Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Princes Courtesan Wife Chapter 398

Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Princes Courtesan Wife Volume 1 Chapter 398 - Tianhao Ruins (6)

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"Don't worry, Wifey. No matter what happens, I'll protect you." Rong Jian smiled at her.

Shen Tianyu almost bit back with an "I can take care of myself just fine" but held her tongue. Instead, she replied with, "Okay but you should take care of yourself first."

Rong Jian just smiled back at her as he picked up a stick of roasted meat and handed it to her.


When the sun peeked through the horizon the next day, Rong Jian was the first one to open his eyes. As the purple gradually faded into orange, he lit the campfire that they had put out before going to sleep the night before. He readied a blanket and a thick fur coat on top of it as he sat by the fire and waited. When the sun could be seen between the gaps of the mountain range, he went back into the tent.

"Wifey, wake up. It's morning already. We need to go down to the valley to investigate." He shook the shoulders of his wife who was still buried in her blanket, wrapped tight like an egg roll and curled up like a baby.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="#%E2%80%99s-courtesan-wife_11622167006444805/tianhao-ruins-(6)_51969126394033957">#%E2%80%99s-courtesan-wife_11622167006444805/tianhao-ruins-(6)_51969126394033957</a> for visiting.

The girl on the stuffed mattress groaned as she curled in herself some more. "Shut up, it's freezing cold. Go away."

Only after a few more shakes and some more coaxing words did she finally deem to open her eyes and stare blearily at her partner's face.

"What." She snapped at him, still not moving from her position.

"Wifey, we're here to investigate the miasma in the valley, remember?" He didn't get mad at her since he already knew she was very much not a morning person, as can be attested to by the maids that served her and her sworn sister. He himself had seen it a few times when he went to walk her to the dining hall.

"Oh. Right." She murmured as she gave a yawn and groggily sat up. She shivered at the cold mountain air as she let her blanket fall around her.

Rong Jian dr.a.p.ed the thick fur coat he had warmed near the campfire over her figure. She looked at the piece of clothing in surprise, waking up a bit, before looking back at Rong Jian.

"Thanks." She mumbled as she got up and stretched her sore body. Rong Jian left the tent to take guard at the campfire again and she wore the coat properly, tying it neatly.

"Are you a bit more awake? I got some buns for breakfast that should still be warm." Rong Jian asked as she poked her head out of their simple base.

"What kind of buns?" Shen Tianyu asked as she naturally sat down next to Rong Jian, on top of the blanket that had been laid out.

"Pork buns, vegetable buns, pickled vegetables buns, and plain white buns." Rong Jian listed the ones he remembered putting in his pouch.

"One pork bun and one vegetable bun please, Master~" Shen Tianyu said as if ordering food from a food stall on the road.

"Coming right up!" Rong Jian responded, following the scenario she had set, and pulled out the requested ones out from his Cosmo Bag hanging from his waist. After he handed over her order, he randomly pulled out another for himself.

Once they were done eating, they dismantled the tent and put everything back in Shen Tianyu's Cosmo Pouch then put out the campfire. By this time, the sun was almost above their heads as they headed down to the valley.

"It'll take too long to hike down. Let's just jump down and stop before the miasma." Shen Tianyu said as she looked down at the valley. She pulled out a solid sword from her Wind Shrine through her pouch.

The slope leading down into the valley, from the mountaintop they were standing on, was actually quite steep, much more so than the path leading up to it. It was almost a straight cliff as if the surrounding mountains were walls of a residence rather than mounds of earth, grass, and trees.

"I don't mind. It seems harder to try to hike down anyways. I'll go down first." Rong Jian didn't question whether she would be able to stop in time.

"Alright." Shen Tianyu stepped back and let Rong Jian descend first.

He unhesitatingly jumped down the mountaintop and plummeted towards the valley covered in thick, dark grey fog feet first. However, before the winds emitting from the valley could even touch him, he already had his sword out, embedding it into the side of the mountain. His momentum came to a halt as his sword slid down a bit, creating a gash the length of one's forearm on the hill. He easily pulled himself up on one hand and sat on the handle of his sword as he looked up at where his wife should still be standing.

Seeing that he made it safely to a good point, Shen Tianyu's shoulders visibly relaxed, though she herself might not have noticed. She followed suit and jumped down the mountain, stabbing the sword in her hand into the patch of green and grey when she deemed it was about time to stop. She also got up and sat on her sword handle and pulled out the corpse of a small demonic beast they had defeated the day before. She silently wrapped it in a thin layer of her spiritual power before throwing it into the cloud of miasma. Rong Jian didn't question her actions and just watched.

Being Gold Core cultivators that can now fly for certain distances, why didn't they just fly down?

Shen Tianyu frowned as she felt her spiritual power dissipating as soon as the corpse entered the cloud of miasma. After her spiritual power was completely sucked from the corpse, she doesn't know what happened to it.

"So it's the real deal?" Rong Jian asked upon seeing her expression.

"Yes. That's what makes it all the more troublesome. Good thing I got something from Shue'er beforehand." Shen Tianyu smirked as she took out a porcelain bottle from her Cosmo Pouch. She shook out a black pill from it and gave one to Rong Jian while she took another one herself before putting the bottle back.

Rong Jian unhesitatingly swallowed the pill and looked at her for an explanation.

"You remember what she did when we entered the Forest of Death right? This pill has the same effect." Shen Tianyu relayed what her subordinate had said when the other had handed the bottle over.

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