Wife Is Fierce Don't Mess With Her Chapter 829

Chapter 829: Huo Yingcheng Yu Baoer 1

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Yu Bao’er had never imagined that she could one day enter such an upscale country as Penalan.

She still remembered back then when she received the call from her bestie, asking her to go to be her bridesmaid.

She knew that Gu Qingjiu was about to get married, but she had never expected that the aloof and unattainable Chief Instructor, whom she had once drooled over, turned out to be the major-general, and even prince, of Penalan

Her bestie Gu Qingjiu was seriously goddamn lucky!

“Country bumpkin, are you stunned?”

Laughter rang from beside, making Yu Bao’er retract her astonished gaze immediately. She saw Huo Yingcheng standing not far away in a thin black trench coat, gazing at her with a teasing and amused smile.

Yu Bao’er’s face flushed. “Commander Huo, you know that I am an ordinary citizen who hasn’t seen much of the world”

Yu Bao’er has had brief interactions with this person, who used to be her commander. She remembered him to be quite a nice person.

“You’re honest though.”

Huo Yingcheng walked over with a beam and stroked Yu Bao’er’s head. “The Penalan palace is huge. With no one leading the way, if you lose your way, it’d be difficult to find you. Can you speak English?”

Yu Bao’er’s face turned even redder, and an ashamed feeling started welling up within her. “Not quite. Does ‘thank you’ count?”

Huo Yingcheng was speechless.

“If you can’t, you ought to learn. You’re Gu Qingjiu’s bestie!”

Yu Bao’er was indignant. “That’s different. I’m not as capable as Qingjiu to marry such an elite husband in the future.”

Huo Yingcheng sighed. “You’re indeed an ordinary citizen.”

Yu Bao’er was speechless.

She felt the contempt of capitalism.

Yu Bao’er thought that she, who lived in the capital, had seen much of life and nothing should faze her.

However, at that moment she saw the Penalan palace, Yu Bao’er experienced the huge discrepancy between capitalism and socialism.

And also, the pressure of a monarchy.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you around because we’re old acquaintances.”

Yu Bao’er heaved a sigh of relief at this offer.

Coming here, although Gu Qingjiu took pretty good care of her, she was after all a bride-to-be and was very busy of late. As she didn’t quite know anyone else around, it would be awkward for her to forcibly hang out with them. As for the foreigners, all the more Yu Bao’er didn’t dare to mess with them.

She couldn’t even speak English

Now, seeing Huo Yingcheng, Yu Bao’er even felt a tad touched.

At least someone was willing to pay heed to her?

Yu Bao’er felt a sense of closeness towards Huo Yingcheng, who used to be her commander. While she was roaming around the palace with him, Yu Bao’er asked, “Commander Huo, why did you go to China’s basic military camp to be an instructor with Commander He back then?”

Yu Bao’er was curious as to why two members of the royalty would go to such a place.

Huo Yingcheng glanced at Yu Bao’er. “The more you speak, the more mistakes you’re prone to make. Don’t ask such questions in a place like this.”

The warning embedded in his words made Yu Bao’er shiver. She twitched her lips. “I was just casually asking. You can choose not to answer.”

She understood now that this involved secrets of the royalty, hence it couldn’t be revealed.

Gazing at the gorgeous scenery around, Yu Bao’er had to admit that Penalan had superb scenery. Especially this capital city. Yu Bao’er had long wanted to come here, but the visa was too hard to obtain.

She hadn’t expected that one day she would be able to come here all thanks to her bestie.

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