Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 95

Chapter 95 The Exquisite Illusionary Sound Vs The Great River Sword

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Furthermore, he cultivated the Tree Building technique, and his foundation was extremely solid, especially after cultivating the Wood Spirit Embryo.

After breaking through each realm, the growth of his spiritual power would be even greater than cultivators of the same level.

Not only that, Victors power of nature would be twice as powerful as he has a strong spiritual power!

Therefore, from the peak of the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm to the tenth, Victor had experienced a huge leap in strength!

People were discussing the situation of the competition, and Victor, the dark horse of this competition, shocked the whole audience.

A disciple from an external sect had entered the top three in his first competition, and he was only 15 years old. This was really a shocking matter.

After Victor walked down the stage, he met Shangshan Cherong.

Shangshan Cherongs thin face still had a gloomy smile on it. However, the way he looked at Victor no longer carried the previous teasing and contempt, but had on a more serious look.

Obviously, Shangshan Cherong also felt threatened by Victor.


"You Huanyi versus Guo Feibai!"

The moment the referee elder finished his words, it caused a debate below the stage.

This was an extremely important duel, which extensively determined the top five of the competition.

You Huanyi and Guo Feibai could be said to be restrictive to each other.

You Huanyis movement speed was slow, but her attacks were sharp, shapeless, and bodiless.

Guo Feibais movements were fast, but his defense was lacking.

It was hard to say who would win this battle.

On the stage, You Huanyis white clothes were fluttering in the wind, while Guo Feibai was wearing a long green robe, standing with a sword in his hand.

If Guo Feibai managed to rush over a distance of 200 feet, he would win, but if he couldnt close the distance, he would lose without a doubt.

After the match began, the two immediately went all out.

You Huanyi displayed the Exquisite Illusionary Sound.

Guo Feibai had integrated the Great River Sword Intent into his sword move, and he used it from the beginning.

Because he knew very well that if he didnt do this, he may not have a chance.

The illusory sound attack was formless. Although Guo Feibais sword intent was strong, his perception was not as good as Victors, so he could only vaguely sense some traces of the attack.

Under the enhancement of the Great River Sword Intent, sword qi currents formed around Guo Feibai. Dozens of wind blades scattered in all directions, colliding with the killing intent hidden in the void.

Guo Feibai broke the Exquisite Illusionary Sounds attack one after another, and his sword light was constantly shattering.

You Huanyis Exquisite Illusionary Sound was elegant and mysterious. The illusionary sound contained powerful fluctuations. One illusionary sound attack could break several sword lights!

Guo Feibai was trapped by the Exquisite Illusionary Sound attacks time and time again. He couldnt rush to You Huanyis side.

You Huanyi was still cautious. As long as she had a chance, she would take the opportunity to distance herself from Guo Feibai.

You Huanyi wasnt fast, but she was always moving and constantly attacking.

As the distance between them was gradually increased, Guo Feibai couldnt catch up no matter how hard he tried.

The Exquisite Illusionary Sound!

Countless illusions, accompanied by the illusionary sound, attacked like a tidal wave.

Guo Feibai was trapped by the Exquisite Illusionary Sound, as if he was trapped in a swamp.

He knew very well that he was only defending and not attacking. He would be defeated sooner or later. If he missed one illusionary sound attack, he would be in danger.

"Autumn Wind Sweeping the Fallen Leaves!"

Gritting his teeth, Guo Feibai gave up on the defense with the sword light and exerted all his spiritual energy to protect his body. He used his maximum speed and thrust his sword toward You Huanyi.

His speed was extremely fast. A distance of several hundred feet was only an instant for him, provided that he was not hit by the Exquisite Illusionary Sound!

Zi Zi!

An illusionary sound hit Guo Feibais protective spiritual energy, and a crack appeared on the spiritual energy shield!

It was just one illusory sound attack, and Guo Feibais body stopped in its tracks, and his speed suddenly decreased.

At this moment, You Huanyi, who had been concentrating all this time and saw the opportunity to win and could not miss this perfect time to attack.

Her red lips moved slightly, and her fingers formed a series of seals. Two illusory sounds appeared, and they flew toward Guo Feibai.

In the next moment, Guo Feibais protective spiritual power was broken, and his figure flew backward.

"You Huanyi wins!"

Hearing the referees announcement, You Huanyi let out a sigh of relief. She had won this battle with great difficulty.

Her own strength and realm was similar to Guo Feibais, she was lucky to win this time.

If Guo Feibais movement technique was as agile as Victors Wind technique and wasnt hit by the hidden attack, then she would be the one to lose.

With You Huanyis victory, the girls from Illusionary Sword Peak cheered.

With that, even if You Huanyi lost to Nangong Mingliang, Shangshan Cherong, and the others, she would still be in the top five.

In the 21st round of the competition, Victor faced Shangshan Hengdao, and the other party simply admitted defeat.

Although the puppets were powerful, they had a weakness, and that was the puppeteers themselves. They were far inferior to those powerful disciples.

Shangshan Hengdao only had two puppets left.

Victors attack power was so abnormal. If he lost one or two more puppets, Shangshan Hengdao would be in trouble. He wanted to fight for the top 10.

The 22nd round, Victor versus You Huanyi.

This was also a match that the audience did not anticipate. Even the young men and women of the Illusionary Sword Peak did not think highly of their Senior Sister Huan.

At the beginning of the competition, You Huanyi used the Exquisite Illusionary Sound.

Facing these invisible attacks, Victor shot out the same number of Phaseless Fingers and defeated them all.

Then, You Huanyi used some symbolic illusions, which were easily broken by Victors sword intent.

Victor could feel that You Huanyi did not use her full strength. She was just casually fighting him to ensure her reputation wouldnt be tarnished.

Since that was the case, he naturally wouldnt embarrass a girl, not to mention that he still had some Illusionary Sword Peak supporters.

After a few moves, You Huanyi smiled sweetly and said, "Your strength is astonishing. I admit defeat."

After saying that, she turned around and left the stage.


In the 20th round, Nangong Mingliang Versus You Huanyi!

Although Nangong Mingliang gave off a stronger feeling, You Huanyis strength wasnt weak either. It was definitely not a one-sided battle.

The problem was how Nangong Mingliang could block You Huanyis invisible illusory sound attack.

Right at the start of the match, Nangong Mingliang used his eighth level of the Molten Spirit Divine Art. His entire body was burning with black flames.

Under his control, the black flames surrounded his body like a ghost fire, forming a thick layer of flame shield.

However, these black shields were once easily broken by Victor using the power of nature. The audience did not think highly of the black shields.

However, You Huanyi used the Exquisite Illusory Sound. The invisible illusory sound attacked the black shields, but it did not break them.

At most, it would only slightly shatter them. However, at the same time, new fire power kept pouring in to fill the broken pieces.

With the use of the eighth level of the Molten Spirit Divine Art, Nangong Mingliangs spirit energy was very dense.

If she could not break the black flame shield like Victor did, spiritual energy would be continuously replenished.

Nangong Mingliang opened the jade fan in his hand and threw a black flame toward You Huanyi!

You Huanyi gritted her teeth and quickly formed dozens of seals while muttering.

The Exquisite Illusionary Sound!

Dozens of illusory sounds collided with the black flame, scattering the black flame.

However, Nangong Mingliang took this opportunity to quickly close in on her. He was less than ten meters away from You Huanyi.

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