You Are My Rare Passion Chapter 7498

Chapter 7498: The hatred

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7498 Chapter hatred rises

He can't let go.

So, after learning that Xie Hewu had returned from abroad, he immediately submitted an application to change jobs.

The department he works in is quite special, and the procedures for changing jobs are troublesome. It took more than a year before he officially changed jobs.

From beginning to end, for him, he has no second choice.

In other words, he never thought of the second option.

He has always placed Xie Hewu in the hottest part of his heart, thinking about it every day, looking forward to the next meeting.

Now, I finally saw it.

He will not give up.

He stared at Xie Hewu, his eyes deep and burning.

"It's meaningless to say this," Xie Hewu shook his head and said, "Good horses don't eat turning grass! Haven't you heard a word? In this world, except the twice-cooked meat is delicious, everything else, it's not going to happen again. That tastes."

"It's not looking back," Fu Cangwu looked at her seriously and said, "We never broke up. Since we didn't break up, how can we turn back?"

At first, when the incident happened suddenly, Xie Hewu was sent abroad by her parents.

As for him, not long after Xie Hewu went abroad, he was selected by the relevant department and went to the base for training.

He has been training in a closed base for two years.

After the training, he tried his best to get Xie Hewu's contact information, but Xie Hewu refused to answer his call. The letter he wrote was like a stone sinking into the ocean, without reply.

He also went abroad to look for her when he was on vacation.

But she refused to see him.

He cannot stay abroad for a long time, he can only return home with regret.

Later, he was promoted. Because of his special job, he needed the approval of his superiors to go abroad, so he couldn't go abroad to find her.

But he firmly believes that she will not stay abroad and will definitely come back.

He remembered what she had said.

What's so good about abroad?

I love the great rivers and mountains of our motherland even more. In the future, whoever will study abroad, I will not go, I will stay in the capital, guard the land under my feet, guard my parents!

She loves her motherland and the hometown where she is born and raised, and she is even more reluctant to bear her parents and relatives.

So, she will definitely come back!

Sure enough, she came back.

On the same land in the motherland, he finally got the chance to meet her again.

He will not let go.

no way!

Xie Hewu looked at him and sighed slowly: "Yes, we really didn't talk about breaking up face to face, but back then, your mother ran to my house and cried and made noises. The scene was so ugly, what did you give? Your illusion makes you think that the relationship between us can continue?"

Back then, she was young and frivolous.

Although she is a girl, she is not trivial. It can be said that she is kind of secondary.

She is free and unrestrained, she has to speak out if she is not pleasing to the eye, she is nosy, has made many friends, and has offended many people.

One of the people she offended was Fu Cangwus sister Fu Jinge.

But Fu Jinge hates her for a different reason.

Fu Jinge hates her because she steals Fu Jinge's limelight.

Because she is beautiful and loves to be nosy, she is very well-known. In the students' boring school flower selection, she won the first place and threw the second place Fu Jinge out of ten streets.

Fu Jinge hates her for this.

At that time, she was presumptuous, doing her own way, how happy she came, she didn't know how to write the word implicit.

When and Fu Cangwu were in love, she wrote many love letters to Fu Cangwu.

As a result, the most nasty part of those love letters was posted by Fu Jinge in the school bulletin board.

(End of this chapter)

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