Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 93

Chapter 93 What Was His Limit?

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"Youre welcome. Youll enter the Heavenly Sword Mountain sooner or later. If youre willing, you can join the Sword Control Peak!" Qin Yu said sincerely.

Victor was slightly stunned.

Did Qin Yu just invite him to join the Sword Control Peak?

Wasnt he afraid that he would take away his resources?

Looking at Qin Yus expression, he was very sincere and didnt have the slightest bit of insincerity.

Victor smiled faintly and did not say anything else.

One had to say that this person was really confident. If Qin Yu doesnt fall, he would definitely become a sword saint.

The number of people in the square increased.

When the first ray of sunlight shone on the square in the main hall, the referee stood up and said loudly, "The match begins. The first match, Qin Yu versus You Huanyi!"

As soon as he said this, the atmosphere in the stadium immediately rose.

Qin Yu and You Huanyi had fought before, but in order to preserve her strength, You Huanyi did not use her full strength. She only sparred a little before admitting defeat.

Now, the first match was a heavyweight match. You Huanyis strength was obvious to everyone, although no one thought that You Huanyi could win.

However, it was the final matchday now, so both sides could not hold back anymore. This personal disciple of Illusionary Sword Peak could at least force out a part of Qin Yus strength.

Victor was also looking forward to this match. Other than the information on his interface, he was still very curious about Qin Yus actual battle skills.

Before the match had even begun, You Huanyi had already created a distance of 300 feet. Qin Yus sword was too fast. If the distance was not enough, You Huanyi would have lost before she could even create an illusion.

"The match begins!"

Following the referees announcement, You Huanyi immediately used her secret skill, the Exquisite Illusionary Sound.

She did not hide anything from Qin Yu. She went all out right from the start. You Huanyi knew very well that if she did not use her ultimate skill at the first moment, she would not even have the chance to use it.

The Exquisite Illusionary Sound was shapeless and bodiless. It was ever-changing.

Among the contestants present, other than Victor, there were very few who could capture the trajectory of the Exquisite Illusionary Sounds attack. This was the terrifying part of the Illusionary Sword Peak. How could they fight if they could not even see the attack?

Qin Yu flicked his ten fingers consecutively, condensing sword light and finger shadows in the air. It was a sword finger technique.

Only the sound of "Xiu Xiu Xiu" could be heard as it tore through the air.

As if the void had been penetrated, the Exquisite Illusionary Sound hidden in the void was completely destroyed!

You Huanyis heart trembled. She had long expected that the Exquisite Illusionary Sound would be destroyed by Qin Yu, but it shouldnt be so easy. The other party didnt draw his sword and only used his finger sword techniques.

Easily breaking the Exquisite Illusionary Sound, Qin Yu used his finger as a sword and a sword light shot straight at You Huanyi.

This sword was extremely fast. You Huanyi clenched her teeth and formed a seal with her hands as she muttered to herself.

A strange sound was heard. It was like the howl of a banshee. Several formless illusions shot out and collided with the sword light.

The sword light streaked past and collided with the last illusory sound wave. Finally, it dissipated.

A palm sword technique broke through three illusory sounds in a row. You Huanyi let out a breath of cold air and said coldly, "I admit defeat."

Qin Yu smiled. "We havent seen each other for a few days. Junior Sister Yous progress is astonishing. Im afraid that in less than two years, Ill have to go all out when I face Junior Sister You again."

You Huanyi was the youngest among all the personal disciples. She was only 15 years old.

She was three and a half years younger than Qin Yu. In terms of talent, she was only second to Qin Yu among the personal disciples, and she was even above Nangong Mingliang.

You Huanyi looked at Qin Yu seriously and said word by word, "At that time, I will force you to draw your sword!"

"Of course! Actually, you have already broken my sword finger today. If you continue to fight, Im afraid I will have to draw my sword."

You Huanyi turned around and left the stage. The referee announced Qin Yus victory.

For a moment, the audience gasped.

They had expected Qin Yu to win this match, but they did not expect him to win so easily. He broke You Huanyis Exquisite Illusionary Sound with a raise of his hand and did not even use his sword.

The gap between the personal disciples was much greater than they had imagined.

"Qin Yu is too strong! Who else can beat him? He even won against You Hanyi so easily. Victor and Nangong Mingliang are not Qin Yus match at all!"

"If Qin Yu goes all out, Victor and Nangong Mingliang will probably be defeated in less than five moves!"

"Yeah, I had thought that Shangshan Cherong would have a chance after reaching the spirit channeling realm. It would be impressive if he could force out Qin Yus trump card."

The audience discussed animatedly, and Victor was also extremely shocked.

Before the finals, these people were like icebergs floating on the sea, and what has revealed in front of others was only the tip of the iceberg.

After Qin Yu and You Huanyi, there were a few unimportant battles.

Following that was another battle, Victor versus Nangong Mingliang.

This was a battle that the audience had been looking forward to for a long time. One side was Nangong Mingliang, who was ranked third in the last grand competition, and the other was Victor, the biggest dark horse of this years grand competition. This battle could be said to be rather confusing.

Nangong Mingliang had met very few prominent cultivators along the way, only Huang Qi, Shangshan Hengdao, and Xu Xiang.

Nangong Mingliang had won all three of these matches by an overwhelming advantage, and he didnt show any strength at all.

In the previous grand competition, the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain had all witnessed Nangong Mingliangs strength.

Even Qin Yu, who had participated in the competition for the first time, lost to Nangong Mingliang.

At that time, he was once thought to be the candidate for the champion of the next grand competition. However, he did not expect Qin Yu to catch up with him and overtake Nangong Mingliang in the limelight.

Compared to Nangong Mingliangs unobstructed winning streak, Victor could be said to have overcome all the obstacles along the way. Currently, his title was only second to Guo Feibai and Shang Shanche Rong, and he was on par with Nangong Mingliang.

As the referee announced the start of the match, the audience instantly erupted. Those who were optimistic about Victor and those who were optimistic about Nangong Mingliang were almost equally divided.

Many Molten Spirit Peak disciples screamed and cheered for Nangong Mingliang. In comparison, Victors cheers in the away match were much weaker.

Other than the cultivators from the external sects, only a few Illusory Sword Peak girls who had a good impression on Victor cheered for him.

In the arena, Nangong Mingliang was dressed in white and held a jade fan in his hand. He looked like a handsome noble young master, and his entire body exuded an elegant and sophisticated aura.

As a disciple of the Molten Spirit Peak, Nangong Mingliang naturally wasnt lacking girls by his side. However, even so, countless beautiful girls still took the initiative to throw themselves into his arms.

The main reason was Nangong Mingliangs outstanding appearance and temperament, as well as his identity as a core disciple of the Molten Spirit Peak. Following him around and casually obtaining some resources was enough for those girls to break through to the spirit gathering realm.

On the arena.

Victor held the Qingfeng sword in his hand and stood upright, his posture tall and straight.

In the past half a year, because he cultivated his top-tier talent, the Wood Spirit Embryo, Victors body had grown rapidly. Now, at the age of 15, he was only slightly shorter than the tall and slender Nangong Mingliang.

He did not know where the limit of this kids strength was.

Nangong Mingliang looked at Victor. He did not have any confidence in winning. This feeling was just like when he faced Shangshan Che Rong.

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