When Spring Comes Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Love Words

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Moreover, it seems that there is still some happy event.

The emperor left the road and took her along a small road with red ribbons, winding all the way to the farmhouse, and saw a family come out with a wedding banquet, lively waiting for the bride.

"You take me to see this?" Huachun raised her eyebrows: "What's so interesting?"

"It's also someone you know." The emperor said: "Seeing that you are a little bored, why don't you join in the fun."

Someone she knows? Huachun raised her eyebrows, she knew few people, who would marry a farmer?

"Hey, the bride is here~" There was a shout from the road, and a few donkeys made their way. The bridegroom looked like a dishonest, ruffian character. Although he was handsome and tall, he was shaking his head when riding on a donkey. The sedan chair behind him was a little big, and it was carried by eight people, which is rare in a farmhouse.

Huachun stretched her head curiously, wanting to see who the bride is, only to see a large group of things wrapped in happy clothes squeezed from the sedan chair.

Come on, no need to look at your face, just by looking at your figure, you know that it is Princess Liuxiang.

Slightly frowned, Huachun said in a puzzled manner: "Even if he is demoted as a commoner, he should have some family background. How could Liuxiang marry a farmer?"

The emperor did not answer, only let her see.

When Sun Liuxiang got off the sedan chair, the chuckling man in front of him suddenly became serious, and immediately went over to take Sun Liuxiang's hand, and glared at the person who was watching the joke, "What is the laugh?!"

The onlookers were taken aback by him, and his expressions were immediately reduced. The man turned his head and said to Sun Liuxiang in a gentle voice: "Let's go in."

The fat black man with his hijab nodded, followed behind the man, and walked into the farmyard.

Inside, there was a burst of cheers, which was extremely lively.

Huachun opened his mouth wide, staring at the courtyard for a long time without regaining consciousness.

What a love this is! There will be a man who sees the essence through the phenomenon, understands the goodness of the black fat man, and is so gentle to her? It is not surprising that Sun Liuxiang is going to marry a farmer.

"She is actually a nice girl." Huachun whispered: "It's good to be happy."

The emperor nodded and showed her a carriage next to her. Hua Chunshun looked over and saw that the curtain was opened, and the king Xi also looked at the farmyard with a stiff face.

"Hey?" Hua Chun blinked and said in surprise: "Why did he come?"

The emperor smiled: "I tied it up."

Huachun: "..."

How proud of Prince Xi, how could he be willing to witness his abandoned wife marry another? If you marry well, its fine. You still marry a peasant family, and you seem to be very happy.

The emperor's purpose was probably to **** him off. Yu Wenxi's face was so dark that he tried to rush off the carriage several times, but was stopped by the people next to him.

"Guess, let him go, he will disturb the marriage, or what?" the emperor asked.

Huachun felt his chin for a while and said, "I think he might get angry with Liu Xiang."


"Because the people here are machismo. Even if you don't like it, the women who have had it before don't like to give people their hands." Hua Chun said: "The super-straight male cancer temperament like Lord Xi will definitely be blamed. Fragrant does not guard the way of women."

"Don't obey women's way?" The emperor raised his eyebrows: "He gave up people and marries another. How can they be regarded as not observing women's way?"

"Men are more shameless than women if they are unreasonable." Huachun said: "If you don't believe me, try?"

Yu Wenjie was about to nod, and Huachun stopped him again: "Just kidding, don't try it seriously. It's hard to get married. You can't let the dog out to bite."


Looking at the lively gongs and drums on that end, and then at the ugly face of Lord Xi on the opposite side, Hua Chun suddenly felt in a good mood. Everything in this world should have a causal cycle. What is owed to people must always be paid back, and what is not cherished will eventually be lost.

After watching for a while, Huachun dragged the emperor to the street, and the two mysteriously carried their hats and shuttled among the crowd.

"You used to say that your wish is Guotai Min'an." The emperor whispered: "It seems to be fulfilled now, is there any new wish?"

Huachun thought about it seriously, watched the people coming and going on the street, and said: "In the future, my wish is to hope that our family of three will be safe, don't change your heart to like other people, be honest with me, and often say nice things. "

After a pause, Yu Wenjie turned his head to look at her puzzled: "Why do you think I will change my heart?"

"Because there are really too few men who have never changed their minds in this world."

"Just because there are few men who change their minds, you have to deny the existence of a single-minded man like me?" Yu Wenjie pursed his lips, and looked at her from the gauze in front of him: "This is too unfair to me."

Huachun was silly, and it took a long while to realize that this person was narcissistic.

Ah's poker face is still narcissistic? !

Rolling his eyes, Hua Chun said: "No emperor in history is single-minded."

"I am the first person without precedent in history."

With a staggering foot, Huachun closed her eyes, and looked up at the emperor when she raised her head again: "I just had a wish for a concubine and I still want to take it back. Don't say anything that doesn't match your style. In fact, maintaining the image of a high cold emperor pretty good."

"is it?"


"Okay, then." The emperor nodded: "Let's continue shopping."

Huachun followed, and looked at the emperor from time to time. When he reached the intersection, he finally couldn't help but ask: "How many things are you hiding from me?"

Yu Wenjie didn't squint his eyes: "What is hiding?"

"I should know you but didn't tell me."

"That's too much." He whispered: "It's just that I don't like to talk too much, so there is no need to tell you all."

The corners of her mouth twitched, and Hua Chun was unwilling to say: "Somehow pick two key things to talk about."

Is the most critical? The pace stopped, the emperor turned his head and glanced at the sunset, his thin lips lightly opened: "Compared with this country, I like you more."

Hua Chun was shocked and looked up at him blankly.

Is this a...confession? Damn, I have been together for so long, and she waited for such a sentence until the child is full moon, it is too late!

But I don't know why, she is still moved by the sound, her eyes are red.

"You speak for words, the concubine is very relieved!" With a grin, Hua Chun smiled and squeezed his hand.

Yu Wenjie glanced at her disgustingly: "I have said this before and emphasized that you don't take it seriously."

Huh? Huachun was taken aback, when did he say that? !

Think about it carefully. It seems that when I met with Prince Xi and Sun Liuxiang, I said such a sentence for the sake of Prince Xi, but isn't that angry!

Wait, this is what I said to the Lord Xi?

There was a flash of inspiration in his mind, and Hua Chun suddenly realized that, and then the emperor said that he wanted to talk about love, but he didn't know what to say in front of the Lord Xi, was it serious?

... Ah's really a lover, she hasn't reacted yet!

Staring at Yu Wenjie with bright eyes, Huachun pulled down his neck with satisfaction, and kissed him on his face: "I will give you this love sentence!"

The gauze curtain floated up and down, no one saw the emperor's reddish profile face, he did not start, stretched out her wrist and said: "Let's go, choose something you like to buy back to amuse the emperor.

"Hey, good." Huachun responded with a smile.

The days ahead are still long, who knows what else will happen? But now that I'm happy, that's enough.

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