Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 94

Chapter 94 All Rounder Genius Victor

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Before this, he had never thought that a disciple from an external sect would be able to bring him such pressure.

Victor was an all-rounder cultivator, such a person was very rare. Most geniuses would have specific strengths and weaknesses.

For example, You Huanyi’s attacks were shapeless and bodiless, making it difficult to dodge. However, she was not good at close combat. Once her opponent got close to her, she would be at a disadvantage.

Xu Xiang and Zhang Zetian’s attacks were extremely powerful. However, their combat strength was limited. Once their attacks were dodged, they would lose.

Even Qin Yu, who seemed to be almighty, had the habit of paying attention to attacks and underestimating defense.

Because of the different strengths and weaknesses of geniuses, they would form situations where they would restrain each other. Geniuses with the same strength would usually win and lose because their strength countered each other.

However, Victor was an all-rounded battle king. His attacks were powerful, and his sword moves were sharp. His attacks contained the concept of fire.

As for his defense, he used his wood spiritual power to block Zhang Zetian’s attack that was eight times stronger. He did not even suffer any damage!

Compared to his movement speed and dodging ability, he was like a ghost with the Wind technique. He simply had no weaknesses!

Facing such a cultivator who had no weaknesses, Nangong Mingliang did not know how to win.

The competition officially began. Nangong Mingliang did not say a single word. He waved the jade fan in his hand.

“Ash Black Flame!”

With a sizzling sound, a large amount of black flame emerged from the jade fan. The white jade was dyed into black jade.

The black flame was burning fiercely. The color of the black flame was much denser than the Ash Black Flame that Nangong Zifeng used!


The flame whistled as it rushed toward victor. A thick, fishy smell came from it. The black flame was extremely strange.

A green spiritual power emerged. Victor took a step forward and thrust out his sword. The power of nature exploded.


The black flame directly shattered and was completely disintegrated by the power of nature.

After breaking through to the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm, the power of the wood element power that Victor used now was incomparable to before.

Nangong Mingliang’s expression changed. Although he did not expect Ash Black Flame to win, he did not expect his opponent to be able to break it so easily.

“Void Devouring Flame!”

“Evil Ghost Pouncing on Food!”

Nangong Mingliang let out a clear cry and an illusory ghost formed from flames appeared beside him.

Compared to Nangong Zifeng back then, Nangong Mingliang’s flames appeared almost instantly. There was not even the slightest need for spirit power condensation.

Not only that, with a wave of his black jade fan, another flaming ghost appeared and charged straight at Victor!

Facing the whistling attack, Victor’s expression was indifferent. With the max-level Wind spell, his speed instantly reached its peak.


Victor’s image flashed and he actually rushed out from the crack of the flaming ghost’s attack.

The sword which contained the power of wind and fire stabbed straight at Nangong Mingliang’s throat!

Nangong Mingliang’s heart trembled, and his figure retreated rapidly.

At the same time, he aggressively moved the black jade fan, and black flames bloomed before his eyes like clouds, protecting his body layer by layer!


The wood spirit power exploded, and the flames that were created were like the golden sun. The Black Flame Shield only lasted for an instant before it was torn apart by the longsword!

Seeing the cold and eerie green blade stabbing at him, Nangong Mingliang’s pupils constricted. He never thought that Victor’s seemingly casual sword would be so powerful that it broke through three of his Black Flame Shield in a row!

He understood that once he was stabbed by this sword, he would definitely lose.

Back then, Huang Qi had five of his shield broken through consecutively by Victor, Nangong Mingliang did not think that his spiritual energy shield would be stronger than Huang Qi’s spell shield.

Victor’s attack power was too monstrous!

“Phantom Step!”

Nangong Mingliang’s body instantly turned into a series of afterimages, narrowly avoiding this sword attack.

“Movement technique?”

Victor watched as Nangong Mingliang split into three afterimages, his figure erratic.

It was obvious that this was a movement technique that was mainly used for dodging. More than ten afterimages were formed, real and fake.

Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to tell where Nangong Mingliang’s real body was. They wouldn’t be able to attack him and could only passively take a beating.

However, this wasn’t a problem for Victor. He simply closed his eyes and merged his sword intent with the power of the wind.

In the next moment, Victor’s figure suddenly disappeared!

“Suppressing Mountains and Rivers!”

It was still the Eight Desolates Sword technique. Victor swept across the void with his sword.

Nangong Mingliang suddenly appeared under Victor’s sword, as if he had crashed into it himself.

Nangong Mingliang’s expression changed drastically!

His Phantom Step movement technique was actually seen through in an instant?

At this moment, Nangong Mingliang had no way to dodge and could only take it head-on!

Nangong Mingliang opened the black jade fan and roared. He circulated all the spiritual power in his body and a black evil flame whistled out from the black jade fan and charged straight at Victor.


The black flame collided with Vicor’s golden flame!

The moment the black jade fan came into contact with the tip of the sword, Nangong Mingliang felt as if he had struck a huge mountain.

Was this the power that could suppress mountains and rivers?

With the support of the divine Tree Building technique, the majestic sword intent directly broke Nangong Mingliang’s wrist and caused him to lose his right arm.

“This is”

Nangong Mingliang felt as if his chest had been hit by a heavy hammer. His body trembled and spat out a mouthful of blood in the air as his body flew backward, landing heavily on the protective barrier.

This sudden result stunned the entire audience.

Even Guo Feibai, who had expected this, had a look of disbelief on his face.

In fact, Victor’s victory was already within Guo Feibai’s expectations. However, he had originally thought that they would go through an anxious battle and use all of their trump cards.

In the end, Victor won the match with a slight advantage.

Unexpectedly, the two of them had only exchanged ten moves, and Victor had directly crushed Nangong Mingliang.

“How is this possible?”

“What is this?”

“Nangong Mingliang lost so easily?”

“Where is his trump card? He didn’t use it?”

For a moment, the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain were in disbelief. They felt that Nangong Mingliang had completely humiliated the Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Nangong Mingliang was ranked third in the previous tournament!

This time, although there are many experts, but Victor defeated Nangong Mingliang with a crushing force. This was too ridiculous!

In order to save the Heavenly Sword Mountain’s face, Qin Yu coughed.

He slowly said, “Nangong Mingliang has already used his trump card. That is his eighth level of the Molten Spirit Divine Art. His Ashes Black Flame and Evil Spirit Fire were used under the addition of the eighth level of the molten spirit divine art.

“However, Victor’s power has a restraining effect on the Molten Spirit Divine Art. It’s not that Nangong Mingliang was weak, it’s that Victor is too strong.”

“Moreover, didn’t you guys notice that Victor had obviously broken through?

“He is now at the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm, and his strength had increased by a large margin!”

Normally, when a cultivator broke through to the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm from the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm, their strength would not increase by too much.

However, Victor was not an ordinary cultivator. His breakthrough to the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm could be considered a complete breakthrough.

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