You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7336

Chapter 7336: Brain Disease

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Chapter 7336 Brain disease

Now, everyone in the circle knows that Star Time Studio, although there are not many artists under its banner, one of them counts as one, and they are all popular fried chicken.

Resources are the best in the circle. Those media and public accounts have never dared to write gossip about the stars of StarTimes artists, let alone pour dirty water on them.

It can be said that the artists of Star Time are like a clear stream in the entertainment circle. The resources are the best, but the troubles are the least.

However, Star Times principle of selecting artists is that its better to choose artists, and rarely recruits newcomers. Therefore, many people who are interested in Star Time only envy the artists under Star Time.

The movie he is currently filming is a major production. It has been filmed for more than half a year. He and the male number three Li Qin play a pair of brothers, and there are many rivalries.

They often play against each other in private, and they get acquainted with each other day by day in a crew.

Li Qin is a very attractive person.

Needless to say, they are tall, handsome and flawless. The most important thing is that they have very good character and are very charming. They hit it off and quickly became very good friends.

After seeing what Li Qin's family did to Li Qin, he suggested that Li Qin sever relations with his family.

Li Qin smiled bitterly and said that public figures should pay attention to their image. If he breaks ties with his family and the family members come out to ruin his reputation, his career will be over.

His family has a small company, although it is not large, but even if it is not large, it does not have his place.

He likes singing and acting, and intends to treat singing and acting as a lifetime career. If his career is ruined by his family, he doesn't know what else he can do.

He is also a man of flesh and blood. Over the years, he has been squeezed out and used as a tool by his family.

But he didnt have a second way to go, and he had to endure sadness.

After he learned about Li Qin's situation, he felt that Li Qin was very suitable for them.

Their boss has money and background. If Li Qin becomes a member of their Star Time and breaks ties with his family, Li Qins family will definitely not dare to ruin Li Qins reputation.

He hinted to Li Qin.

Li Qin is a smart man. After comprehending his meaning, he immediately said that if he can, he is willing to sign a contract with Star Time.

He mentioned to Li Qin the rules of their Star Time, and Li Qin said that there is no problem.

He admired Li Qin very much and wanted to help Li Qin. At the same time, he was "recruiting troops and buying horses" for Star Time, so he called Ye Xingbei and mentioned it.

Ye Xingbei asked him: "What is the situation of Li Qin's family?"

Shangguan Lang introduced: "Li Qins mother divorced Li Qins father when Li Qin was very young. Li Qins mother gave birth to two children, Li Qin and Li Qins sister, but when they divorced, she was one of them. The child didn't want it, and the custody was given to Li Qin's father.

The reason for the divorce of Li Qins parents was that Li Qins father had cheated and raised Xiao Saner and an illegitimate child outside. After Li Qins parents divorced, Li Qins father married Xiao Saner and brought the illegitimate child back home.

Li Qins father disliked Li Qin very much. The half-brother that Xiao Saner gave to Li Qin always disgusted him at home.

Not only that, Li Qins sister of the same father and mother is always on the side of the illegitimate child.

As long as there is a dispute between Li Qinyi and the son of Xiao Saner, Li Qins sister will say that the **** is innocent and very pitiful, so that Li Qin will be better to the bastard. "

(End of this chapter)

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