You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7310

Chapter 7310: Fail

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Chapter 7310 Failed

"You nonsense! Ke Qin is not that kind of person!" Xu's mother did not want to admit that her daughter was that kind of person.

"I snatched my cousin's fianc, what kind of person could it be?" Xu's father said angrily: "How did others laugh at us back then? You forgot?

Yi Kerou is now married well, and has not severed relations with us, those talents are no longer cheating.

So soon, you forgot how others sprayed you with spitting stars after Keqin snatched the soft fianc? "

Mother Xu opened her mouth, unable to say anything to refute.

Indeed, their family's life was difficult at that time.

Almost everyone who knew about it looked at them with contempt, and talked behind them that they were not kind and bullied Xu Kerou, an orphan without a father or mother.

It wasn't until later that Xu Kerou found Li's approval, who had better conditions, and no one mentioned it.

But there are also people with low-mouthed mouths, who will smile and tell them that, fortunately, their daughter has taken Liang Zhendong away, so Xu Kerou has the opportunity to be with Li Jiaxu.

I will anger them to internal injuries every time.

But this is the case, they have no way to refute, they can only go out as little as possible, and try to walk around when they meet acquaintances.

Finally, those difficult days passed. Her daughter died again and went to provoke Xu Kerou. She really didnt know what her daughter thought.

Is it okay to live your life well?

Why do you have to die?

She tried her best, but she did nothing.

She can only call her daughter tiredly: "I found Xu Kerou and Li Jiaxu. They won't care about you."

"How could this happen?" Xu Kerou screamed: "Mom, isn't Xu Kerou always listening to you and dad the most? Why don't you listen this time?"

Xus mother said helplessly: "She said that she was married to Li Jiaxu, and she was from the Li family. She wanted to listen to Li Jiaxu's words, and she would do whatever Li Jiaxu asked her to do."

"Is she stupid? Now it's not ancient times. Is she still trying to get married with her husband? Is she sick?" Xu Keqin became mad, "I don't care! Mom, you must You have to help me. If you dont help me, my father-in-law will force Zhendong to divorce me, and you dont want to see me divorce Zhendong, right?"

"You are my biological daughter, who am I not going to help you?" Mother Xu said helplessly: "I have thought of everything I can think of, but Xu Kerou can't get in. Li Jiaxu's six relatives don't recognize it. I really can't help it!"

"What should I do?" Xu Kerou cried anxiously. "My father-in-law urged me several times. He said that if Li Jiaxu or Xu Kerou didn't call him, I must divorce Zhendong today. Mom! You help me!"

"Your mother can't help you," Xu's father grabbed the phone: "You have today, you asked for it yourself. If Liang Zhendong really divorces you, it means that he is not a good man who can be trusted. If you get divorced, you will get divorced. When you get married, you come home. As long as you have a bite to eat at home, you wont be starved to death!"

After speaking, he hung up the phone and threw it to Xu's mother. He said with a gloomy face: "When she comes back, you must educate her and make her suffer. Don't be as stupid as before. Be a good person, otherwise no matter who she marries in this life, she will be destroyed in her own hands!"

Mother Xu sighed and nodded.

The phone rang frantically. She glanced at the screen, pressed the phone on the mute button, and threw it aside. Looking at the flashing screen, her heart felt as uncomfortable as a boulder fell.

(End of this chapter)

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