You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7437

Chapter 7437: Rack Your Brains

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Chapter 7437 racking your brains

The handsome guy is the most handsome: Get out! Heartbeat one hundred and eighty, you have already died!

Lu Jinghuan: I feel that way now anyway!

The handsome guy is the most handsome: Well, then you come on, I wish you off the order as soon as possible.

Lu Jinghuan: Its a must!

Thinking that Gu Yiman might still be waiting outside the door, he stopped talking, put his phone aside, took off his wet clothes, stuffed it into the washing machine, and took a bath.

After taking a shower, the clothes have been washed and dried, and he put on his clothes and went out.

There is no one in the living room, and the smell of brown sugar and **** is floating in the air.

He walked towards the kitchen.

"Are you ready?" Gu Yiman heard footsteps coming out of the kitchen, "I made **** soup for you, you can drink some."

She cooked **** soup in a casserole over a low heat, turned off the heat, took a bowl and handed it to Lu Jinghuan.

"Thank you!" Lu Jinghuan took Jiang Tang and opened the private message, "Let's add a friend? You helped me so much, and I have to invite you to dinner someday."

He still doesnt know the name of this little girl, and he hasnt added any friends. He has to work hard!

"You don't need to invite me to dinner," Gu Yi said with a smile: "Compared to you jumping into the lake to save people, what am I doing?"

"..." Lu Jinghuan was a little anxious.

He had no experience with a girl for the first time.

Is it so difficult to get girls contact information?

Thinking about something in his heart, he lowered his head to drink **** soup.

Gu Yiman was taken aback: "It just came out, it's very hot, you have to blow it."

"Oh oh!" Lu Jinghuan was a little embarrassed, his ears were red.

He was blowing **** soup, racking his brains to figure out how to get Gu Yiman's contact information.

After drinking a bowl of **** soup, Gu Yiwan wanted to take the bowl to wash the dishes, he rushed to the kitchen, washed the dishes and put them away.

"Do you live alone?" He pretended to be careless and chatted with care.

"No," Gu Yiman said, "This is my cousin's house. I live with my cousin."

"It can be seen that both of you girls are clean girls, and the room is very clean and tidy." Lu Jinghuan praised sincerely.

The house is small in size, more than 100 square meters, but there is nothing superfluous. The decoration is simple and elegant, very stylish, giving people a fresh, clean and comfortable feeling.

"Thank you." Gu Yi smiled with a frown.

Looking at her clean and sweet smile, Lu Jinghuan felt that his soul was shocked.

He has never been in a relationship so far. He blames this on the fact that there were fewer girls when he was in the police academy and he was busy after work.

Now he knows that he has never been in love, just because he hasnt met a girl who can make his heart beat!

What is busy at work?

When you meet the girl you like, if you dont eat or sleep, he also wants to fall in love!

How can I get the contact information of this girl?

He must make friends with this girl, and never have a fate!

He racked his brains to think of excuses. After thinking for a long time, there was no good excuse. He could only insist, "Meeting is fate, let's add a friend? You helped me so much, and we will be friends in the future."

If he didn't dare to say anything to treat him to dinner, the girl would refuse.

"Okay." This time Gu Yi agreed.

She never makes friends with people easily, and she never rashly brings strangers to her home, but who made this person not only a policeman, but also just jumped out of the lake and saved a stranger?

It's hard for people like this to be wary of him, and it's easy to make people feel good.

(End of this chapter)

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