You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7341

Chapter 7341: Moron

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7341 Chapter brain damage

Li Qin sneered.

Before, Li Hongzhi asked him for money. When he didn't want to give it, his father threatened him like this.

For his career, he must not compromise again and again.

A third- and fourth-tier entertainer like him in the entertainment industry has worked for several years, and it is not a problem to buy a luxury house in the first-tier cities.

What about him?

One poor and two white.

Working hard in the entertainment circle for many years, now there is an apartment of more than 100 square meters under his name.

Li Hongzhi, Li Song, and Li Yuan are like three vampires lying on him sucking blood. They ask him to make some money.

If it weren't for him to have a good idea, he secretly hid some money, and he couldn't even afford the apartment of more than 100 square meters.

Countless times, he wanted to tear his face with them, without giving them a penny.

Li Hongzhi always used this set to blackmail him.

And he had to take Li Hongzhi's set.

Nowadays, investors take the attitude of killing bad artists rather than letting go. As long as there is a bit of bad reputation, they are almost like Xuezang and cannot find a job.

After all, there are so many people in the entertainment industry. Can someone with a clean reputation be afraid of stepping on thunder, and be guilty of using an artist whose reputation is already stained?

He was afraid that Li Hongzhi would ruin his reputation and make him unable to find a job, so he could only ask Li Hongzhi.

He endured for so long, and today he can finally speak loudly to Li Hongzhi!

He sneered, looked at Li Hongzhi contemptuously and said, "Dad, do you know? You are a downright villain! You betrayed my mother, cheated to raise a junior, and gave birth to an illegitimate child outside.

When you divorced my mother, my mother made you ugly, and you didnt like me. You only liked Li Song, who was born to you by Xiao Saner.

Its ridiculous that you obviously dont like me, you still have to **** my blood, endlessly asking for money from me, to feed yourself and your illegitimate child born to you!

Your request, as long as I show a hint of not wanting to agree, you will threaten me with my reputation!

To me, you are not a father at all, you are not as good as passers-by, at least passers-by will not harm me, and you..."

Li Qin let out a cold voice, full of contempt and mockery in his tone.

Li Hongzhi was stunned by what he said.

Li Qin is a public figure who cares most about his own image. He knows that Li Qin looks unpleasant to him, but Li Qin never dared to speak like this in front of him, for fear of being accidentally recorded by him and seizing the handle.

What happened to him today?

are you crazy?

He looked at Li Qin suspiciously. He hadn't said anything yet, Li Yuan was the first to quit, "Brother, how can you say that to Dad? You are too much!"

"I'm too much?" Li Qin looked at her coldly, "What good thing are you? The same blood as mine is flowing in your veins, spending my money, sucking my blood, but Li Song is innocent every bite Yes, Li Song is the weak, and I am the eldest brother. I should take care of Li Song and tolerate Li Song! Ha!"

He sneered, "You are so great, you must take good care of Li Song in the future! Let him **** your blood, don't wrong him!"

"Brother, you, are you crazy or evil? Why are you talking to me like this?" Li Yuan looked at him pale, and stepped back in disbelief: "Brother, what I said is true, brother It's innocent! It's not what he wants to be an illegitimate child. If he can choose, he will definitely not want to be reborn as an illegitimate child. His life is not good, and he has been born an illegitimate child. He is already very pitiful. You can't bully him!

(End of this chapter)

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