You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7438

Chapter 7438: Mad Bee Butterfly

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Chapter 7438 Mad Bee Wave Butterfly

Lu Jinghuan finally succeeded in adding Gu Yimans friends, and also learned of Gu Yimans name.

He secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Emotionally, he didn't want to leave, but reason told him that he should leave.

After the main business is finished, if he doesn't leave, it is easy to give the girl a greasy and rascal feeling.

He didnt want to leave any bad impression on the girl he fell in love at first sight!

After thanking him again and again, he resisted the reluctance in his heart and left.

Walking out of the complex, looking back at the location of the apartment where Gu Yi was living, he was as excited as he was beaten with blood.

Is this the feeling of being in love?

Excited like drinking a hundred cans of Red Bull!



He has not been in love yet, and is still in unrequited love and secret love.

However, he promised with the professional sensitivity of the police that Gu Yiman must not have a boyfriend yet!

If a girl has a boyfriend, there must be clues where she lives.

At first glance, only girls live in the place full of care.

It's just that there is no now, it doesn't mean that there will be no in the future.

Such a beautiful and cute girl, there must be people chasing her.

He can't have the slightest negligence.

Otherwise, such an excellent girl might be chased away by others!

Holding this idea, he came to the door with a large bouquet of flowers the next day.

It was not Gu Yi Wan who opened the door, but another girl.

Tall, exquisite, beautiful and shabby, she is also a very good girl, but it is not his food.

He smiled politely: "Hello, are you a full cousin?"

Xie Hewu looked up and down a few times, "Are you... the courageous policeman yesterday?"

Gu Yimans social circle is very narrow, and she knows most of them.

But this is a raw face, and she has a strong police temperament, so she guessed it.

"Yes," Lu Jinghuan smiled brighter: "Manman mentioned me to you, right? Yesterday, fortunately, Manman helped me look at my phone. I didn't lose my phone. Manman asked me to borrow it. Im so grateful for your bathroom to take a shower!"

Xie Hewu: "..."


The honorifics are out!

I want to say that this man had no idea about her sister, but simply thanked her sister, and she didn't believe in killing her.

Its really a pretty lady, a gentleman is so pretty!

Before, her sister lived in her house, and she liked Ling Yue and didn't have much contact with outsiders.

Now, her sister had no more thoughts about Ling Yue, and the mad bee and langdie suddenly swarmed up.

But...very good!

Doesn't this increase the difficulty of Ling Yue chasing his wife in the crematorium?

Thinking of this, she suddenly smiled brightly, "Since you are a police comrade, please come in! The policemens family is full of things that she should do. What are you polite?"

Looking at Xie Hewu's enthusiastic attitude towards him, Lu Jinghuan was relieved.

He is here to go to the water-like cabbage raised by others, and he is really afraid of being driven out by others!

He is very familiar with taking the slippers that Gu Yiman asked him to change yesterday, "Cousin, are you full?"

Xie Hewu: "..."

She discovered that although this man is a policeman, his emotional intelligence is not low, and he is very prosperous!

I just met once. Not only did I call Gu Yimans name, I even called my cousin!

Is the EQ of small fresh meat now so high?

So, Ling Dabing is really old, right?

Be so dull when you are old!

"It's full in the bedroom," she complained in her heart, her face kept calm, "I will tell her to come out."

As she was talking, Gu Yiman came out of the bedroom and was surprised to see Lu Jinghuan, "Officer Lu?"

(End of this chapter)

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