You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7436

Chapter 7436: Is The Feeling Of Heartbeat

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Chapter 7436 is the feeling of heartbeat

After Gu Yiman finished speaking, he saw the young man staring at her and did not respond.

A strange young man stared at her in a daze, full of distress, and took a few steps back subconsciously.

Lu Jinghuan returned to his senses, "Oh oh! Thank you, what is your name?... Ah! I didnt mean that, I mean... If you didnt pick up the phone for me, my phone might have been lost. I have to thank you so much!"

Gu Yiman: "..."

What does this mean?

What does he mean by this?

It was abrupt to ask a girl's name when I first met. Lu Jinghuan was afraid that Gu Yiman suspected that he was a bad person, so he hurriedly took his clothes from Gu Yiman's hand and pulled out his ID from his pocket, "I'm not a bad person." , I am the policeman."

"Policeman?" Gu Yi's eyes lit up, "No wonder your actions to save people are so swift and neat. It turns out that you are a policeman!"

When the policeman rescued people, she saw clearly, and a series of actions were comparable to standard teaching materials for saving people.

At the time, she thought, this young man does not look like an ordinary person.

It turned out to be a policeman!

Her brother Yan Jing is a policeman. She has a great affection for the police. In addition, the young man in front of him has just saved someone, she can't help but admire him.

Looking at the man wet, she turned around and pointed to the community across the road: "I live there. The washing machine at my house can dry, and you can take a shower at my house."

Its not summer now, so its easy to catch a cold in such a wet suit.

Thinking that this man is a policeman like her brother Yan Jing, she couldn't help but take care of him.

She hopes that her brother Yan Jing will be treated like this when he is outside.

Under normal circumstances, Lu Jingshen would not agree to such an invitation.

However, he agreed with a ghostly invitation to the invitation.

The diving woman was picked up by an ambulance. Lu Jinghuan did not reveal his identity as a policeman, and quietly left the lake with Gu Yiman and came to Xie Hewu's apartment.

Gu Yiman took Lu Jinghuan to the bathroom, "There is a washing machine here. You can throw your clothes in the washing machine before taking a shower. You can wear your clothes after you finish the shower."

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" Lu Jinghuan repeatedly thanked him.

"You're welcome, compared to saving people, what I did is nothing," Gu Yiman smiled, "You hurry up and wash it, you call me if you need it."

Gu Yiman left the bathroom and helped him close the door.

Lu Jinghuan didnt take a shower right away. Instead, he quickly turned on his phone, clicked into a group, and sent a message: Brothers! I'm going to be in love!

There are only six people in the group, and they are probably all busy, no one bubbling.

He didn't mind at all, and continued to send messages excitedly: I met a girl who was so beautiful! The moment I saw her, I was like Duan Yu seeing Sister Shenxian!

Do you still remember that I arranged Duan Yu with you, saying that Duan Yu was licking a dog?

Among the three brothers in "Dragon Babu", Duan Yu is the one I dislike the most!

Now I want to rectify Duan Yu's name, Duan Yu is not wrong!

The first time I saw that girl, I understood Duan Yu!

He sent several messages in a row, and finally someone replied to him.

The handsome guy is the most handsome: Really?

He is even more excited: really, really! My hands are still shaking, and my heart rate is at least 180!

(End of this chapter)

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