You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7484

Chapter 7484: Because of love

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Chapter 7484 Because of love

She shook her head painfully: "I don't want him to listen to me in everything, I just hope that he can marry a normal girl, and the future will be smoother..."

She never expected that such a thing would happen.

If she had known this long ago, she would not go to Gu Yiman.

But how can you know what in life?

The two waited outside the door for more than half an hour. Xie Hewu opened the door and returned the phone to them.

The two people immediately left Xie Hewus apartment with their mobile phones.

In the car, Father Lu turned on the phone recording.

This recording will definitely be heard by many people, so the words in it are very bright.

According to Lu's father, Gu Yiman said that he had a high fever and couldn't go to the hospital to see Lu Jinghuan. Then he said something to encourage Lu Jinghuan. Finally, he sang a very positive song.

The girls voice is very good, and her singing skills are good. Even if she is sick, her voice is a little hoarse, but she still sings a cappella, which is still very pleasant.

Father Lu listened to it again, and felt that the content was okay, so he rushed to the hospital and listened to the recording to the doctor.

After confirming that there was no problem, the doctor put the phone in a sterile bag and put the bag in Lu Jinghuans ear to play the loop.

One day and one night passed.

The next day, Lu Jinghuan did not wake up, and he was full of care.

Xie Hewu and Chi Jiaojiao accompanied her.

She was pale and looked very haggard, but her fever was gone.

At this time, Mother Lu finally believed that Xie Hewu didn't deliberately deceive them, and Gu Yiman was indeed sick.

She is also worried that Gu Yiman still has bacteria or viruses on her body. If she enters her sons intensive care unit, she will infect her son.

She is a doctor. She knows that Gu Yiman must wear sterile clothes to enter her son's intensive care unit. The chance of infecting her son is very small, but care is messy, and she is still worried.

Finally, it was Lu Jinghuans attending doctor who came out and said to her that vegetatives are more terrifying than infections, so she persuaded her and agreed to go in.

If it weren't for Lu's father to stop him, Xie Hewu would leave with care.

She can understand Mother Lus mood, but she is still angry.

What is the fate of her sister?

How did you meet such a strange thing?

At the beginning, I inquired that the elders in Lu Jinghuans family were all intellectuals, so she didnt stop her sister from falling in love with Lu Jinghuan.

As a result, it turns out that not every intellectual is reliable!

Gu Yiman wore sterile clothes and entered Lu Jinghuan's intensive care unit. She was sad to see Lu Jinghuan lying unconscious on the hospital bed.

Lu Jinghuan was injured in a coma to catch bad people.

Sometimes, on TV, when she sees news about police or firefighters being killed in the line of duty, she will cry in sorrow, not to mention that the man lying in front of her is the one she once liked.

She sat down by the hospital bed, held Lu Jinghuans hand, tears fell, "Lu Jinghuan, you are a good person, you must wake up...

You are a policeman, you are so good, you can catch more bad guys only when you wake up...

I hope that good people can live in peace and health, and hope that there are more and more good people in this world.

So, you must wake up, okay? "

She was sad and heartache, and while speaking, she sobbed quietly.

She didnt know how long it took, she felt that Lu Jinghuans fingers she was holding seemed to move.

She thought it was her own illusion and hurriedly looked down at it.

She saw Lu Jinghuans fingers move again.

(End of this chapter)

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