When The Male Supporting Actor Bend The Male Lead Book 2 Chapter 332

Vol 2 Chapter 332: Easter 4 Qi Xiaoshou's Prideful Life End

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Kang Rong is in the advanced ward with red eyes. After entering the ward, she picked up her bag and coat and ran out without saying a word.

Jiang Ze was stunned for a moment, and he couldn't take care of the others. While calling Kang Rong's name, he ran out.

After both of them went out, Jiang Shui came in slowly. After closing the door, continue to sit on the chair beside the bed and peel oranges to Qi Yan.

Looking at his indifferent and handsome face, Qi Yan raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's wrong? It made all the girls cry..."

"It's clear." Jiang Shui said lightly: "It doesn't hinder, crying now is much stronger than crying later."

"Where's your soul chicken soup?" Qi Yan chuckled lightly: "Forget it, your own business, it's best to make it clear."

After taking the orange he handed over, Qi Yan put it in his mouth and pours his teeth sour. This will not be the season for eating oranges. Although the fruit in the fruit basket is all-in-one, the taste will not be complimented.

"You eat it, it's too sour." Qi Yan stuffed oranges into Jiangshui and took another apple out: "Cut one more."

Jiang Shui put the oranges aside and picked up a fruit knife to cut apples. "I will take this orange back and cook fruit tea for you."

Jiang Shui really takes care of people. Although he is a man, he sometimes speaks slowly. His eyes are always half closed, as if he can't open it, giving people a feeling of laziness surrounding him.

He is very serious about cooking and food. Whether he is making a nutritious meal plan for Qi Yan or returning to his apartment every day without any hassle to cook for him, he is particularly diligent and will not suffer from the wind. The rain stopped.

In the words of Jiangshui, nutritious meals must be eaten together to see the effect and can not be interrupted.

Qi Yan felt distressed about the river and always thought about being discharged. Not to mention that the doctor refused to let it out, and Lian Jiangshui rarely showed a serious look.

Seeing Jiang Shui's posture of binding him back as soon as he was discharged from the hospital, Qi Yan silently dispelled the idea. Taking medicine and injections every day is particularly active, just waiting to be completely cured before you can be discharged.

After half a month, Qi Yan woke up and asked Zhang Luo, a teacher he trusted, to open the gallery. The students still have the same time in class. Anyway, Qi Yan is not responsible for teaching. He usually handles documents in the office. There are no particularly important documents. Even if he keeps his body well, he can go there.

The warm little days passed through the fingers, Qi Yan could feel the meticulous care of the river, and his heart was already sweet.

Since that day, Kang Rong has not been here again, but Jiang Ze will come here to see it every time after school.

Perhaps the other party is holding a guilty attitude and wants to reconcile with Jiang Shui, but Qi Yan still welcomes him.

For Jiang Shui, he did not want the Jiang family to fall apart because of the gap between the brothers.

As a senior in Jiang Ze, because he has an industry at home, he does not participate in internships. The daily lessons are very easy. He only picks the ones he likes and is helpful for his future work to listen to. When he is idle, he likes to play basketball.

Jiang Shui did not respond to his arrival at first. After being persuaded by Qi Yan several times, when Jiang Ze came next time, Jiang Shui would bring him some sandwiches and the like. Although he did not speak, he also ate for Jiang Ze. of.

The relationship between the brothers is getting more and more harmonious, Qi Yan looks in his eyes and warms in his heart.

Occasionally, when Qi Yan asked Kang Rong, Jiang Ze laughed bitterly, saying that she did not know her recent situation.

Qi Yan was surprised for a while. He thought that after Jiang Shui had withdrawn, Jiang Ze would be with Kang Rong.

"Hey, don't look at me that way. I'm not the one who was dumped." Jiang Ze raised his hands in a gesture of surrender. "Just listening to what you said last time, it makes sense."

Qi Yan recalled what he said and said it was unclear.

Jiang Ze scratched his head and said, "That's what you said she took the initiative to like my brother... Maybe Rong Rong really didn't like me and didn't worry about me, otherwise she wouldn't know that I was treating her After my feelings, I still confessed to my elder brother like that..."

It seemed that Jiang Ze had figured out everything in an instant, and was not entangled. The pride and arrogance of Jiang Ze in the past seemed to leave with this feeling that had not yet begun.

Now he smoothed the edges and corners, as if he really started to grow up.

Qi Yan didn't miss it. After Jiang Ze finished his remarks, Jiang Shui's ecstasy gaze of "My family has grown up".

Mune is so sullen.

Jiang Ze suddenly turned his head, looked at Jiang Shui and Qi Yan, and said, "How are you two?"

The food in Qi Yan's mouth choked, causing him to cough twice.

Jiang Shui came back for him and gave Jiang Ze a disapproving look: "Don't talk while eating."

Jiang Ze stuffed the rest of the sandwich into his mouth and grinned slyly: "It doesn't look good yet."

"You, what are you talking about!" Qi Yan was anxious and shouted with blush: "How can I like the river water?! I don't like the river water, I just have a little affection for him! Yes, a little bit Like it!"

[Male hosts favorability to Qi Yan +10, current favorability: 100]

Jiang Ze looked sure enough, stood up and patted his pants, then made a look at Jiang Shui.

"You can do it yourself, I'm gone, playing basketball."

Qi Yan froze watching him disappear at the door of the ward, and also brought the door intimately, only to realize that he was played by the brothers!

Looking angrily at Jiang Shui, he found a smile on his lips, his warm, water-like eyes flashed, as if he was going to drown in it.

"Qi Yan, I am very happy."

Anger turned into shame, Qi Yan turned his head and snorted heavily: "I didn't say anything just now, and it doesn't count!"

"But I have taken it seriously." Jiang Shui took Qi Yan's hand and wrapped it in his big palm.

Jiang Ze tempted Qi Yan to say "like", and Jiang Shui was like I was waiting for this sentence. Qi Yan guessed that the two brothers should have calculated it in private.

Jiang Shui must have said something to Jiang Ze, for example... like Qi Yan.

After thinking for a while, Qi Yan sighed helplessly, turned his head, and glanced at the Shangjiang water, saying, "I said it all, what about you?"

"I like you."

"That's it?" Qi Yan was dissatisfied: "It's too sincere."

Jiang Shui didn't expect Qi Yan to say this. After thinking about it, he suddenly raised his head with a red face, and looked at Qi Yan's lips with a little expectation.

"Well, then kiss?"

Qi Yan was stunned for a moment. He was thinking about letting the rivers and rivers sworn together. What ghost is Nima kissing now? !

Before he could talk, he suddenly enlarged a handsome face. Lips were blocked by a soft touch, rubbing and licking a little carefully, and finally biting his lower lip gently, after pulling a bit, the foreplay officially ended.

The fiery tongue drove straight in, and acted rashly in Qi Yan's mouth, licking and sucking, dancing with his tongue together, and making a babble sound, as if the pink bubbles were floating in the ward instantly.

The kiss technique was first-rate, but slightly rusty. Qi Yan closed his eyes obsessively, hiding the sweetness.

Forget it, next time ask him what he is doing kissing with.

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