When The Male Supporting Actor Bend The Male Lead Book 2 Chapter 334

Vol 2 Chapter 334: fanwaipostscript

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Raise the male lead, abandon the female lead, earn money and win points.

These four rules were the first time Qi Yan entered the Raiders world, and the system had thousands of orders in his mind.

Many people are wondering, Qi Yan's strategy is so handy, every time the strategy is determined to be a must, for what reason. Hearing this, Qi Yan was about to whine.

Everyone has a time to fail, especially when starting something for the first time. I knew in my heart that the time I lived in the future might be in vain in the Raiders, no matter who the target of the Raiders was, and what the background world was, he would accept it.

Facts have proved that Qi Yan did very poorly at the beginning.

He will not be perfectly integrated into the body of another person, even if he inherits the other person's memory, it will not be used very well.

Qi Yan's first world, in Qi Yan's words, simply insulted his IQ.

But he was there in the world, and stayed there for five years before he succeeded in a thorough strategy. For five years, he was full of anticipation and nostalgia for the world. When the system asked him whether to stay, he refused to leave and chose to stay.

But the result is that he looked at those old people who died of illness, waiting for all the characters related to the strategy to die because of an accident, he was discouraged.

Qi Yan felt that it was his fault. If there was no one like him in the original play, but Qi Yan appeared again, would it change everyone's destiny and cause them to die like drama.

In the world afterwards, Qi Yan set a goal for himself, only strategy and no feelings.

But this is another difficult thing, as long as there is a guide, you will definitely be emotional. As long as there is a guide, you will definitely work hard.

Every world is like being born in a dangerous situation.

Qi Yan has forgotten his feelings and thoughts before death, only when he is squeezed out of the world every time, his soul is squeezed.

Every world is what he wants to understand and deepen.

Someone once said that such Qi Yan is fraternity?

Perhaps Qi Yan would answer that it was not fraternity, but the intentions of every place, converging into another Qi Yan.

Every world has Qi Yan, and every world is different Qi Yan. Qi Yan couldn't change everything. He could only follow it silently, and then gave his feelings. When he left, he forced himself to be a hard-hearted person.

The system is the machine, it will not give you the slightest pity and sympathy, they only care, is the task completed? It doesn't matter if you are tired because of frequent strategy guides, or because of your emotions, what you can do for you.

The strategy is the strategy, do it yourself, there is no possibility of replacement.

Qi Yan has gone through many worlds. If it is not the same, he may never return to the world he wants to go back to.

Qi Yan is unaware of the system.

He didn't know what this strange system was. man-made? Or is it a process of reincarnation that people must go through after death?

Qi Yan asked about the track, but the track shook his head deeply, not going to tell him.

Qi Yan thought, forget it, it's a good thing not to know something.

Rut once told him a lot about the system, but he can remember very little.

Just remember that before going back, he asked the same thing. After he died, would he return to the space of the system, and then continue another strategy?

The same thing told him, no.

It's like a reincarnation once, and then die, there is no chance of resurrection.

Where do people go back after death? This question must be asked of the dead. The dead man will only meet after you die, but when you die, you dont need to ask the dead man, how to go the following way...

"Seriously, I've lived enough." Qi Yan smiled bitterly: "Really, every world is me, and every world is not me. If it's not because I'm conscious, maybe I'm also fake."

"People who are recognized by God are never illusory."

"How is your strategy?" Qi Yan asked: "The world of the orc, which is the number of worlds that you attacked?"

"The third." The same answer answered truthfully.

"The environment is terrible...the third one." Qi Yan twitched his lips, thinking the child was really pitiful.

"It's not bad, because there is Huerluo." Slightly shrugged: "I can remember the goal of each world's strategy, because that is the world I have lived, the human beings I have loved."

Qi Yan rolled his eyes: "People who have loved-just, don't add the word "category."

"God loves the world." After answering the boy very seriously, he silently extended his hand and gave a thumbs up, saying he was very good!

Qi Yan chuckled and suddenly asked: "Actually, you are a secondary two disease?"

She made a face with nothing and didn't answer, but Qi Yan saw dodge and shyness in his eyes.

He is a secondary two...

It seems that he has begun to re-start, Qi Yan put down everything and chose a place.

"Thank you friend."

"You're welcome, people."

A strange way of saying goodbye, but Qi Yan used it.

After Qi Yan left, he still pondered for a while in the system space and suddenly raised his head slowly.

"You are watching."

His voice was very quiet. Although it was a question, it was a statement.

But above him, there was nothing. He seemed to speak to the soul and the air.

"This is your world." It seems like a sigh, "It's really funny."

There was no answer for a long time, but the same but abruptly evoked a relief arc.

"Forget it, let me take charge of it here." Patted his chest in the same way: "I am God."

The teenager smiled and turned away.

In the dimly lit room, a slightly flashing screen reflected in the pure white space, and a young boy looked up directly at his head. Word by word, telling what he wanted to say and want to ask.

After he didn't get an answer, he just smiled decisively. He didn't speak anymore, but turned and left.

In front of the screen, a girl looked indifferently at the shimmering lens. For a long time, she pulled out a seemingly light but extremely bitter smile.

This is the world she created.

Everyone inside is her closest person.

When a person's life came to an end, she did not know how many unreleased highlights were hidden behind the scenes.

Girls, want to give them all a chance to shine again.

The girl thought for a while. At the beginning of the article, next to the title of the book, a bracket was drawn, and four words were quietly written in it.

Clean water system.

Cool world, colorful life.

Footsteps came from the door. The girl turned off the live-like camera and opened the document. It was a 650,000-word manuscript.

Someone came in and turned on the light.

"Ah, are you coding again?"

"Well, save the manuscript, save desperately!"

"Don't be too tired... Hey, this article is not going to be over, why do you click it again?"

"... There is a fan, ha ha ha, close it, it's over."

Well, it's over, everything is over.

Red eyes, her slender fingers at the end of the document, knocked on the last punctuation mark.

Goodbye, Qi Yan.

Goodbye, "[Quick Wear] Becoming a Male with a Break".

End of full text

-Niangniang pays tribute and thanks to the readers who saw this place.

Sure enough, still can't help it.

It's over, more than 650,000 words, ha ha ha...

It's embarrassing to laugh.

I don't want to think of novels as an illusory thing. I want to think of them as a real world. The characters in them are all real.

Everyone should be able to see that it was the empress who was the last to substitute.

In fact, I am just an ordinary person. I sit in a university dormitory with my bed on top and my table below. The code tool is a laptop computer bought by my parents for more than 4,000, no It's very expensive.

I treat all readers equally.

A lot of readers have come to tell me, sissy, you are not cold at all.

I want to say that there is really no one who is cold in the world.

Last May, I opened this novel.

Facing the college entrance examination at that time, I learned to explode. I think I should find something to do for myself before I decided to start this novel in Tofu.

I haven't seen much of the pure-wearing fast-wearing before. The lady is a rot woman, but it is not an absolute rot woman. Before that, I watched the fast-wearing of romance.

Because it was disgusting that Mary Su quickly wore the heroine, there were too many plots with the hero to hold the male nose. So I decided to write a essay on the male match and the male lead, leaving the female lead away.

The original intention of writing was too sloppy.

If you want to do better, don't put yourself too high. A lady is a lady, not a big brother, not a great god.

I write what I want to express, it's that simple.

I am flattered by everyone's likes. I can be arrogant and hopeless. I hope you will stay with me.

Niangniang is trying to improve her writing style, which involves various types of literary writings, but what is consistent is that her style remains unchanged.

I hope the next article, the next article, can still have your company.

Thanks, everyone.

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