Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Princes Courtesan Wife Chapter 400

Wild Crimson Rose: Beloved Handyman Princes Courtesan Wife Volume 1 Chapter 400 - Tianhao Ruins (8)

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"We're not sure since it doesn't seem to have been that long since the miasma appeared but it's already so thick. It's useless to predict when these kinds of things appear so we were planning to just camp out until it appeared." The man from before answered in a slightly differential manner.

"Hmm~ We came because a suspicious request came in at the School but we aren't sure when it'd open either. I had hoped it would open up soon so I can get a peek inside and hurry back for classes." Shen Tianyu crossed ehr arms and looked out at the dense fog.

"Miss, are you alright being here?" A different, more familiar female voice echoed from within the crowd in front of them.

"Shue'er? Don't worry, we have the pills you gave me!" She cheerfully responded.

After meeting up, the man in charge of the expedition, Yun Tianhao, made a brief round of introductions. The new recruits that were there for training purposes included the few Shen Tianyu had recruited on her journey in Jing Qie. The older ones were to guide the new recruits but didn't guarantee that they'll keep them safe at all time. After all, these places are actually quite dangerous, it'd be a challenge to look after someone other than yourself at the same time. The elders that had been staying in Rikui joined up with them after hearing of their visit as a precautionary measure as well as for leisure.

"Oh, Wen Ya is here too." Shen Tianyu recognized the Junzhu from Jing Qie, the niece of that wretched man. Though it was probably a biased opinion as a man having three wives and five concubines are common in this world, especially among those of upper class, much less royalty.

"How's your cousin?" She asked offhandedly.

"He's... doing alright, I guess. Albeit a bit busy." Wen Ya responded with a sad smile.

"Hm? What happened with him?" The other member of Jing Qie flinched a little at the words.

"My uncle... has been in seclusion. The Noble Consort was blamed for harming the relationship between the Empress and Emperor and was sent to a monastery to pray for the well-being of the empire. The Emperor himself went into seclusion deep inside the Royal Palace to reflect. Only after this did the other Imperial couple relent as the peace between the two countries can be considered the late Empress's lifetime achievement and wish." Wen Ya summarized the happenings of her country after Shen Tianyu and Rong Jian had left.

"Oh, is that so. What a... pity. It must be hard on the Crown Prince." Shen Tianyu wasn't sure what to comment since she didn't really feel sorry for the Emperor. At all. In her opinion, the man got off relatively scot free.

"Thank you for caring, Miss." Wen Ya responded, a textbook example of politeness.

"Oh, sure." Shen Tianyu scratched the tip of her nose. She wasn't good in these kinds of conversations.

*Rumble Rumble*

Thankfully, the gods seem to smile upon her today as a noise emitted from within the thick fog, saving Shen Tianyu from this discussion.

"Since we're here, let's group together?" Shen Tianyu looked at Yun Tianhao and asked.

"Of course. You're welcome to join us at anytime, Miss!" He replied in a jovial voice.

As the rumbling grew louder, the ground started shaking as well, little vibrations at first and then full-on quakes to the point where some people around them were falling down.

"Let's head towards the rumbling!" Shen Tianyu immediately took charge and the large group consisting of mostly Yaodu members tread through the shaking towards the initial sound.

As they trudged forward, the fog around them started swirling too. As if water in a pot of soup, it continued to churn and twist. Eventually, a stone platform was revealed at the center of the fog, and on top of it was a stone gate. The platform was plain yet elegant, polished yet had no embellishments or decorations. The gate, however, seemed to be designed by another person.

The top of the gate had a roof-like design and right below the triangle was a line of, what Shen Tianyu knew as, frieze1 art. The frieze depicted a few battles with one person as the main focus, probably the battles that person had won. Below it were two large stone doors that opened inwards. On the doors were more carvings, this time with jewels embedded in them. Mostly, the jewels were used for eyes of beasts. Vines were carved in between each scene as if to link them together like it wasn't obvious enough that this all belonged to one person's story. Mysteriously, there was nothing material behind the gate, and no matter which way you looked, the images were the same on both sides of the gate.

The first to reach this gate was Shen Tianyu's group, who had reacted first and the fastest. The rest were still trying to get back on their feet and finding their teammates amid the miasmic fog. Currently, the only area with less fog, enough to see the faces of a whole group of thirty people, is the immediate area surrounding the stone gate. The rest of the valley was still shrouded in the fog of miasma.

"So this is an Ascendant Monument..." One of the new recruits whispered, as if afraid to disturb whoever was on the other side of the gate. The rest of them were gazing at the gate in awe and respect. The older members and the elders weren't much affected though and merely glanced at it before returning their gazes back to their surroundings. The older members explained some knowledge about the gate to the new hatchlings.

An Ascendant Monument, also known as Ruins, were left behind by powerful cultivators. Whether those cultivators ascended or passed on to another life, and how the Monuments were made to accommodate such a vast space are all unknown despite centuries of desperate research. In these Monuments are relics, treasures and secret techniques left by the Monument's creator. a broad horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, especially on a wall near the ceiling.

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