You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7435

Chapter 7435: Hero

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Chapter 7435 Heroes

Ling Yue felt that Ye Zhous worries were not unreasonable, and he was unwilling to do anything that would hurt his satisfaction, even if there was only a slight possibility.

His proposal can only be dismissed.

Now, he can only hope that Gu Yiman will leave Ye Zhous company.

At the same time, Gu Yiman was walking beside the park outside Xie Hewu's apartment.

I've been bored at home for a whole day, and she came out to breathe.

The medicine Chi Jiaojiao gave her was particularly effective in relieving the pain. After applying it, the wound was cold, and it didn't hurt much anymore.

There are many old people and children in the park. The old people look at the children lovingly, and the children gather in a pile of laughter and run around.

Every time I see such a scene, Gu Yiman will easily think of four words: live and work in peace and contentment.

Scenes like this can easily relax people's spirits, and the corners of the lips can't help smiling.

She walked around the lake to see that the time was about to go. She was about to walk back when she heard a scream from the front.

Soon someone shouted: "Someone jumped into the lake!"

She looked into the lake subconsciously.

Sure enough, there were people in the lake fluttering in the water.

She can swim, and she can swim very well, but... she looked at the injury on her arm.

In her situation, it seems unsuitable to go into the water to save people...

She was hesitating when a young man ran from a distance, taking off his clothes while running, and a gust of wind swept over her.

Running to the lake, the man jumped into the water with a "plop" without hesitation in his footsteps.

At the same time, a piece of clothing fell under her feet, and a mobile phone rolled out of it.

Gu Yi full of hesitation, leaned over and picked up the phone and clothes.

The clothes are better. If she doesn't care about the phone, there are so many people around, maybe someone will pick it up.

The young man is strong and has good skills, so he can easily rescue the diving man ashore.

It was a young girl who was rescued ashore.

Its just that, escaping from the dead, the girl didnt appreciate at all. Not only did she fail to say thank you to the man who saved her, she cried, screamed, scratched and scratched.

"Who asked you to save me? You let me die! I don't want to live anymore, who made you nosy? Get out! Get out!"

She struggled like crazy, her long nails scratched the arm of the man who rescued her.

The fire was full of attention, and couldnt help saying: "If you want to die, dont hurt others. Isnt it okay to die quietly at home? Did you know that you can easily kill others if you throw into the lake?"

Just a few days ago, she saw the news of a heroic citizen who rescued a woman who committed suicide by jumping into a river.

Those who committed suicide by jumping into the river were rescued ashore and survived, but the hero who saved them died, leaving behind orphans, widows, and gray-haired parents.

This kind of news, Gu Yiman has read it more than once.

Every time she sees it, she will feel sad for the dead hero.

The woman in front of her, the young man saved her. Not only was she not grateful, but she also scratched the young mans arm, and she felt angry when she thought of the news that she had just read a few days ago.

Hearing what she said, the young man who saved the life quickly walked to her and whispered: "Dont say such a thing! She really died at home when she turned back, and her family will trouble you!"

Gu Yiman also understands this principle, and no longer pays attention to the woman who is crying and struggling like crazy, and said to the young man: "You just threw your clothes on the ground, and your phone fell out of your clothes. I will help you pick it up. Up."

(End of this chapter)

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