Wife Is Fierce Don't Mess With Her Chapter 828

Chapter 828: Gu Xiaobao And Gu Xiaobei 6

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This time, they brought along their two kids to have fun and stayed for some time.

These few days, Gu Xiaobao went to quite a lot of places with Qi Yuefeng, as well as his younger sister.

This was Gu Xiaobei’s first time in China. The young Gu Xiaobei was filled with curiosity about the local customs and practices of China.

She could often be seen gazing around with wide eyes while being carried. This little girl charmed plenty of passers-by.

Gu Xiaobei even got famous once, because she was too pretty.

With eyes as big as a doll, she looked just like a mixed-blood Barbie from overseas. Passers-by took a photo of her and uploaded it, and those photos went viral.

Later, it was the Penalan royalty that secretly placed pressure on these public places via Helian Niancheng’s companies in the capital, which caused the photos to disappear from the Internet completely.

They didn’t wish for the little prince and little princess’s photos to be revealed to the public.

One week later, Gu Shouyan brought Gu Xiaoxi and Gu Qingjiu’s older cousin Yao Yanshen to the Gu residence.

The two young uncles that received the news also rushed back from overseas.

Though, this time they didn’t bring along that extremely irksome adopted daughter of theirs, whom they had previously met once at a family dinner.

Nobody asked about that adopted daughter’s current condition.

This was a gathering among them, family members.

Gu Shouyan had a private chat with Gu Qingjiu.

Standing at the balcony, gazing at this niece of hers who had fully blossomed into a mature young woman, Gu Shouyan couldn’t tell that Gu Qingjiu was already a mother of two kids.

Gu Shouyan revealed a rare gentle expression. “I heard some things after I took control of the Yu Corporation.”

Upon hearing the words‘Yu Corporation’, Gu Qingjiu’s expression froze momentarily. “Mm, I wonder what you have heard, Great Aunt.”

“I didn’t hear it from elsewhere. Your biological mother Tan Yalan came to look for me once. She said some things to me, including why they didn’t search for you after you went missing back then.”

Gu Qingjiu remained silent.

She didn’t know why Tan Yalan still went to look for Gu Shouyan, for it was utterly meaningless.

“Actually this wasn’t what I wanted to talk to you about. Back then Tan Yalan came to me, and from the way she talked, I could tell she resents our company for destroying the Yu Corporation.” Gu Shouyan patted Gu Qingjiu’s shoulder. “Qingjiu, I only wish to tell you, there’s nothing wrong with the way you have treated that family. People like that aren’t fit to be your parents.”

After saying that, Gu Shouyan walked back into the house.

Gu Qingjiu looked up at the skies. The sunshine was vibrant and even glaring.

Her lips indistinctly arched in a smile.

That was all in the past now. The trauma in her heart had more or less dissipated.

The missions she had undertaken all these years had also trained her mentally. Those matters from the previous lifetime were gradually becoming so blurred that all clarity was lost.

Now, she had Gu Xiaobao and Gu Xiaobei, as well as a husband who loved and doted on her. With such a blissful family, what else could she hope for?

Gazing at the skies outside, momentarily, she seemed to see that haggard and dejected version of herself in the previous lifetime, gently smiling at her under the dazzling sunshine. And then, that Gu Qingjiu waved her hand and vanished into thin air.

Gu Xiaobao shouted from inside the house, “Mommy, come over! Daddy is bullying me!”

Following that, a man’s deep voice could be heard. “What bullying? Gu Xiaobao, as a man, you must be willing to concede defeat.”

Gu Qingjiu replied with a smile, “Aye, I’m coming over. Gu Xiaobao, did you make a bet with Daddy”

Everything ended at its most wonderful moment.

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