Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359 Humanoid Statue

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Within the silent destroyed world, white light erupted layer by layer.

All the infected in and on their path were directly reduced to ashes under the illumination of this holy light.

Clad in this light, the orange cat continued to run forward without stopping.

Only very occasionally, he would slow down and consume a hovering snowball in front of him.

Lines of glowing text appeared in front of his eyes:

[You have devoured the unique substance: Endless Vitality Seal of numerous mixed viruses]

[The power you obtain from the seal will be converted into double the normal amount of Soul Points]

[As the viruses are not pure energy, they will cause you a stomachache]

[Attention, you will get a stomachache]

The orange cat skimmed through this text with an unchanging cold gaze.

To win against the Plague Apocalypse, what does a small bit of necessary sacrifice matter?


The orange cat called out, then sped up.

Where he ran through, the darkness had been completely swept away; the originally barren land and the blue sky had once again become clear.

He ran across the wilderness, weaving his way through a tall mountain range.

Through a large open lake, killing all the undead monsters wandering through an abandoned country road.

Across a vast meadow of grass, with the sweeping light and wind, nothing managed to stop his advance.

Finally, the orange cat reached the border of a desert.

——the center of the infected zone was deep inside this desert.

Be careful, this was as far as I managed to reach the previous time——- I wasn’t even able to enter the desert the [Chaos] Serpentes King resounded in his ears.


The orange cat calmly replied.

He didn’t enter the desert right away and instead looked for a relatively hidden place right outside the desert, then dug a hole.

Very quickly, an intricate and perfect dirt hole was dug.

The orange cat sat on it with a stern expression.

As soon as his paws clenched tightly——-


A short fart signified the beginning of true suffering!

The orange cat’s entire body suddenly shook, almost levitating.

He opened his eyes wide in shock.

I’m levitating?

Why is it that intense?

——-it wasn’t nearly as forceful as this the previous time.

The orange cat pondered.

This time, I ate a few hundred snowballs, but that encompassed pretty much all the viruses.

Perhaps, the change in quantity constituted a change in quality?

Regardless, that doesn’t matter, what does matter is for me to quickly finish this.

The orange cat was trembling in mid-air, levitating up and down, causing him to have no choice but to form a hand seal to maintain his balance.

Even more importantly, I definitely cannot fall into that pit of icy poop!

A short moment later.

Some monsters occasionally approached them but were all erased by the [Chaos] Serpentes King with the white glow.

Finally, the crucial final moment was reached!

Even the War God UI reported an analysis of this situation:


[You have gained resistance and immunity of nearly 1000 viruses, similarly, all the plague viruses you’ve accumulated so far had undergone the innocuous treatment. The final and most important release will soon be performed!]

[Please prepare to fly]

The orange cat was a bit shocked.

Prepare to fly?

Why do I have to prepare to fly?

But the countdown had already begun on the War God UI:




The orange cat felt an intense pain in his stomach.

Completely ignoring his hand seal, he just clenched his paws tightly.

Not good, I can’t hold it—–


This was an unprecedented eruption!!!

The orange cat shot into the air, caught by the wind, and flew straight into the desert covered in gloomy yellow fog like a cannonball.

Countless monsters appeared from within the desert, trying to attack the orange cat.

The holy white glow brushed back and forth, continuously defending and retaliating.

How rash the [Chaos] Serpentes King spoke, Hurry, quickly moderate our speed and direction; we can’t simply fly straight towards the center of the desert like this

The orange cat nodded embarrassedly: “Meow!”

He reached his paw out, about to form a hand seal——

But for some reason, his paws were covered in ice, completely frozen over.

The orange cat was a bit panicked and hurriedly tried to use spirit energy to control his flight.

But this wave of frost didn’t stop there, it had frozen his Dantian as well, preventing him from using spirit energy temporarily.

The orange cat continued to ascend through the yellow fog.

Even with all of his wits, means, and abilities, he really couldn’t think of a proper way to resolve this.

——wait a minute.

The orange cat glanced at the War God UI.

There was still over an hour of [True Luck] left!

In other words, everything happening right now is still under the influence of [True Luck].

The orange cat relaxed.

He let himself be carried by the wind and continued to fly forward until he started to descend.

It was now that the numbness brought by the ice subsided somewhat.

The orange cat immediately used spirit energy to make himself hover in mid-air, slowly descending downwards.

There were no longer any infected creatures here, nor any attacks towards them.

The white glow around the orange cat had also completely receded, seemingly to help him avoid being detected.

A few moments later.

The orange cat finally landed on top of a layer of fine sand.

He instantly released his inner sight and scanned his surroundings.

The orange cat suddenly shivered.

Apparently sensing something, he was looking in a certain direction.

From the wind, a faint voice would be heard:


[but fuses]


The orange cat opened his eyes wide, carefully determining the direction, and realized that the sound was coming from within the yellow fog not too far away from where he was.

He didn’t speak up, only reaching a paw out to touch the white glow inside his body.

I’m ready to fight at any moment

The [Chaos] Serpentes King’s voice resounded in the orange cat’s head.

The orange cat stopped hesitating and began flying towards the voice.

A few moments later.

The orange cat saw that entity——

A humanoid stone statue whose face was obscured, its entire body giving off a thick yellow mist that continuously spread in every direction.

A line of glowing text appeared on the void of space:

[You’ve discovered the source of the Plague Apocalypse]

Right at this moment, the humanoid statue also turned towards the orange cat.

[Wait a moment, I need to first make a report]

The humanoid statue tilted its head a bit to the orange cat, apparently asking for permission.

The orange cat didn’t try to act.

He could sense a true threat of death.

This felt like the threat of death that a drowning person would feel at the exact moment before they would die.

If I attack, I’ll definitely die!

The orange cat stared closely at the other party, trying to find any useful information.

But this statue was too mysterious. Other than the fact that it was exuding the yellow mist that contained the viruses, almost no clear distinctions could be seen.

Its face was carved into the shape of a face obscured by a thin veil, so there was no way to see its expression either.

The humanoid statue reached its finger out very slowly and tapped the void of space, then spoke:


[Parallel world #796 had been completely destroyed, no information discovered]

[Parallel world #1539 and #65 are currently in a fusing state]

[Currently eroding]

[Report complete]

Suddenly, the white glow around the orange cat’s body burst forward to attack the humanoid statue like it was in a frenzy.

We have to destroy it as soon as possible! the [Chaos] Serpentes King hurriedly shouted.

For the very first time, Gu Qing Shan heard a hint of fear in its voice.

All the white glow had erupted to envelop the humanoid statue.

But it remained still.

No matter what kind of attack it received, including earth-shattering forces and several Chaos Divine Skills that the orange cat had never seen before, none of it managed to leave a scratch on the humanoid statue.

[It is useless, the barrier of Apocalypse is protecting me]

The humanoid statue casually spoke: [The reason you are alive is that you happened to bypass the 1,999 sure-death traps that were arranged in the desert]

[But luck cannot continue indefinitely]

[Although I was made purely as a source of virus to quickly infect every world, one last Apocalyptic power was still carved onto my body——–]

[This power is specifically designed in extreme fringe cases, where the enemies manage to approach me, to eliminate them]

[I will grant you one last bit of time to choose and enter the embrace of the Apocalypse]

[Or you will die]

The orange cat stayed silent, then slowly returned to human form.

Gu Qing Shan stared at the humanoid statue with the obscured face and questioned: “Who exactly are you?”

The humanoid statue was still covered by the yellow mist, coldly responding:

[In three breaths’ worth of time, you must kneel and accept the implantation of my Apocalypse Punishing Crime power, or I will kill you]

Gu Qing Shan blinked and temporarily fell into silence.

Around his body, the holy white glow was still continuously attacking the humanoid statue with all its strength.

But still nothing.

One breath passed.

Two breaths passed.

The third breath.

[State your choice] the humanoid statue spoke.


The wind started flowing.

The humanoid statue couldn’t make its next statement.

Gu Qing Shan also looked up.

A figure was rapidly approaching them from the sky.

So fast!

Who’s coming?

Gu Qing Shan’s pupils dilated.


That figure crashed and landed near the humanoid statue and Gu Qing Shan.

A man wearing a yaksha mask leapt out from the yellow mist, staring at Gu Qing Shan and the humanoid statue.

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