When The Male Supporting Actor Bend The Male Lead Book 2 Chapter 333

Vol 2 Chapter 333: Egg 4 Qi Xiaoshou's Prideful Life Fanwai

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The day the parents of the Jiang family knew their son was out, Jiang Shui and Qi Yan were in the apartment.

After being discharged from the hospital, Qi Yan and Jiang Shui moved to live together. The place I chose to live was a newly rented apartment, close to Qi Yan's gallery, and much closer to Jiangshui's cooking skills.

There are only two of them in this small apartment. Occasionally Jiang Ze will come to stay for a while and then leave.

No, Jiang Zehuo smashed the door and shouted to Jiang Shui: "Brother! My uncle called you home!"

Jiang Shui opened the door and looked blankly at Jiang Ze: "Why call me home at this time?"

"...That, I was careless and told you something about Qi Yan." Jiang Ze had already admitted in his heart that he was a pig teammate, but when he started to chatter, he came out balding: "Really, I didnt mean it! Now my second uncle is looking for you everywhere... Be careful when you go home."

Jiang Shui looked at Jiang Ze for a while, and then slammed the door shut.

Jiang Ze touched the tip of his red nose, and turned away without tears. Inside the house, Jiang Shui glanced at Qi Yan very annoyed. He asked Qi Yan's doubtful eyes and asked, "Do you want to go home with me."

It was almost half a year together. This was the first time Jiang Shui proposed to take him home.

Qi Yan paused for a moment and shook his head: "I'm not ready yet, forget it..."

"But my parents already knew." Jiang Shui walked over, ignoring his shocked eyes, and embracing him in his arms from behind: "Come back with me, I'm timid and don't want to face it myself."

Qi Yan's face was reddish, he turned his head and said, "When, wait for me to prepare tonight..."

"Can't prepare, just now." Jiang Shui kissed his profile from the back: "After today, everything will be better."

In fact, Qi Yan wanted to say that this is fine now. I don't need to care about my parents for the time being, and live a good life in the two of them.

In Qi Yan's heart, seeing his parents is still a long time ago.

It's a matter of rush. Qi Yan simply tidied up, with a feeling of uneasiness in mind, and took a ride with Jiang Shui to the Jiang family. On the way, Qi Yan kept twisting her clothes corner, her eyes flickering out of the window.

Jiang Shui pursed her lips and appeased: "Don't worry, Jiang Ze has paved the way for us."

"...What if your parents disagree with us?" Qi Yan worriedly said: "I'm afraid Jiang Ze paved the way. When I go, your parents will sweep me out of the house without waiting for me to say... "

"Don't you worry about Jiang Ze?" Qi Yan's humorous tone made Jiang Shui laugh.

Qi Yan glared at Jiang Shui, could he not see that he was nervous now? Still laughing!

"Don't worry about Jiang Ze, just thinking, if Jiang Ze told our parents about your situation, and your parents disagreed from the beginning..." Qi Yan lowered her eyes silently, "That's not to blame. Old man, after all, homosexuality or something, should not be accepted."

"Don't worry, I'm here." Taking advantage of the red light, Jiang Shui extended his hand and stroked Fu Qiyan's cheek.

Qi Yan smiled when he listened to him like this: "You said timid yourself, and don't worry me."

"I think my parents are very reasonable." Jiang Shui pondered for a moment and said seriously: "They shouldn't do anything excessive. Even if they don't agree, I will ask them."

Qi Yan raised his eyebrows and stopped talking.

He still trusts Jiangshui very much, oh no, very much.

When he arrived at Jiangzhai, Jiangshui parked the car on one side, got out of the car and went to the other side to open the door for Qi Yan.

Qi Yan looked at the huge and magnificent villa, and suddenly felt very small.

Jiangshui stood next to Qi Yan and said, "Scared?"

"Well, kind of." Qi Yan did not deny: "I didn't expect you to be the son of a big family."

"Um." Jiang Shui finished, and suddenly a strange look appeared on his face: "Yes, my family... a little too much, so don't be angry when you are surrounded by watching for a while, they are not malicious."

Qi Yan suddenly appeared in his mind like a monkey surrounded by people, shivering coldly.

As soon as he reached the door, the door was opened from the inside. An elderly man in the form of a housekeeper stood at the door, squinting and smiling.

"Master, Mr. Qi, you are back."

"Abo." Jiang Shui called, and then turned to Qi Yan: "This is our housekeeper, we all call him Abo."

Qi Yan also called out, and the old man narrowed his eyes, and led them to the inside: "They are all waiting for my wife."

In a word, Qi Yan's originally uneasy mood became even more trembling.

Jiang Shui held his hand, hoping to give him courage through his body temperature.

After being brought into the main hall by Abo, Qi Yan first saw Jiang Ze standing on one side.

Tightened in his heart, Qi Yan wanted to gloat over, but couldn't laugh.

Isnt it just to help him talk to Jiang Shui and be fined?

After Abo's figure flashed off, Qi Yan saw that in the luxurious living room, almost all the places where he could sit were all seated.

Looking at his age, almost all of Jiang Shui and Jiang Ze's elders. It was Jiang Shui's parents who squinted at him in the middle of the living room.

The atmosphere was awkward, Jiang Shui did not speak, and Qi Yan dared not. Squeezed Jiang Shui's hand below and motioned Jiang Shui to speak.

"...Parents, uncles, aunts, I am back." Jiang Shui shouted one by one, and then introduced to them: "This is Qi Yan, my... lover."

"Humph!" A middle-aged man snorted coldly, glared at Jiang Shui, turned his head to ignore them.

Qi Yan was a little embarrassed. When she wanted to say something, she heard the woman beside the man smiling at them.

"What are you doing standing there? Find a place to sit."

Jiang Shui nodded and said to the woman: "Mom, thank you." Then he took Qi Yan and sat in two chairs that Abo moved.

Although there is not even a sofa, Qi Yan is very satisfied...it is better than kneeling on the floor!

As soon as he sat down, Qi Yan was bombed by the Seventh Aunt and the Eighth Aunt.

"I heard that I am a painter, but my career is not bad."

"Now open a gallery by yourself, don't worry about life."

"Hey, it's much stronger than ours."

"It's true that in this case, the two of them are a bit mishandled, right?"

Qi Yan thought that he would become the target of the crowd, and after listening to their words, he realized that they were not talking about themselves, but Jiangshui...

Turning his head to look, he saw Jiang Shui hanging his head silently, as if he could not hear what they said.

For a time, anger was born from the heart. Maybe they are just ridiculing, as elders want to motivate the juniors... but Qi Yan doesn't think they used the right method.

As a family, do they really understand Jiang Shui? Do they know Jiangshui's efforts? Or to put it more bluntly, have they ever eaten food made from river water?

They definitely havent eaten it.

"Sorry, I can't listen anymore." Qi Yan interrupted them coldly.

The surrounding sounds stopped abruptly, and Qi Yan could feel that all his eyes gathered.

"As a junior, it's really impolite to interrupt you, but I'm sorry, I can't listen anymore."

"Jiang Shui has done a really good job. As long as he wants, he can go abroad to study in the next second. I believe that he will become the pride of everyone when he comes back."

"I dont have the right door, its the right way to describe me. Im just a painter, I only have a gallery, and nothing else. I wont progress anymore, and my life just ends in the present. stage."

"But the river is different. He is making progress every day. His progress is endless. Maybe you now think he is doing nothing, even the so-called ideal is worthless, but I believe him."

"Please forgive my offense. Have you eaten the food Jiang Shui made?"

"I met Jiang Shui until he wanted to make a meal for me. It was only two days. But everyone here is his loved one from childhood."

"Yes, the Jiang family is a big family, a very prosperous family. The heir is like gold wrapped in gold powder, and it is shiny with gold from the inside out."

"Jiang Shui just washed away that layer of gold powder, but he is still a piece of gold. He wants to break out of his own world somewhere else."

"He hopes for your support. He hopes that the food he makes will make you feel his heart and love."

"Six months ago, I was not gay, nor was Jiang Shui."

"But half a year later, my lover is Jiang Shui, and Jiang Shui's lover is me. It's that simple."

There was no sound in the silent room, as if everyone was shocked by his voice.

Qi Yan stood up and knelt slowly.

"Everyone is the elder of Jiang Shui, that is, my elder. I apologize for the rude words I just said, but I do not regret it."

"Uncle and aunt can not accept me, but please accept Jiang Shui's ideal."

"He also cares about you, otherwise he won't stop here all the time and he won't leave. If he doesn't care, he can fly directly abroad almost on the day he leaves."

"Jiang Shui cares about you and loves you, so he has been waiting, waiting for you to give him a chance to show."

What Jiang Shui needs is always the recognition of everyone.

Qi Yan knelt there, silently facing all the silence, the atmosphere made people feel terrible, and even the future was dark.

He and Jiang Shui may be over at this moment.

Suddenly, Qi Yan shook his side, Jiang Shui knelt beside him, holding his hand tightly.

He was excited and trembling.

In the bright and luxurious hall, the two young men knelt in the middle like this, waiting for the sentence as if admitting their fate.

When everyone did not speak, suddenly Jiang Ze's exceptionally loud voice came from behind him.

"I've eaten my elder brother's cooking! It's so delicious!"

"Don't talk, you stupid boy, let your face go where your face is!"

"No, mom, you should really try it. When I don't eat, I go to my elder brother's food..."

"Oh! I said why don't you eat every day and want to be a fairy!"

Jiang Ze's conversation with Jiang Ze's mother eased the surrounding atmosphere, and everyone was relieved to breathe.

For a long time, Qi Yan felt that his arms were held up with both hands.

"Get up, boy." Jiang Mu's gentle smile gave Qi Yan a lot of warmth. She stroked Qi Yan's cheek and whispered: "Thank you, willing to speak for Ah Shui."

"...Not for him, but for his worthlessness." Qi Yan smiled: "Auntie, Jiang Shui is really powerful."

"I know, I always know." Jiang Mu also smiled: "From the moment you came in, I knew that our Ah Shui is a blessed child."

"Auntie..." Qi Yan burst into tears. The darkness from the oppression just now was dispersed by the light of maternal love.

Jiang Shui was also pulled up by his uncle.

His uncle, Jiang Zes father, was an unsmiling person. He patted Jiang Shui on the shoulder and said, "The sandwich is delicious."

Jiang Shui raised his eyebrows, glanced at Jiang Ze, and found that he was looking at the sky, and he dared not look at himself.

"Hey, I said, it's still my sister-in-law." The younger middle-aged woman walked behind Jiang's father and shoved him over the shoulder: "Don't you know your own son? What do you do every day?"

For a time, the surrounding atmosphere seemed to be like a big family gathering, or from the beginning, it was a family gathering.

The anxious mood returned to calm, and Qi Yan nodded gently to his father Jiang Jiang.

Sure enough, he got a cry from Jiang Fu, but he didn't look away.

Qi Yan felt that he was being accepted by this whole family.

"Okay, don't let the atmosphere be too depressing, and then scare the children."

Jiang Shui's aunt didn't know where to take out an apron and walked to the kitchen after putting it on.

"I'll cook first, and half of it will let you call it to check. It's true, interest is gone."

Halfway through, Aunt Jiang suddenly stopped and turned to look at Jiang Shui with a smile: "Come on, grand nephew, give me a shot."

Jiang Shui was naturally willing, he smiled very happy, let go of Qi Yan's hand, and then entered the kitchen with Aunt Jiang.

His ideal is being accepted!

Jiang Shui was happy, and Qi Yan smiled at his back.

That's great, this is the dust.

He was surprised that the Jiang family accepted him so quickly, even though he was a boy. He was also amazed that the people of the Jiang family talked so well. It seemed that as long as they told them, they would listen carefully.

The previous barriers are probably the result of non-communication. Qi Yan smiled helplessly at the thought of Jiang Mu's appearance.

In the dining room, many of Jiangshui's dishes were praised by everyone, not the kind of deliberate praise, but the real, shock and surprise after eating.

Everything is so beautiful.

At night, Qi Yan walked side by side with the river, feeling the evening wind blowing around him.

Jiang Shui took his hand and refused to let go. Qi Yan also held him, and the two felt the temperature from the other's palm.

Reassure, intimate.

"Qi Yan, thank you."

Jiang Shui's voice came with the wind.

Qi Yan smiled in his heart, but he showed no mercy: "Thank you, I didn't do anything for you."

"Well, only me will do for you in the future, just wait and wait."

"Cut, it sounds like you are worry-free. Hurry up and find a time to go abroad to study."

"Don't want to leave you..."

"Well, when I go abroad to relax, I am not going to accompany you for further study."


"Fake, don't believe it."

"No, I believe it. You can't regret it."


Qi Yan almost squeezed the river water in his palm;

Jiang Shui was holding him carefully and caring for him.

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