Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Princes Courtesan Wife Chapter 399

Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Princes Courtesan Wife Volume 1 Chapter 399 - Tianhao Ruins (7)

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"You remember what she did when we entered the Forest of Death right? This pill has the same effect." Shen Tianyu relayed what her subordinate had said when the other had handed the bottle over.

'It's mostly because I refuse to learn, though. I might be good at making poisons and stuff but my level of knowledge on acupuncture points can only be considered beginner level. Not to mention I don't really know about the other acupuncture points that are related to spiritual energy in this world. It's too complicated and I have enough on my plates as is. Acupuncture points don't matter as long as you hit their vital spots, I say!' Shen Tianyu swung her legs as she waited for the pill to take effect.

"How long does it last?" Rong Jian asked her.

"It should last two shichen1 each pill as long as there aren't any outside circ.u.mstances." She replied.

They took back their swords from the cliffside and fell straight down, through the cloud of miasma. Their vision was immediately blocked as soon as they entered the dark grey cloud, only able to see one or two chi1 in front of them. Rong Jian reached out and held on to Shen Tianyu's hand as soon as he realized just how much their vision was reduced.

They stopped falling when their feet touched solid ground and they began to look around out of habit despite not being able to see anything.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="#%E2%80%99s-courtesan-wife_11622167006444805/tianhao-ruins-(7)_51970503988007461">#%E2%80%99s-courtesan-wife_11622167006444805/tianhao-ruins-(7)_51970503988007461</a> for visiting.

"Oof. The fall was unexpectedly short. That means it hasn't been around long enough for the miasma to spread further." An unknown male voice sounded from their left. In fact, though they could not see, the couple could hear a low rumbling of voices all around them.

"Luckily we fell close to the mountainside. They haven't discovered us yet." Shen Tianyu whispered to Rong Jian as they huddled together.

"Mn. We need to be careful. There should be a force or two affiliated with Rikui. We can mix with them when we enter." Rong Jian told her.

"Are you sure it was okay to come here without telling the Young Miss?" A young, somewhat familiar female voice sounded from diagonal to the couple, on the right.

"The Young Miss has worked so hard in her younger years. It's about time she should relax and hang out with her peers. We can handle something on this level ourselves." A handsome male voice responded, though it did not sound older than the female voice.

"You say that as if the girl is old. She's barely your age." An older woman who was much more familiar with this "Young Miss" responded in an unsatisfactory tone.

"Whatever it may be, the little brat can take care of herself and all we need to do is continue to acc.u.mulate treasures for her." An old man added in, ending the discussion.

By this time, Shen Tianyu was half-dragging Rong Jian over to the voices, her eyes unblinking. Rong Jian indeed felt the voices were familiar but had yet to make out exactly who they were. But seeing his wife's twitching lips as if she was about to burst into a smile, he deemed that they were allies, at the very least.

"Who are you calling a brat?!" Shen Tianyu shouted as her leg lashed out, still holding on to Rong Jian with her hand. Despite her words, there was three part relief and three part laughter in her tone.

"Oof! Who is it!" The voice of the old man angrily echoed in their surroundings.

"... Xiao Tian? Is that you?" The old woman reacted a beat later.

"It's me, Elder Yu. Ah-Jian also came with me." She responded as she turned her body in the direction where the older woman's voice was coming from.

"Hahaha! I should have guessed! Our Miss is one of a kind, how could she miss out on such an event!" The young man from before guffawed from somewhere further away.

"Xiao Tian? Little Treasure? Little Treasure, you're here! Do you know how much your old father missed you? Only because the Elders kept reminding me to keep out of your honeymoon period and threatened to tie me up and send me back home so I refrained! Why didn't you come see your dear old daddy? Daddy is so sad... boohoo..." The old man completely forgot about wanting to punish the person who kicked him and instead dissolved into a puddle of childishness.

"Stop doing that. How old are you now? It's disgusting and cringe." Rong Jian watched his wife make a face of disdain despite not being able to clearly make out the old man's hunched figure.

A chorus of "It's the Miss", "The Miss has come?", "Hey, the Miss is here!" echoed out from the people behind Muo Jeng and Elder Yu.

The couple could feel themselves being surrounded by people, despite not being able to see them but they felt no sense of threat at all.

"How come you guys didn't even say anything when you got information on something this big? I want to participant in this adventure too. It's not everyday a person gets to do this." Shen Tianyu pouted but her words held no weight as the joy in her voice could easily be picked out.

"We didn't want to disturb your studies. Who knew you would come back so soon and even got wind of this on your own." Elder Yu answered fondly.

"Well I'm here now so there's no use keeping this from me." Shen Tianyu puffed up her chest in the dense fog, which elicited a chuckle from the elder in front of her.

"By the way, do you know when it'll open up?" Shen Tianyu dropped her arm to her side and asked.

"We're not sure since it doesn't seem to have been that long since the miasma appeared but it's already so thick. It's useless to predict when these kinds of things appear so we were planning to just camp out until it appeared." The man from before answered in a slightly differential manner. about 1-2 feet, more specifically 1.09-2.19 feet4 hours

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