Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361 The Irrational Red Wraith

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The humanoid statue made Gu Qing Shan choose between surrender or death.

So from the very beginning, Gu Qing Shan had already made preparations against that.

However, when the wraith landed from above, declaring ‘Both of you are so noisy, just die!’, Gu Qing Shan immediately scrapped all of his previous plans.

“Your grace Ouroboros, please don’t say anything or attack”

He sent his voice to the [Chaos] Serpentes King, then proceeded to shrink and turn into the orange cat.

The [Chaos] Serpentes King was also a sly one, so it immediately retracted all of his white glow back into the orange cat’s body right after it heard that, no longer doing anything.

——-the world just happened to become nighttime right at this moment!

The orange cat immediately used [Ghostly Shadow of Night] and borrowed [Spotless Jade] from Adorable to disappear.

Since the cat disappeared, the only ones left in the desert were a wraith and a statue.

[A mere temporary obscurement, you cannot escape] the humanoid statue coldly stated.

It then turned to Red Wraith and continued: [You have three breaths’ worth of time to choose between life and death]

Red Wraith broke out into mad laughter, shouting back:

“You’re a mere Apocalypse object and you dare to tell this old man to choose between life and death?”

Red Wraith touched the incision earlier on his neck to extract some heavenly being blood and swiftly drew a talisman in the void of space.

The bloody talisman was instantly activated, turning into light-blue moonlight that coldly illuminated the humanoid statue.

Supreme Yin Heavenly Talisman, [Moonlight[1]]!

The part of the desert being illuminated by moonlight was instantly turned into a block of chilling ice crystal.

Kli kli kli crack—–

As the moonlight brightly erupted, the sound of cracking resounded around the statue.

As if something invisible was shattering.

[So it was a remnant of the Samsara, very good, I’ve finally caught one]

Speaking in a low solemn voice, the humanoid statue’s tone carried the intention to kill.


[The #796 parallel universe had been completely destroyed; no further information found]

[The #1539 and #65 parallel worlds are currently undergoing fusion]

[Discovered Samsara remnant, requesting elimination]

[Repeat, discovered Samsara remnant, requesting immediate elimination!]

While listening, Red Wraith continuously drew bloody Life Talismans into the void of space.

He laughed maniacally: “This world had already been isolated; your information will never get out”

Two talismans were quickly drawn, then activated in unison.

Supreme Yin Heavenly Talisman, [Four Saint]!

Supreme Yin Heavenly Talisman, [Palace Offering]!

“Together with [Moonlight], you think three Heavenly Talismans aren’t enough to destroy your Apocalypse barrier?”

Red Wraith pointed at the humanoid statue and shouted: “Quick!”

Instantly, the entire desert disappeared without a trace; instead, a different world manifested out of thin air.

This was a tattered and broken palace, under the light of the moon, it appeared completely lonely and devoid of all life.

A magnificent jade palace without a single inhabitant.

The humanoid statue was stuck in the front square in front of the palace, currently situated on top of a bare jade altar.

Around the altar, four large statues depicting the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird, and the Black Tortoise stood at each cardinal direction, all of which were facing the humanoid statue.

An immense aura radiated from their bodies, almost as if they were alive.

“Life, Death, Turn, and Shift, let fortune decide your fate”

Red Wraith declared with his hands clasped behind his back.

Among the four statues, the White Tiger statue slowly opened its eyes.

The White Tiger Divine Beast statue lowered its gaze to stare directly at the humanoid statue.

Red Wraith shook his head: “The White Tiger governs the Death sentence, for you to catch its gaze, what great fortune you have”

The Divine Beast White Tiger opened its mouth wide and unleashed a golden blast of light, which directly struck the humanoid statue’s body.


A series of shattering noises resounded.

Under the White Tiger’s gaze, the barrier around the humanoid statue started to crack into pieces.

The barrier that the [Chaos] Serpentes King could not budge after attacking so many times was immediately broken by three of Red Wraith’s Heavenly Talismans!

Following that, cracks also started to spread on the humanoid statue’s body.

——it was also going to be destroyed!

[This level of strength will require the dispatch of an even more powerful Apocalypse]

The humanoid statue muttered, then suddenly turned into a mass of dark yellow fog that started boiling and surging almost like an intense tidal wave, seemingly nurturing something.

When the orange cat was still observing it, the [Chaos] Serpentes King’s voice suddenly sounded by his ears:

Consider whether or not to attack it right now!

“Why?” Gu Qing Shan asked.

It is evolving—– I did not expect it to carry the power of evolution the [Chaos] Serpentes King replied.

“What will happen?”

It was originally an Unsolvable Apocalypse, so it would evolve into an Unlivable Apocalypse. That would be very troublesome, there is no guarantee that we would be able to deal with that the [Chaos] Serpentes King explained.

The orange cat took one step forward, then paused.

“I am prepared to enter into battle at any moment, but we should be patient for a bit longer—- speaking of which, were those three Heavenly Talismans really that powerful? You also attacked that barrier with everything you had, why didn’t it break?” Gu Qing Shan asked.

The [Chaos] Serpentes King replied: You are incorrect. The Apocalypse barrier only manifested after I attacked, so it was created specifically to guard against my forms of attack. That is the reason why I couldn’t break it, not that the wraith was more powerful compared to me

“So it was a type of Causality barrier?”


While the two of them talked, another change had occurred on the field.

Seeing the humanoid statue turning into yellow fog, Red Wraith’s voice became even more enraged:

“You’re thinking about evolving in front of me? Dream on!”

Red Wraith touched his blood-soaked finger to his yaksha mask.


The yaksha face depicted on the mask instantly disappeared.

The orange cat was shocked.

All the Guise Hexes of the Wraith realm are supposed to be infallible, so what was Red Wraith’s Guise Hex?

A cold light reflected off the jade platform, illuminating the boiling yellow fog and preventing it from moving any further.

After the White Tiger statue opened its eyes, the four large Divine Beast statues had gone silent again, but after this Guise Hex was unleashed, the statues began displaying an unknown aura once more.

“Life, Death, Turn, Shift—– let us see once again what fortune your future holds” Red Wraith coldly declared.

Among the four statues, the Azure Dragon statue suddenly opened its eyes to gaze upon the plague fog on top of the jade platform.

Red Wraith grinned, declaring: “The Azure Dragon governs over Life, you’re done for”

The Azure Dragon opened its mouth and lightly blew a colorful breath of light—–


This colorful light instantly enveloped the yellow fog, which then manifested a gust of intense wind that blew the light away from the altar, landing on the empty dirt outside of the square.

As soon as it landed on the dirt, this light manifested as a small seed, which instantly grew to become a tree large enough for several adults to embrace at once.

——there were no signs suggesting that this tree used to be a type of Apocalypse.

If there were any noticeable signs, it might be the fact that the tree appeared to be a bit more dried-up compared to the surrounding trees.


The orange cat blinked, then looked around his vicinity.

Outside of the square, there were numerous trees of every type, all of which formed a forest whose border couldn’t be seen.

Could it be all of these were things that had been sealed away?

What unimaginable power this is!

The orange cat turned his head towards the destroyed palace.

There wasn’t anyone here.

Not even a single sign of life.

Suddenly, his vision shifted.

The palace, the moonlight, the altar, the four Divine Beast statues, the square, the forest, everything disappeared without a trace.

The orange cat found himself returned to the desert.

As well as Red Wraith who had also returned with him.

After being used, Red Wraith’s mask returned to how it was earlier, although the form of the wraith depicted on it had become a bit dim.

“I remember there was someone else”

Red Wraith looked around his surroundings and muttered to himself.

The orange cat sat just a bit away, coldly observing him.

The [Chaos] Serpentes King’s voice suddenly sounded in his ears: This is a powerful foe, should we stay, or leave?

Right as it asked that, Red Wraith had already reached his hand towards his neck to take some more blood.

——he was clearly attempting to draw another talisman.

The orange cat’s gaze became sharp.

Don’t be ridiculous, if those talismans were to be used again, how would I deal with them?

“I want to kill him”

Gu Qing Shan told the [Chaos] Serpentes King.

[1] the original name was Guanghan – “”, which is the name of the Chinese mythological moon palace, the place where the heavenly beings of the moon reside

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