Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 1230

Chapter 1231 Come And Go

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Zhao Qiong blankly stared at the scene in front of her.

The swordsman had already ascended above the clouds and vanished without a trace.

The ground filled with nothing but ruins, just by looking forward a bit one would be able to see the faraway countryside.

But to Zhao Qiong, this destruction didnt matter.

Because everyone had been resurrected.

Although, there was a small issue

Although the tower of people had already collapsed, most of the people were still stuck together, unable to move apart.

Because there were too many people.

Noises, cries, loud shouting resounded all over.

"Old Li! Old Li! Where are you?"

"Brother Zhang, Im right under your butt"

"Damned old Wang, dont push me, your hole is showing"


"Patriarch, please dont worry, this humble servant had investigated, there are no danger around us"

"Hm, if you can move your feet away from my nose, Ill feel even safer"

"My apologies!"

"Who farted just now!? Wheres your sense of public preservation!?"

The sound of bickering and rowdiness resounded throughout the ruins, giving off a renewed sense of vitality.

fortunately, although most of these underground humans werent exactly world-level Combatants, they also werent weak, otherwise those who were shoved at the bottom would have already been crushed to death.

Zhao Qiong simply stood there, motionlessly watching this.

She was racking her brain, trying to recall if there was anyone in the underground that could revive the dead and the dead people of an entire city, no less!

Because even now, she was still in disbelief of her own eyes.

This was something only Gods could achieve.

Time slowly passed.



The bones arranged at Zhao Qiongs feet suddenly broke into two dull noises.

In an instant, an imposing man who carried ten blades on his back and a feminine woman with a folding fan in her hand both appeared.

"Zhao Qiong, is it an unknown Apocalypse?"

The man questioned in a low voice while drawing a black blade from his back.

"Brother, you go first, I need some time to prepare" the woman with the fan said as she immediately began to chant.

Both of them were battle-ready.

And then

They were shocked.

The man watched over the slowly unraveling tower of people and muttered: "What kind of situation is this?"

Seeing the ones who came were this pair of brother and sister, Zhao Qiong regained her senses and quickly bowed, reporting to them: "Your grace, Thousand Saints Blade Venerate; and your excellency, Painted Bones Serenity, someone saved me earlier, he also resurrected everyone here"


The two of them couldnt help but look at Zhao Qiong.

Zhao Qiong then told them everything that just occurred.

"He said that he was Gu Qing Shan?" Painted Bones Serenity asked.

"I know this person, but Ive never heard of an organization called Dont Know Yet’" Thousand Saints Blade Venerate muttered.

"He indeed stated that he was from Dont Know Yet’" Zhao Qiong nodded.

Thousand Saints Blade Venerate mused: "It is said that this person was the master of the twin swords Heaven and Earth, a prominent figure of the 900 million World Layers. I didnt think he would arrive in our world so soon after he returned from the era of the past"

"Then, you mean these people were resurrected because of the Heaven swords power?" Painted Bones Serenity asked.

"Thats right" Thousand Saints Blade Venerate replied.

Painted Bones Serenitys eyes flickered: "What should we do then? Those two swords are"

"Sister, definitely do not misunderstand"

Thousand Saints Blade Venerate glanced at his younger sister and continued: "In the Age of Old, the current Deity of [Chaos], the Bygone Demon Dragon, and an Immortal Giant competed for the twin swords Heaven and Earth, yet in the end, it was none other than the human cultivator Gu Qing Shan who triumphed against them all and took the swords. If you think that you can win against these three entities at the same time, you can go look for him and try. But I suggest you try and seduce him because at least that way youll survive"

Painted Bones Serenity was stunned, but was unconvinced: "My powers came from-"

Thousand Saints Blade Venerate cut her off: "I know that your powers came from a certain unimaginable entity from that tomb, were all the same, but you should understand"

He pointed at the collapsing tower of people.

"When he didnt have the twin swords Heaven and Earth, he already managed to defeat three immortal entities from the Age of Old. Now that he wields them they are the Evil-warding weapon of the Bottomless Abyss, the Guardians against ultimate extinction, the Swords of Changing Fate; the ultimate Soul Artifacts that the eternal Abyss specifically prepared for a certain matter, are you absolutely confident that you can go against that?"

"Not to mention, his background had always been shrouded in mystery. We dont even know who he is or where he came from, only today did we find out he belonged to an organization called Dont Know Yet’"

Thousand Saints Blade Venerate then patted Painted Bones Serenitys shoulder and said: "So, its best that you try to seduce him instead. If were lucky, I might get a powerful brother-in-law, and if the Apocalypses erupted from the tomb, you and I would have a place to take refuge in"

Thousand Saints Blade Venerate then turned to Zhao Qiong: "The youngster that you discovered was able to attract this unprecedented Apocalypse, hes a unique talent indeed. Bring him back as soon as you can, and keep in mind to make sure that he doesnt trigger his ability, otherwise, if something else is attracted, that would be troublesome"

Saying so, Thousand Saints Blade Venerate turned around and disappeared.

he left without hesitation.

Painted Bones Serenity stood blankly, completely speechless.

Next to her, Zhao Qiong lightly nodded, silently thinking of Li Sans matter.

As for what Thousand Saints Blade Venerate had told Painted Bones Serenity earlier-

Zhao Qiong looked down and stared at her feet as if she hadnt been listening at all.

"Cheh! If theres nothing else, this lady is going to find somewhere else to hang out"

Painted Bones Serenity angrily said and vanished as well.

Zhao Qiong sighed in relief.

This pair of brother and sister is powerful, but sometimes they give off the impression that they cant be relied on

Regardless, the issue is finally dealt with.

The orange cat that no one could see sitting next to her also sighed in relief.

I didnt think Id be that famous. However, about the power of the twin swords Heaven and Earth

He looked at the void of space in front of himself and read the line of glowing text hovering there:

[Youve used the Heaven swords Chaotic Flow]

[Because this Chaotic Flow struck so many targets, the number of Soul Points you expended was: 10 million]

I cant just randomly squander it this way again.

The orange cat lowered his head, looking a bit dejected.

However, regardless of what happened, this matter is dealt with.

Once I understand this world better, perhaps I could cooperate with these people in the fight against the Apocalypse?

The orange cat silently thought as his cat paws touched the ground and activated [Ground Shrink].

he had returned to the secret room.

Zhao Qiong was pondering something as she slowly made her way back.

When she returned to the secret room of the School of Fei Yu, Li San was already sitting blankly in a secluded corner.

"Li San" Zhao Qiong called out.

Li San quickly regained his senses as he stood up: "Senior Zhao, how are things?"

"The issue has been resolved, but the entire city was destroyed by that insect, so it might take quite a long time to rebuild everything" Zhao Qiong replied.

Li San was stunned, muttering in shock: "Was a single insect so powerful?"

"It was" Zhao Qiong answered with a stern expression: "Thats why, whatever the ability you obtained was, we cant test it right now. We need to wait until you return with me to the School of Shan Hai, only in an environment with many experts protecting us can we slowly experiment"

Li San smiled and replied: "Alright, I understand, senior Zhao, when can we leave?"

Zhao Qiong replied: "About leaving, we will probably need to wait"

"Wait for what?" Li San asked.

"We need to at least wait until your Fei Yu clan finishes reorganizing itself and begins their rebuilding; only then would I have a chance to state my request, offering resources in exchange for taking you to our School of Shan Hai" Zhao Qiong replied.

She took out a bone pendant and put it on Gu Qing Shans neck.

"This can protect you. Wait here, for now, Ill take a look whether or not your Patriarch had returned yet"

Saying so, Zhao Qiong put her hand out to stroke Li Sans head.

Pitifully, as Gu Qing Shan was disguising as the young Li San, his body was still immature, so his height hadnt even reached her shoulder, having no choice but to let her stroke his head.

Zhao Qiong smiled at Gu Qing Shan, then turned to leave.

Gu Qing Shan slowly sat down.

He touched the bone pendant.

Lines of glowing text appeared on the War God UI:

[Bone of Summoning Blood]

[This bone had undergone a Bone Masters treatment and became a type of charm, granting the wearer the protection of a certain mystical entity, shielding them from one attack at a moment of danger]

[Owner: Zhao Qiong]

The owner was listed, this means that whatever a Bone Master gave away, they could easily take back.

Gu Qing Shan let go of the bone pendant without much interest.

Do I need protection?

Of course not.

The only thing I can do right now is to sit here and wait.

once the transaction regarding me is done, Ill leave with Zhao Qiong to the School of Shan Hai, witnessing the grand scale of this world and its secrets.

After all, the Tomb of Myriad Beasts was supposed to be a place comparable to the Wraith realm, I just hope all of my probings right now will help us with the terrible future.

As for the me in this current point in time, I have only just returned from the Age of Old to the 900 million World Layers, so I might still be traveling with Lin to look for a way to heal her.

most likely I still havent run into Boss yet.

Then, I have enough time.

Lets just wait then.

Gu Qing Shan closed his eyes, extracted the excellent martial arts fist techniques granted to him by the world spirits of the past, and began to comprehend them.

Although I still cant test out exactly what that snake-bodied human-faced entity bestowed to me just yet, Ive already become a Spirit Linked Martial Artist.

Right now, even if I have the foundation from the martial scripture that Lin taught, it would be best to learn some fist techniques to supplement that.

at least I should be able to act like Im an actual expert.

A few moments later.

Gu Qing Shan abruptly opened his eyes.

Wait a minute!

Unlike what Thousand Saints Blade Venerate and Zhao Qiong were worried about, Im not actually able to attract more of those black eight-legged human-faced insects!

Im just deceiving them, why did I actually believe in my own lies?

Gu Qing Shan silently felt embarrassed about himself, then released his inner sight to observe the surroundings.

There are no other people in the secret room.

No one outside either.

Right now, at this moment, I can simply start testing the ability that entity had bestowed onto me.

Gu Qing Shan raised his arms and clenched them into fists.

Instantly, numerous natural mystical runes began to manifest on top of his fists.

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