You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7451

Chapter 7451: In Mind

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Chapter 7451 There is something in mind

After the four people met, Xie Hewu gave a brief introduction to the four, and the four got into the car.

Lu Jinghuan drove towards Lushan.

From the capital to Lushan, the whole journey is more than 1,300 kilometers, and it takes more than 13 hours to get there without a break.

Because it is a RV, they are not in a hurry on the road, they will stop to watch and take pictures wherever they drive and see the good scenery.

On the same day, they failed to reach Lushan, and found a hotel to sleep for one night on the way.

The next afternoon, they rushed to the foot of Lushan Mountain and found a hotel to stay in.

For more than a day, the two men carried forward the spirit of a gentleman and took turns driving, never letting Xie Hewu and Gu Yi drive full.

After staying in the hotel, Gu Yiman proposed to take a rest and go up the mountain tomorrow morning.

The other three agreed.

Four people asked for three rooms.

Xie Hewu and Gu Yiman live in one room, Zhou Daoran and Lu Jinghuan live in one room each.

After checking in, the four of them ate something nearby, turned around a little bit, and went back to the hotel to rest.

After washing, lying on the bed, Xie Hewu asked Gu Yiman: "How do you feel? Are you tired? Are your arms okay?"

She was very nervous, and only thought of it after she left the capital. Gu Yiman had just been injured, and it was too late to think of it.

"It's okay, it's scarred." Gu Yiman handed her arm in front of her to show her.

It's been more than a week, and it's good for a long time. Except for occasional itching, there is no other feeling anymore.

"That's good," Xie Hewu asked her: "How do you feel? Is it fun?"

"Well," Gu Yi smiled and nodded: "It's fun!"

Although she is home, she is no stranger to traveling.

Since childhood, her parents will take their brothers and sisters to travel every year.

She has been to most of the famous mountains and rivers in China and many places abroad.

Lushan visited when she was a child. At that time, she didn't remember much, but she remembered beautifully.

Xie Hewu suggested a few places, and she chose Lushan.

The self-driving tour seems to take a long time, as if time has been delayed on the road, but along the way, they stopped and went, watched the scenery, and ate snacks from a few places. She thought it was pretty good, not counting. waste time.

"You just think it's fun." Xie Hewu was satisfied.

The two fell asleep without talking a few words.

Although they dont have to drive and the RV is quite comfortable to sit in, they are also tired and sleep soundly.

The next day, four people got up early, had breakfast, and came to the foot of Mount Lushan.

The four have discussed, take the ropeway up the mountain, play on the top of the mountain for a day, camp on the top of the mountain at night, and wait to see the sunrise the next day.

Climbing a mountain is a hard work, but taking a ropeway is a great thing.

Sit in the cable car, with glass on all sides, the beautiful scenery of the mountains and rivers are at your feet, and you can have a panoramic view.

Gu Yiman has taken the ropeway many times, but still feels that the scenery is infinitely good when he takes the ropeway.

The ropeway does not go directly to the top of the mountain. After getting off the ropeway, there is still a section of mountain road to climb on your own.

Because they were going to camp, they brought a tent, and the two men carried most of the load. Xie Hewu and Gu Yiman only needed to carry their own travel bags.

In this regard, the two men are gentle and considerate, hardworking and impeccable.

At the top of the mountain, the two men found a suitable place to set up the tent, and Xie Hewu and Gu Yiman were nearby to help.

The four of them talked and laughed, and the atmosphere was very good, but occasionally they would be distracted and thoughtful.

(End of this chapter)

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