "Lu Zhaoyi is seriously ill."

Lu Zhaoyi? The emperor raised his eyebrows, and for a moment he didn't remember who it was. Duke Qin hurriedly reminded: "The one sent by Lord Xi has to be praised by you last time, saying it is gentle and without contention."

When I was awkward with Huachun before, there was indeed a concubine by his side, probably this one. The emperor nodded, and the prince Xi was already imprisoned and the white horse could not move. After the beam calmed down, he no longer reacted. Originally, Yu Wenjie wanted to send Lu Zhaoyi away early in the morning, but when he saw that the woman was gentle and harmless, he forgot After the movement, there is movement now.

"Since you are seriously ill, send it out of the palace."

Duke Qin was taken aback: "Send out of the palace?"

"Why? Can't it?" The emperor frowned.

"...The slave follows the order."

The emperor is a typical turning face and not recognizing people? Haven't you been spoiled with Lu Zhaoyi for a while before? Even the Hua clan asked, and only praised Lu Zhaoyi as sensible. Everyone in the harem thought that Lu Zhaoyi still had a chance to turn over. Unexpectedly, this body was not turned over, so he turned directly down the river.

Shaking his head and sighing, Duke Qin went down to deliver the decree, and there was another storm in the harem.

However, Langhua couldn't reach the entrance of Renxuan Palace. After Huachun woke up, she held the little prince in a daze.

The green curls were gone, and she felt sore when she thought of it, but she didn't know what to do.

Those who do good will be blessed, right? Qing Niao has done a lot of good things in her life, but didn't do any bad things. Then she should have her own happiness in her next life, right?

Gritting her teeth, Huachun called Rui'er to come in, and told her to prepare the mourning hall, and enshrine the green spiritual seat in the White Horse Temple, so that people could pray day and night.

Rui Er obeyed the order, and Hua Chun held the prince in a daze.

From now on, she will be alone in this ancient time. Now she has an emperor as her husband and a son who is just full moon. In modern times, she should be considered a happy family. Life shouldn't be too sad.

However, I always feel empty in my heart.

The emperor went up and down as usual, and Huachun took the children in the palace every day, doing yoga by the way to restore her figure. Occasionally, there was a small dispute with the emperor, and he thought about the green spiritual position in the side hall of Renxuan Palace alone.

"Is the spiritual position for the maid in the queen's palace fair?" Yu Wenjie had a headache.

"She is not a court lady, she is the best friend of my life." Hua Chun curled his lips: "The emperor cannot deprive his concubines from communicating with friends."

It's serious, but is she communicating with friends? It made Renxuan palace gloomy.

After sighing, Yu Wenjie pulled her into his arms and looked at her eyes seriously and said: "You think I don't have enough for you, so you still need to talk to Qing Niao, right?"

Huachun nodded recklessly. The emperor did not give her any sense of security. How long can a time-sensitive thing like love last? What if it is gone? Isn't she still just looking for the youth to complain?

After half of his face was black, the emperor asked, "Can't you see the situation in the world and the situation in the palace?"

"I saw it, the world is peaceful, and only the queen is the only one in the palace." Hua Chun chuckled and said, "The emperor treats his concubines very well."

"Then what are you dissatisfied with?"

Opening her mouth, Huachun shrugged: "The concubines don't know."

Women are indeed a more terrifying existence in this world than wars and political struggles!

"Let's go, change clothes." The emperor stood up and said: "I will take you to the streets to relax."

Hey? Can you go to the street? Huachun got excited, and quickly followed up to change clothes.

After giving birth, this was the first time she left the palace. Yanjing recovered much faster than she thought, and the streets were already prosperous as before.

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